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  Hints and Tips for: Grime 
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 Grime Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Hidden Otherwhere Phlox Armor Set:
Written by Lucky Luscious

This is step-by-step guide on where to find and how to get otherwhere 
phlox set.

* After you get your first weapon, go back to the start of the game 
  (first room you spawned in).
* Break through the wall on the left.
* Drop down and collect a Bloodmetal Shard.
* Then break through the wall on the right.
* Drop down further, defeat two Frantic enemies and collect an Unformed 
* Then break through the wall to the right. There's one more enemy here 
  (I think another Frantic) and then you need to break through the floor,
  just slightly to the left of the end of the passage.
* Drop down and you'll find the Otherwhere Phlox set.

How to start the game with any armor and weapon you want:
Written by neojb1989

Through the use of some light save file editing, you can turn any one item 
into another. So if you wanted to do your own semi new game + mode before the 
official one comes out, this is currently the best way! By grabbing a few 
items from the early game, and a little copy and pasting, you can start the 
game off with whatever you want.

-=General disclaimer=-
This involves editing your save file. Please make a backup of it somewhere 
and keep it in case something goes wrong. If you mess something up, the save 
is unusable and will not show up in the Start Game screen.

It's all relatively simple copy and pastes so there's little risk, but an 
extra space or comma can easily screw things up.

-=For the devs of the game=-
If you think this is too hacky let me know and I'll take it down.

-=Stuff you gotta have=-
Download Notepad++ so that you can open up the save files. Normal textEdit on 
Windows doesn't work as it isn't great at dealing with all the unusual characters
that are in these files.

Make sure you have access as well to the location where the Grime saves are.
For me they were in:
x:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\LocalLow\Clover Bite\GRIME\Save Files

Make sure you backup your original file so that you can go back to it in case 
something breaks.

Finally make sure you are offline so cloud saves don't so something funky

-=Basic idea of the save file=-
The save files in your game are Godot files. There's alot of gunk in here that 
can't be correctly seen with Notepad++, BUT what can be seen is a big JSON of 
your inventory and stats.

JSON is nothing but just a standardized way of ordering and formatting data, 
so it's nothing super special. Just a nice way to organize text (atleast for 
our purposes)

Scrolling around through your file you will notice sections of the JSON dedicated 
to your inventory

We are interested in the section called "itemMetas". This is a list of JSON objects 
(meaning a list of entries) that contain every item in your inventory. 

They look like this:

 "itemID": "37583206-f58c-450c-882e-51096f665b2d",
 "instanceID": "637651417728194398-gDyZPGcuEYJ88cBz",
 "_quantity": 3,
 "upgradeLevel": 0

From what I can tell, these entries in the list are in the same order that they 
are on your screen, so if Levolam Dust is in your first slot in the inventory 
(not your equipped items), then this would be the JSON object representing Levolam 

So what can we do with this? Well, there's an "itemID" for each item in the game, 
and the game itself will generate an "instanceID" when you pick up that item. The 
"instanceID" is unique to your specific run of the game, but the "itemID" is not. 
Do you see the possibility!

-=How this works=-
Basically, you can turn any 1 item into another in the save file, by just swapping 
around "itemID"s . The only finicky part is the "instanceID". These the game itself 
must generate, so unfortunately you cannot enter multiple entries with different 
item IDs, but the same instance ID, it'll brick your save.

So the whole thing we will be doing is going through enough of the early portion of 
the game (you are mostly done when you meet Yon for the first time) so that we have 
enough distinct items in our inventory (so that we have distinct instance IDs), and 
then just swapping out their item IDs for the Items we want!

-=Where do we get the item IDs from=-
I've completed the game and have gotten all weapons and armors, so at the very bottom 
of this guide i'll include a big dump of all the item IDs and what piece of equipment 
they represent. I will not be doing the individual consumables, because that's more
time than I'm willing to spend and with what i've provided here, y'all can figure it 
out yourselves :D (For example if you reallllllly wanted alot of Crimson Ichor, you 
can go figure out what itemID it is and just increase the "_quantity" value)

-=Actual steps on what to do : Part 1 : Gameplay=-
Let's get started with what you should actually do.

