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  Hints and Tips for: God's Basement 
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 God's Basement Cheats

God's Basement

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Puzzle Solutions:
-=Act 1 Puzzles=-
There are 3 puzzles in Act 1.

-=Puzzle 1=-
* This refers to the area right after you answer the telephone and enter 
  the hallway with the blue carpet.
* You will find a room with a large table and a TV. Turn on the TV using the 
  remote found on the end of the table. Also, read the torn newspaper article 
  found on the table.
* Walk back into the hallway, next to the poster titled “Family Tree”. 
  Blood sure start to appear on the poster.
* Walk back into the room with the large table and stand next to the TV monitor. 
  Look at the TV monitor closely and you should notice that the stuffed toy has 
* Walk back out into the hallway and a cabinet door should open up revealing a 
  key. Take the key and use it to open the door.

-=Puzzle 2=-
* This refers to the area right after you acquire the flashlight. It should have 
  a metal shelf that has fallen over.
* Try to open the door at the end of the hallway. This will trigger all the lights 
  to turn off. Walk back to where the only remaning light is, and use the zoom 
  function to look closely at the notes.
* This will trigger the door barred by the metal rack to open. Look through the 
  gap at the figure using the zoom function. After it has walked away, go around 
  the room and enter the room from the back.
* Listen to the audio the TV plays after entering the room.
-=Puzzle 3=-
* This refers to the area right after the previous puzzle.
* Try to open the door at the end of the hallway. 
  This will trigger the phone to start ringing.
* Answer the phone and after the audio finishes, walk back and try the door again. 
  The phone is going to start ringing again.
* This time, let the phone ring until it stops ringing. Walk back to the door at
  the end of the hallway and it should be open.

-=Act 2 Puzzles=-
-=Puzzle 1=-
This refers to the puzzle in the room with the glowing red light. There are six 
cubes, and you must press the cubes in the correct order. After a few seconds the 
cubes automatically reset, and if the order is incorrect, the puzzle resets.

The correct order from left to right, is the 5th cubes, 1st, 2nd, 6th, 4th, 3rd. 
f you completed the puzzle correctly, all the cubes should turn blue. The glowing 
red light should turn blue as well.
-=Puzzle 2=-
This refers to the puzzle right after the previous puzzle. You have to find the 
yellow security card inside the room with the numerous metal shelves. The card will 
be found at the corner opposite of the entrance, on top of a small file drawer.

-=Act 3 Puzzles=-
-=Puzzle 1=-
* This refers to the puzzle at the beginning of the level.
* There is a keypad, and you must enter the correct combination for the door to open.
* In order to get the correct combination you must acquire all 6 pieces of a torn 
  letter in the other room down the hallway. The notes will be found on metal shelves 
  placed around the room.
* After finding all six, you may places the notes on the tabel found at the first room. 
  The note will have the code for the keypad on it.

-=Act 4 Puzzles=-
-=Puzzle 1=-
* This puzzle refers to the room where you wake up.
* Interact with the TV. After it plays the audio message. Interact with the torn  
  newspaper article note.
* There is a yellow note on the wall. Use the zoom function and look at it closely. 
  After that look closely at the TV, use the zoom function.
* The door will open automatically shortly after.

-=Puzzle 2=-
* This puzzle refers to the room with many paintings.
* There are small red letters to find inside the paintings. 
  The first one is an “M” found on a painting near the staircase.
* You must stand closely and use the zoom function while looking at the letter. 
  This will make the letter disappear.
* After you find a letter, interact with the paper and make sure the letter you 
  found has appeared on the note.
* After you find a letter, another one will appear. Keep finding them until you 
  find all 6, spelling out ‘MURDER’.

-=Puzzle 3=-
This puzzle refers to the where you find a post it note saying “Welcome Home”.

After you find the post it note, you will see a door to your right open slightly. Peek 
through the gap at the TV. While staying in the same position, turn around and look 
behind you. Look back the TV and a figure should appear inside the TV.
 Look behind you again, then look at the TV. An audio message should start playing.

-=Act 5 Puzzles=-
-=Puzzle 1=-
This refers to the first puzzle where you are asked to find a set of keys. The 
keys will be found inside the hallway closet, on top of a pile of clothes.

-=Puzzle 2=-
This refers to the puzzle right after the previous. You must look at the blank 
paintings. Use the zoom function and stare at the paintings until a word appears. 
You must get the correct order or the words will disappear. 
The correct order is “He will never forgive you.”

-=Puzzle 3=-
This refers to the puzzle right after the previous. You must read the note inside 
the hallway. After that, walk all the way across the end and try the door. Walk back 
all the way to where you entered the hallway. Once you walk towards the middle, a 
plate will break.

Shortly after an audio message will start playing.

-=Puzzle 4=-
This refers to the puzzle right after the previous. Walk inside the room with the candle 
light and stare at the large blank painting. Keep staring until the candle light turns 
red and the rocking chair starts to rock back and forth.

Walk back out into the hallway, a light will go out and a figure will appear behind you.
Use the zoom function to stare at the figure. Wait till the light disappears and walk 
through to the next area.

-=Act 6 Puzzles=-
-=Puzzle 1=-
This refers to the area where the door with the wooden planks is illuminated by a candle. 
If you approach the door, it says “Needs Hammer”, the hammer will be found inside one of 
the small dressers, inside a drawer.

-=Act 7 Puzzles=-
In this section you will need to organize 50 boxes. After speaking with “The Operator”, 
walk into the room and find a yellow ID card. It will be found on top of a small metal 
file cabinet near the entrance.

* Use the ID card and use it on the scanner next to the monitor that says “Please 
  Sign in”.
* Afterwards you must pick up boxes and organize them accordingly. Inside the room 
  with the “EXIT” sign, place the boxes inside their corresponding shelves.
* After you reach 50, you may proceed to the next area.

-=Act 8 Puzzles=-
-=Puzzle 1=-
Once you enter the house, walk into your room and find the yellow note that says 
“Sorrow”. Zoom in on it, and you should hear crying coming from another room.

-=Puzzle 2=-
Go inside the living room and interact with the note that says “Task List” on it. 
Complete all the tasks inside the note. There are two plates, one inside the kitchen, the 
other inside the dining room. There is a kitchen knife inside the kitchen, take it and 
place it under your bed. There is a hammer inside the basement, take it and use it to 
build the barricade.

* After you have placed the knife, walk back nex to the note and interact with the phone, 
  there should be a message on it.
* Turn off all the lights inside the house and walk back into your room and interact with 
  the bed.
* You will hear a long audio sequence.

-=Act 10 Puzzles=-
Take the three items inside the living room, (the knife, the radio and the phone).

* Place the objects accordingly inside her room. (Knife on the bed, the radio should
  replace the old radio in her room and place the phone on the nightstand outside of her 
* An audio message will begin to play.

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