Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas Hints Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas Hints 
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 Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas Hints Cheats

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas Hints
Submitted by: Pancham.R.Bharadwaj

Modify vehicle characteristics: 
Use a text editor to edit the "handling.cfg" file in the "\rockstar games\gta san
andreas\data" directory. You will find a list of all the vehicles and a description
of each multiplier factor. You can modify the acceleration, top speed, mass, 
monetary value, transmission, gravity center, and much more. 

Two player mode: 
Successfully complete the Burning Desire mission where you rescue Denise. A red two 
player free roam icon will now appear on Denise's porch near the door. The icon will
appear there when she is home and will go on a date. Note: If both enter a car, the 
passenger will have free aim with a machine gun. Do not try to kill Denise, because 
you will never be able to date her again or play in two player mode at her house. 
Additionally, once you get your girlfriend, take her on a date. After you drop her
off, there will be a rotating icon of two people directly in front of the door. Walk
into it. It will tell you to push any button on the controller two. Do so to start 
two player mode, involving CJ and his girlfriend in a free roam. 

For more fun in two player mode, start the two player mission. Then, enable the 
"Spawn Jetpack" code and remove the Jetpack. Then, have player two get the Jetpack. 
Enable the Jetpack code again, then have player one get it. Both players can now 
fly around and do the two player missions this way. 

Two player mode in Los Santos:
Note: You must have a second controller inserted in port two. In the Ganton area, 
start from Grove Street where the Johnson house is located. Drive under the first 
bridge and continue to go straight. Next, youshould drive over some railroad tracks. 
After this, you should drive under a second bridge. Take the first right turn you 
see. It should be a dead end. Drive until your car hits the grass, then look to 
your left. You should see an open doorway. Walk through it and you should see a 
small "2 Player" icon. Press any button on controller two to begin. Additionally, 
when you are on the missions from Big Smoke go north of his house. You should see 
some wrecked buildings. Go through them to find a two player free roam icon. 

Two player mode in San Fierro:
Not far from the garage you own and beyond the construction area is a large building 
with a parking lot on either side, on the right side (north according to the map) is 
a two player icon. Multiple people types can be selected by the second player (three 
women and three men). Unlike those from the dating missions, this two player location
will never go away. 

Two player mode in Bone County: 
Starting at the abandoned airstrip, go west and north onto the road. There is a 
blackish-brown building on the south side of the road with a large balcony going 
all the way around it. Follow the balcony half way around and you will find a two 
player mode icon. 

Two player mode in Tierra Robada: 
Start at your safe house in El Quebrados. Get on the street and follow it a short 
distance south until it turns left around the corner of a building. On the south 
side of this building will be a two player free roam icon. 

Two player mode in Whetstone:
Go to the General Store in Dilmore. There is a two player icon there. The second 
player will be able to change their character.

Freight Train missions bonus: 
Successfully complete level 2 of the Freight Train missions to get $50,000 and free 
train rides.

Fire truck missions bonus: 
Steal a fire truck and start the fire truck missions. Successfully complete level 
12 of the fire truck missions to make CJ fireproof.

Easily complete fire truck missions: 
Bring a fire truck from another location into Angel Pine, then start the mission. 
This should be easier than doing it in Los Santos, San Fierro, the desert, or Las 
Venturas. When you do it at this location, and you are stuck on a cliff that you 
cannot get up (for example, if the burning car is on the freeway), take your time 
by taking the long way. You should only use this method if you have at least three 
minutes or more time remaining. Note: All fires will not always appear in Angel 
Pine, as they may also happen in Whetstone or other nearby places. Although this 
sounds difficult, there are not that many roads near the Angel Pine area which 
actually makes it easier to complete. If the fire truck gets severely damaged, 
enable the "Health" code. 

Mike Toreno missions bonus: 
Successfully complete all missions assigned by Mike Toreno to get a flamethrower, 
minigun, rocket launcher, and homing rocket launcher to appear at his cabin in 
Tierra Robada.

Paramedic missions bonus: 
Steal an ambulance and start the paramedic missions. Successfully complete level 
12 of the paramedic missions to get a health limit of 150.

Easily complete paramedic missions: 
Go to Angel Pine, which is located in southeast area of the main map. In the 
northeast part of Angel Pine is a medical building with an Ambulance next to it. 
Get in it and start the missions. All the victims will appear in the city, which 
is very small. The farthest person will only be about ten seconds away from the 
drop off point. You can complete the missions in less then ten minutes by doing 
this. Also, the cops do not appear very often, allowing your wanted level to remain 
low. Additionally, do the Paramedic mission in the Angel Pine area. Start the 

All injured people that must be taken to the hospital will be in the crowded town. 
Unlike the fire truck missions if done in this town, this mission has all the people 
in one place. Once you complete this mission, you will your health increased to 150. 
This is a also very good reward because you can jump from the highest place in the 
game without dying from the fall. Note: If you have the parachute in your inventory, 
you will die.

Pimping missions bonus: 
Steal the pimp convertible in the car wash parking lot near the Pay N' Spray and 
start the pimping missions. Successfully complete level 10 of the pimping missions 
to get money from prostitutes instead of paying them. 

Quarry missions bonus: 
Successfully complete level 7 of the Quarry missions to get the Hunter Quarry asset 
and Quarry Mission time-trials.