First start up a new game and play up to the point where you meet Yon and he gives 
you the weapon. Be sure to pick up items and absorb enemies along the way, and by 
the time he gives you the weapon you should have :
[nails, levolam dust, 100 mass consumable]

Excluding the weapon he just gave you (which you should not modify as you can block 
progression if the weapon you do want you cannot use right away) (unless you also 
modify your stats to be able to) you have a total of 3 items that are great for 
changing (since they are just consumables and not very important)

3 is enough for a full armor set, but you'll need 2 more if you want 2 other weapons. 
So here's what I recommend.

You can go acquire the finger sword and use that if you don't care about it, or you 
can go all the way back to the start of the map and into the secret areas where you 
can get the secret armor set. Along the way you'll also pick up a consumable that 
gives you 3k Mass, and a bloodmetal chunk.

You can sacrifice the armor set, or you can sacrifice the bloodmetal chunk and the 
3k mass item, up to you.

And that's it! That's all the prep work you need. If you don't know where the secret 
armor is, there's another great guide with a bunch of maps already posted, go check that out.

-=Part 2 : The editing=-
* Navigate to your save file and open it up in Notepad ++.
* Once here, scroll around down to the "itemMetas" section as I mentioned above.
* Here is where you will do all the work.

(Or don't, to be honest I didn't have to close the game, I just had to return to the 
menu and edit the file with administrator access, but you do you. Do go offline though)

From the big table below of itemIDs, pick whatever item you want and copy and paste over 
the value of whichever itemID you want to change in your itemMetas. These are listed in 
the same order they show up in your inventory, so if you wanna change your Levolam Dust 
into a sword, and your Levolam Dust is the first item in the inventory, you'd want to 
change the first one in the list.

* do CTRL + S to save the changes once you are done, and restart the game.
* Load up the save, open up your inventory, and voilah! Brand spanking new items!!!

I personally didn't want to start out with the stats to use some of the end game weapons 
right away, so I did not modify the 3k mass item. However if you want to be able to use 
anything right away, I'd recommend just increasing the quantity on that thing to like 10, 
and then leveling up.

I wouldn't recommend directly changing your mass amount as that seems a little too 
finicky, and it's easier to just increase the quantity of a mass consumable and consume.

I recommend doing each piece one at a time, then saving, then restarting the game to see 
if you didn't brick the save. If you are using this as a way to mess with stats on your 
main save, make sure to back it up somewhere before you do anything (just copy and paste 
the file somewhere onto your desktop and don't touch it)

You can mess with other stuff in the JSON as well like the Ichor count and things, but 
that's on y'all to explore and mess with :) If you really want Ichor I'd suggest finding 
the ID of that from your main game, copying it over, and also increasing the "_quantity" 

-=Big Table Of ItemIDs=-
* Below is where you'll find all of the item IDs, for every weapon and armor in the game.

NOTE! This is what they are on my save file and what they are at the time of writing this.
If the developers ever decide to change them, well then they won't work :) But you could 
still go find them out from a save where you have the item in question. It's a large list
and effort so I don't think I'll keep it updated past this first initial posting of the 

These itemIDs worked for me in doing what I described in the guide, so I hope they work 
for y'all! If not let me know, but you can still apply the basic idea of this using your 
own save where you have everything.

There is a possibility that these IDs are also unique to my installation of the game, in 
which case they won't work for anyone else. I have no way to know until someone tries!

Also these aren't in any particular order, they are just how they show up in my inventory. 
I had to hand write these so if any are swapped, my bad.

