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  Hints and Tips for: Great Hero's Beard 
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 Great Hero's Beard Cheats

Great Hero's Beard

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

In The Belly of the Beast (Boss Life Achievement):
Written by Jarrizard

Guid for the "In The Belly of the Beast" stage and killing Baal for the "Boss Life" 
achievement. Also includes overall tips for people who are stuck on a progression 

A lot of people seem to get stuck on this particular level. The wall is so huge 
you'd think the progression curve is stupid. You face 4 levels of mobs that 
depletes your entire HP bar in an instant and if you get through that you'll face 
Demon Lord Baal that if your stats is not optimized for the run he would just 
erase you even at 100% HP. 

it is not a wall that you need to grind (or maybe a bit) but more on how you 
allocate your stats that will make you beat him. You'll also get "Boss Life" 
achievement with this guide after beating him.

-=Stats Allocation=-
Great Hero's Beard - In The Belly of the Beast (Boss Life Achievement)

I beat Baal with this stat allocation. Now others have certainly did the run with 
fewer stats than mine and some still figuring this out what matters is the stats 

As you noticed I put a little bit of Crit and Atk Spd then spammed Atk and Def 
while ignoring HP completely. 

The scaling for HP is terrible in my opinion. It doesn't give much even after 
certain amount of points are used and you can easily reclaim the stats you lose 
from late game items. Better alternative for survivability is defense + the 
skills (Untouchable and Defensive Style) that scales it.

Atk Spd and Crit is the same way they start off with giving you 2 or 3 on each 
until it starts giving you 1 for Atk Spd and 0.5 for Crit. At that point, it's 
not worth putting more stats into it because what you get from gears will just 
overshadow them. The reason I allocated a bit of stats into them is because you 
need them to safely start your run and make the clear rate as fast and efficient 
as possible.

Atk and Def on the other hand is important. You can never go wrong with more 
damage as it helps you kill monsters sooner before they can do anything to you 
if combined with proper gears you'll notice it multiply like crazy. 500k to 1 
million damage from just switching to a well optimized sword. Lastly, Def scales 
the best. They are what make you progress. There is no point in 1 hitting a boss 
if they can 1 hit you first. Defense fixes that problem. The more stats you put 
into the more damage you can endure. A lot of stats allocated into it + Defense 
% from gears makes the regeneration you get from Passive Heal bigger than their 

Start with a DEF stat.
Slowly allocate stats to Atk Spd or Crit while alternating it with defense. 
(Defense -> Atk Spd -> Defense -> Crit -> Defense -> Atk Spd -> etc...)
Switch to alternating Atk and Defense for the rest of the game with all your stats. 
(Defense is a more priority than Atk).
You don't need HP stats. Get them from gears. Find just how many you need to not 
get burst down then go back to spamming Atk and Def.

-=Skill Priority Order=-
Furious Jump/Lightning Strike -> Offensive Style > Lightning Strike/Furious Jump-> 
Defensive Style -> Untouchable/Bearzerk (if you need to scale, optional.) -> 
Passive Heal (for maximum survivability) -> anything you havent taken yet.

Skill building is pretty straight forward. You eventually max them out later 
in the game with enough reincarnation. I choose to max and focus on 1 first at 
a time because there's a huge power spike in going from a lvl 4 skill to a lvl 5. 
(You'll notice the boost % suddenly goes a lot higher).

-=More Tips=-
Always repeat the level you're stuck at not the previous one. You get gears on 
the same power as the level you're trying to finish. (That weapon I used to kill 
Baal came from that level too).
Rush your 3rd reincarnation so you can get your helper and level them as soon as 
possible. They provide neat bonuses such as "Looter" which gives you more loot 
and can help in finding gears with stats that you need.
Always optimize your stats. Only get the Def and HP you need to survive a boss 
and invest the rest on Atk. Keep Atk Speed at 120+ and Crit at 40%/50% with the 
late-game gears they'll just increase on their own.

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