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  Hints and Tips for: Grid Legends 
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 Grid Legends Cheats

Grid Legends

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Improve Visuals:
Written by Mr Bubbles.

This is a short guide on how to improve visuals in GRID Legends 
by disabling post-processing effects.

In my opinion effects like motion blur and depth of field make this game 
look way too blurry. As there are no in-game options to adjust these other 
than the general Post Processing setting, we have to make changes in the 
game’s config file.

-=Editing config file=-
The config file is located in the below folder, you can just paste this 
link in your Windows Search as shown below.

%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\GRID Legends\hardwaresettings\

Once there you need to open hardware_settings_config with Notepad or a similar 
text editor.

Inside the file you can find multiple post-processing options described below:

Self-explanatory, just change “true” to “false” to disable the blurring 
effect in motion.

It’s the effect of blurring things in the background, out of focus, 
changing “true” to “false” to disable.

This one affects the flare effect of light sources, like car headlights. 
Change to “false” to disable.

This affects the glow or halo effect around lights, 
change to “false” to disable

Once you modify these to your liking you need to save changes and set the 
file to Read Only by right-clicking on the file hardware_settings_config 
and selecting Properties.

Disabling these effects will make GRID Legends look much sharper and more 
realistic. You might even get some performance improvement out of it. I 
recommend experimenting with these settings to find the combination that 
works best for you. Personally, I recommend disabling at least motion blur 
and depth of field, as these are detrimental to the game’s visual quality.

It’s difficult to showcase these effects on still pictures as differences 
are best visible in motion, but below you can see the picture with all 
these effects disabled. 
For me, the picture is sharper and without blindingly glowing lights.

Activate FFB for Moza Wheel / Base:
Written by 0uweZemelaar

I wrote this guide because I could not find any information elsewhere and 
found a workaround by accident.

-My hardware setup is=-
* Moza R21 base
* Moza RS v2 steering wheel
* Moza CRP pedals

Disclaimer: This workaround works on my machine for the above hardware. I 
cannot guarantee that it works on your machine and for other Moza hardware.

-=Activate FFB=-
* Power-on the wheel/base.
* Start Grid Legends.
* The wheel/base functions, but there is no Force Feedback.
* Power-off the base (hold the power-button for more than 5 seconds) – the 
  game shows a pop-up that the steering device is changed.
* Power-on the base – the game shows a pop-up that the steering device is 
* Now Force Feedback is activated.

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