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  Hints and Tips for: Godsworn 
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 Godsworn Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

In this quick tutorial, you can find the most common and 
useful cheat codes for the Godsworn game. This information 
is for those who just wanna cheat, but remember to do backup
of your saves.

-=How to Enable Console=-
It's very simple! There is a cheats tickbox, on the Skirmish menu.

Code                     Effect
cc_parrythis.[num]     - Knight with MG42
cc_greed               - Gives resources
cc_pride.[num]         - Gain XP
cc_envy.[num]          - Gain Worshippers
cc_plebs.[num]         - Spawn Tribesman
cc_torch               - Puts down a torch that reveals area
cc_wrath               - Gives access to skillpowers including ones 
                         that will crash the game atm so use at your
                         own peril
cc_light               - Shows the whole map (has slight flicker)
cc_possessed           - Makes the AI play for you
cc_exorcisme           - Removes the AI
cc_farmerprotest.[num] - Angry peasants
cc_changeling          - Make a unit yours
cc_stun                - Stuns the selected unit
cc_givefaith.[num]     - Gives faith
cc_givewealth.[num]    - Gives wealth
cc_givefood.[num]      - Gives food
cc_givewood.[num]      - Gives wood
cc_wingame             - You win
cc_losegame            - Fun!
cc_silence             - Silences the selected unit
cc_sloth               - Instant Build
cc_focustrue           - Have the camera lock to the hero
cc_focusfalse          - Have the camera unlock from the hero
cc_darkness            - Hide the map

-=XP Gain=-
Level	XP to Next Level
1   - 50
2   - 130
3   - 210
4   - 290
5   - 370
6   - 450
7   - 530
8   - 610
9   - 690
10  - -

Tips for Multiplayer:
Set a goal early, for example, if you want to build 10 archers, write down 
what you need for them, and use your worshippers to collect that. You need 
more wood than food? Put 4 worshippers on wood, and only 2 on food. Dont 
just build casually everything. You need to know what you want to do, and 
what you need to do, and then use your collectors to gather excatly that.

In my opinion wood is the most op resource in this game, as towers are super 
op early and they allow you to get control over the important points, like 
gold mine.

Look at the map before playing the game, write down which points are 
important for you, and what path would be best for your hero.

So in the end it’s all about understanding what possibilities you have and 
what you want to do. Clear goal in mind will win you a match.

Take a note that wood is more important than food early on.

2 Woodcutters very early might be preferable to 1 wood 1 food at the 
beginning and you certainly should have at least 3 relatively early.

Depending on the choice of hero/faction you may not even require a lot of 
food ressources as you can play with wood/faith heavy units as well 
alongside the free units from the charm-lady for example.

And you should take a look at unit stats.

Low damage but frequent hitters are absolutely garbage against Order units 
that have high armor for example.

That being said, the -5 armor tech for the witches counteracts that and 
really makes a huge difference.

It can realistically buff damage by like 33% or something, especially when 
the Order player starts using priests with their armor buff.

Every point in armor removes 1 damage afaik (please correct me if I’m wrong).

Some low tier units deal 12-18 damage, archers against shielded half of that

Sun-girl’s Archers are absolutely crap tier against the shielded-armored 
targets and you actually need to focus fire the low armor units with them.

Moon-dude’s + Charm-lady’s range units are harder hitting with slower 
attackspeed and can bypass some of that weakness, still not efficient obviously.

Remember that foul-damage deals 150% to most units (all humanoids) in the game, 
very useful.

And Magic resist is usually less frequent than armor.

Due to how units can stack on top of each other, AoE damage is very dangerous 
to you and your enemy while moving around and microing.

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