Maul Axe : a54651d7-e14c-4b7d-ac19-7f64cb916d7a
Finger Blade : add86fe0-b533-4865-9bff-0c6eaca05edf
Prickly Weeper Chest : 6614cfbe-5ed7-483d-b608-e473868c6f51
Prickly Weeper Hands : ae9fe662-d23a-4fd4-8045-b2c1b5558179
Prickly Weeper Legs : 99086f2d-2ffe-4e73-98e3-6b1b5e73c9fc
Twin Fangs : bb13bbdb-52ef-4d96-88b2-7d950728485a
Bellow Mace : 1c9afbb2-623c-4bc6-ad38-811b94273fce
Fossil Fist : cd43fd79-fb0b-4211-a0a4-3970a453bd82
Boulderplate Chest : 07469ae9-140e-4639-bce5-5d4f699bb808
Boulderplate Hands : 794839ce-0a5c-484a-b928-a321c46fb7d6
Boulderplate Legs : 9d77f1a0-1f21-42a3-ae39-78fc6ac1bd84
Burst Lantern : 690d120a-f504-4d06-8785-68073aa77d9b
Claw : 0aba52b0-527f-4ac9-8779-c1f4de8b13de
Hyaline Chest : f3b29ca5-fc0c-4f6d-ad8c-849b29c7e091
Hyaline Hands : 47237e62-276c-46bc-a40c-ac012fe6049f
Hyaline Legs : c522d961-6c12-4467-869b-cb3869a45b19
Pillar Slab : 483435de-1bf1-404c-963c-1d9b4fec588d
Petalstone Chest : e5ebc9eb-2e38-47b0-8cca-b6dc0652e589
Petalstone Hands : 3d08f4a2-a912-48d5-8cdb-49467916b8cb
Petalstone Legs : 2fd05764-0ffc-43a9-b9b6-7ec1a6cdb800
Otherwhere Phlox Chest : 46fb3598-1dc7-471b-a015-4a15ab2a042e
Otherwhere Phlox Hands : 0196647e-a4e1-42b0-a16e-8cc0ab7f7dcf
Otherwhere Phlox Legs : 304d54bc-533e-495a-8e02-a63461b8bf49
Maul Sword : 8a49aded-5af4-4c3f-8fe4-758b89b64dea
Nail Scythe (Blue) : 2c7100b5-060a-494a-93a2-9165786f83ec
Obelisk Fist : d53a7e6e-8ee4-4a98-8af7-2ebbf478763c
Drained Shell Chest : efc6230c-772e-4971-b580-90cab2c4e41f
Drained Shell Hands : e89213d9-fab2-432c-ad5d-b264e35a4852
Drained Shell Legs : 3d08f4a2-a912-48d5-8cdb-49467916b8cb
Face Slasher : d0680cda-e2c5-44fe-aaaf-5f8644ad6dc7
Servant Needle : 959beb10-1634-4289-9575-ceca75e1f976
Hollowroot Chest : 48ba44d0-4559-42a6-bf8b-64b66be043f9
Hollowroot Hands : 5e1a4f0d-1f8e-41ad-9037-538d501233c1
Hollowroot Legs : 6d216e19-a367-4050-9fb3-a7f9575b32ec
Rawblade : 98a9263c-9e5e-4de6-9e48-e6e109aee793
Carven Greatsword : 5156dc11-92bf-4d04-a5cb-d8218f552152
Discarded Device : 9f299ba9-6b55-413f-9bf6-5184c9d00998
Wisp Lantern : baec98c1-ea66-4c65-9a12-21b8de9b887d
Jawplate Chest : c9910726-0e82-4c34-b2c0-dc675ae45814
Jawplate Hands : c5d5a821-0c0c-4913-9fc0-63fe8c6e779b
Jawplate Legs : a2660aab-7a14-4d33-a7f9-261508494d3b
Tooth Hammer : 37583206-f58c-450c-882e-51096f665b2d
Bonebird Chest : ce6efee8-45d7-41e6-a885-df1e0f3726f3
Bonebird Hands : 46fdbbbc-3541-4335-9260-92a665f2cfa7
Bonebird Legs : 7d113c71-02f6-4f1f-b341-ffcca75f9844
Bloodmetal Scythe : b274cc5d-da20-4535-8b57-c6c493ad5774
