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  Hints and Tips for: GrandChase 
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 GrandChase Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Ultimate Currency Guide:
Written by ZELKEY

-=GrandChase has 4 currencies=-
* GP (GamePoints).
* PP (PowerPoints).
* VP (VoucherPoints) aka Cash or K-Ching.
* Hero's Bullion.

Main currency of the game, it can be used to buy items in Shop, as well as to 
craft items along with the materials.

-=How to Get GP?=-
You can get GP by selling untimed items, or through events, or by completing 
dungeons. When doing dungeons GP can be picked up by defeating monsters. 
Silver Coin = 10GP while Gold Coin = 50GP.

Second currency of the game, only used to buy items in Shop in it's specific Tab.

-=How to Get PP?=-
PP can only be obtained by attendance, everyday GrandChase Classic Attendance 
gives you PP after you play GrandChase for 30mins.

Third currency of the game, also used to buy items via Shop in VP and CoordiShop 
(aka Avatar Shop or Visual Shop).

-=How to Get VP?=-
You can earn VP every time you start a new character by doing the Challenge 
Quest, or buying it with real money.

-=Hero's Bullion=-
Last currency of the game, can be used to buy items in the Hero's Bullion Shop.

-=How to Get Hero's Bullion?=-
You can get Hero's Bullion when you complete a Hero Dungeon, Combining 4 
different Continent Pearls = 1 Hero's Bullion, or Combining 10 Hero's Bullion 
Fragment = 1 Hero's Bullion.

Note: When you successfully completed the Hero Dungeon, it will give you 1 Hero's 
Bullion and 1-2 Hero's Bullion Fragment. But if you failed your Hero Dungeon it 
will only give you 1-2 Hero's Bullion Fragment.

How to Level Up Fast in Game + Items to Increase XP:
Written by Xaldin

-=Items to increase XP=-
* Ring of Beefiness 50% increased XP: 800vp for 1 day or 4,400vp for 7 days
* Queens Jewel (Currently unavalable): 100% increased XP
* Join a level 1 guild: 5% increased XP

1: Find the dungeon you need to do 
   (You usually start at trial forest)
2: complete the dungeon
3: Go straight to the next dungeon, there is no reason to repeat dungeons 
   unless you need to for specific missions e.g first job
4: Repeat

Once you hit around level 38~ you’ll be able to access the first DD, this is a non 
stop fight which is wave after wave of Mobs. This grants insane amounts of XP and 
is free to enter. Its ideal to do long lengths of Dimension Door due to the XP rates.

When you reach Xenia content you’ll start to require to complete missions, these 
can be easily done by running the same dungeon 2-3 times. Again you want to still
do Dimension Door for your main source of XP.

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