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  Hints and Tips for: Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar 
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 Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar Cheats

Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Have Detect Secret on at all times.
* Run into a locked door three times and an option to force the door 
  open appears.
* Put at least a couple points into swimming – that way your characters 
  won’t drown right away when stepping into a water tile. The fastest 
  way to learn climbing is to cast Featherfall and to try climbing again 
  and again. This will increase the climbing skill no matter whether you 
  fall or succeed.
* Most recruitable NPC’s have much better stats, eg. Little Rosy in the 
  Briarwoods in the beginning. Each recruitable NPC is paid 100 gold per 
* Resurrecting a dead character reduces their Constitution by 10 points 
  each time.
* You can also ‘Raise Dead’ the bones of people you find, eg. Mistral, 
  Medea, etc.
* You can cast protective spells that affect the whole party before combat: 
  Armorplate, Enchanted Blade and Magic Screen.
* To unlock the hidden spell page, ask the magic shop owner in the Village 
  of Crowl about “Eldritch”. Note that NPC’s who join your party after that
  won’t have that page unlocked. The next person who can unlock that page 
  will be a mage you meet after completing a series of puzzles. Balderdash 
  who is trapped in the Kublai Cathedral – ask him about “Eldritch” as well.
* To use the Moongates (the black megaliths with symbols on them) for 
  teleporting, you need to ask the Mandarin in Kublai Axis about “music”.
  Different Moongates are connected in different ways: some are connected 
  to 3 others, others are connected to just one other, etc.
* You need to collect tablets and then bring them into a vault of open 
  chests on top of the Blackspike mountains (East of Kublai Axis). 
  This is similar to the maps you need to collect in Wizardry 7.

Infinite Money
You can make infinite money through the Robbery Skill. Just find an NPC, steal their goods, sell their stuff back to them, reload the area, and repeat.
Locked Door Riddle Answers:
If you do not know the answer to the riddle you can Abort and try again. This list does not have every riddle.

Multiply me against my own and I remain solitary as myself = ONE
Chester and Hazel are my relations but no kin to me = NUT
A Shining alabaster vault am I that holds within a golden heart = EGG
It returns to drink the blood of the young when it grows hungry = WAR
I spin upon my own self in dance that endlessly revolves around my start = TOP
Born into misery but strong in prime and short of breath I lay down to sleep = MAN
You cinch me upon my girth that is your girth = BELT
Those who are struck by me lose their nerve and resolve = FEAR
It requires two companions one after another to do this journey = WALK
My arrows strike the heart and my daggers the soul = LOVE
Whenever you take pains to take this you avoid sorrow = CARE
None can change a strand with his oath or return it to its field when it is harvest = HAIR
The hot breath of the earth from its hidden lungs = LAVA
A spine that is straight and a tongue to separate a hundred siblings = BOOK
One who feels this is proofed against his foe and flight = BRAVE
Precious in falling we cannot be collected or saved = TEARS
No man may wear this cloak but it conceals their misdeeds = NIGHT
He who embraces me is soon corrupted by my embrace in turn = POWER
These rings bind without a betrothal = CHAIN
A Fire in the belly that vomits forth steel = FORGE
This royal battle is always thirty two and thirty two = CHESS
A dream without sleeping eyes closed but no weeping = TRANCE
A wax vault of golden treasure and a thousand daggers to guard it = BEEHIVE
None bend this bow but five are bent by it = RAINBOW
Ivory ladies on a field of green their suitor all in black = TENPINS

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