Friendly Imposter Chest : 6c813e9c-2c32-427e-be70-edce25120891
Friendly Imposter Hands : 366e313a-c796-4162-a8b7-39314e263c0d
Friendly Imposter Legs : ca00b8de-933e-4375-9b82-3b6f07915a58
Yr Glaive : 0ce793f2-6514-4f3b-a272-8af73447461c
First Yr Chest : 908e3d7f-1737-4644-b93a-776e4ee3afbb
First Yr Hands : 0e48f2fd-37a9-4ca2-befe-bec5b84f5dc8
First Yr Legs : 06cbabee-85be-4391-925a-2de57afca155
Broken Yr Sword : 1f8880c0-b491-4cb8-a6a9-05ee5482940b
Curved Glaive : c96d3d09-1de5-4552-8745-4c8727fc7d85
Centipede Whip : 24172405-1ae6-4395-b1d7-29f2f4f6ec34
Wakebone Chest : fc250c8b-92dd-4be6-9ca9-f5f4e15c30ad
Wakebone Hands : 1a813853-fd77-4c10-81f4-b0c18445ef97
Wakebone Legs : 4f94210c-3cfe-4f06-b126-ff436c388931
Shaper : e53b040c-1c7b-47ad-b7e3-7c4118533686
Chisel Nails : a3ac4427-8c61-4eb2-aee2-9e6e42077000
Weathered Stitcher Chest : 35c9d3f3-1c29-48e5-ab98-b586bf65323a
Weathered Stitcher Hands : a4123b2d-631e-4f6d-bcf6-40c024951fca
Weathered Stitcher Legs : 00618c5c-ed7f-446c-bcc2-f42a213928a9
Celebration Chest : 5379e84a-530a-417a-8778-194fdf60aafe
Celebration Hands : afe93c68-71d9-45b7-9137-8998844acd29
Celebration Legs : c6083696-1c63-4324-899b-f81de5f8c7a2
Formal Coda Chest : 56d2e849-bf18-40f4-bd9f-d1bcde51983a
Formal Coda Hands : 523fbb81-ffe9-4d92-b26d-04bfafb024cc
Formal Coda Legs : 2f01cc44-dae5-47d1-ab4f-022868c43909
Adept Embroider Chest : 1dca36b9-cab4-4380-9cff-473733e5f0fe
Adept Embroider Hands : 7fa1f9af-6861-447d-b82b-4bc52a2c6140
Adept Embroider Legs : 692790b6-ee52-4ca8-aa16-3911140bac0a
Shapely Greatsword : 52efd679-04d8-4d22-af46-c8d6cf719c8b
Goldgrowth Chest : 274b9848-c631-4322-8a2f-481b63645d6a
Goldgrowth Hands : cf6dc359-9b1a-4a30-9adb-0f416e64509f
Goldgrowth Legs : fcde1c5c-925a-487d-b5ad-787c3a6b3140
Waneblood Chest : f030062e-af26-4f52-ae18-72506c050ffe
Waneblood Hands : 61dbc101-09de-4645-9530-b9037c500979
Waneblood Legs : f34f5df9-6602-4ded-91e8-b162f2e40091
Hollowroot Chest : e5d71a89-a7ce-409d-923e-47c3e999a2f1
Hollowroot Hands : 1e6972cd-e4a7-431a-aaf2-1975acdec392
Hollowroot Legs : 4498860c-bbff-467d-b211-1c354f29f311
Petalgem Chest : 58dff554-ba83-4a19-87d7-eb85c662407f
Petalgem Hands : fbbe3a96-53e2-4d5a-b176-85e78780d42
Petalgem Legs : f39b3dc0-aabb-4747-89f0-89bf055c99d9
Bone Grinder : ad5073c8-3fba-43b3-8fa3-6504293bd65a
Attuning Lantern : be51d6e3-bdb7-4547-b2e5-e73698bed778
Nail Scythe (White) : 357e1420-8209-479e-bb07-8e5adb0a4062
Jaw Axe : d139bb95-f61a-402c-86f2-1b6baf2fc731
Unformed Slab : 465097c1-56ca-435c-bc48-19ffe650bba0

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