Taxi missions bonus: 
Steal a taxi and start the taxi missions. After a total of 50 successful fares, 
you will unlock hydraulics and nitrous on all taxi-class vehicles. After using 
nitrous, you must wait awhile between shots. However, that time decreases as your 
driving skill increases. 

Truck missions bonus: 
Steal a truck and start the truck missions. Successfully complete level 8 of the 
trucking missions to unlock RS Haul as a property.

Valet Parking missions bonus: 
Successfully complete level 5 of the Valet Parking missions in downtown San Fierro 
to get the San Fierro Valet Parking as an asset property.

Vigilante missions bonus: 
Steal any policy vehicle and start the vigilante missions. Successfully complete 
level 12 of the vigilante missions to get an armor limit of 150.

Easily complete vigilante missions: 
Use the Rhino to complete the vigilante missions easier. Additionally, start the 
mission, put the vehicle in your garage, and exit so that the door closes. Enable 
the "Destroy all cars" code. The criminals will be killed. Run back to the garage, 
hop in the car, and repeat. This is also a good way to quickly gain more money and
status points. 

Get an FBI Rancher and drive onto the Julius Thruway in Las Venturas. Start 
Vigilante mode and begin driving around the highway. Just stay on the highway, 
and you will notice that the criminals start dying for no apparent reason. Just 
drive for about twenty minutes to get the 150 armor award easily. 

Increase respect, money, driving skill and armor in vigilante missions 
Enable the "Spawn Rhino tank" code and use it for the vigilante missions. When you 
reach level 12, your armor will increase to 150. Each time you kill a group of 
criminals, you will get money (on level 20 and over you will be winning $50,000 
or more). If you get a wanted level, do not cheat to lower it. As police ram you, 
they will explode and your respect will increase. All the driving that you will 
do increases your driving skill somewhat. 

Horseshoe bonus:
Collect all fifty horseshoes in Las Venturas to get a M4, MP5, combat shotgun, 
and satchel charges to appear at the Four Dragons Casino.

Oyster bonus:
Collect all fifty oysters to increase your sex appeal and lung capacity. Note: 
To find the oysters faster, get a Sea Sparrow (which can land on water). You 
can find one by the Sherman Dam.

Racing bonus:
Get first place in all races at the four racing locations across San Andreas 
(marked with a checkered flag on the map/radar) to win $1,000,000.

Snapshot bonus:
Take all fifty snapshots in San Fierro to get a sniper rifle, Micro SMG, shotgun, 
and grenades to appear at your San Fierro garage.

Tag bonus:
Spray all one hundred hidden tags in Los Santos to get an AK-47, Tec-9, Sawn-off 
shotgun, and Molotov cocktails to appear inside your house on Grove Street.

100% game completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game with a 100% game completion. CJ will get a stats 
boost, extra money, and a Rhino and Hydra will be delivered to CJ's house on Grove 

Increase muscle or stamina:
At about 22:00, go to a gym and work out, maxing yourself. After you have worked 
out enough for the day, wait another minute until the time is 0:00. Max yourself 
out for that day then go home. Save two or three times and you can repeat this 

To get your character maxed out in the muscle and stamina attributes, do the 
following. Go the gym near the Johnson house. Work out until you are told that 
it is enough for one day. Go home (right down the block), save the game to 
advance to the next day. Return to the gym and you can work out again. You can 
now max out your muscle and stamina in less then a half hour. 

Increase weapon skill:
Achieve a high wanted level and go into a restaurant. Shoot everyone with the 
weapon that you want to raise in rank. If you walk around and wait, police will 
spawn, but will not shoot you. Police can raise your weapon skill faster than 
pedestrians. This works best in Burger Shot because of the wide area that you 
can walk around in. Continue until you reach Hitman status. 

Use the following trick in front of any safe house. Use the gun you want to get 
up to Hitman status to repeatedly shoot a car until it explodes. Then, go to the 
next car. Repeat this until you reach Hitman status for that weapon. Watch out 
for the police. You can shoot them, then keep shooting the cars. When you are 
almost dead, enter your safe house and save the game. Your health will be restored 
and wanted level removed. 

Get lots of bullets for the guns that you want Hitman or Gangster status for. 
Go to Tierra Robada. Look around at the north of the island to find a little house. 
Stay in there and enable the "Increase wanted level" code three times. Stay in the 
cabin and wait for the police to approach. When they enter the house, kill them. 

To attain Hitman level quicker, select your desired weapon and go to a Pay 'N' 
Spray. Park your vehicle directly next to the Pay 'N' Spray. Exit the vehicle and 
repeatedly shoot people, cars, and cops. When your wanted level is raised to two 
stars or above, run to your vehicle and drive into the Pay 'N' Spray to cancel it. 
If your vehicle is not damaged, the respray is free. Wait for the wanted stars to 
stop flashing, then start shooting people again. 

Go into a police station and find a room with one entry point, and something that 
you can hide behind (like a desk). Take out your weapon. You should now have a 
two star wanted level. Shoot any cop who comes through the door. Every cop you 
shoot makes your gun skill go up by about five. Do this until you either die, run 
out of bullets, or enable the "Lower wanted level" code. 

Increase driving skill:
Go to San Fierro and pass the tests at the driving school. Additionally, find a 
tractor or a slow moving car. Drive the roads without going as fast as you can 
(move slowly). This will take awhile, but will increase your driving skills. 

Increase underwater skill:
Repeatedly swim underwater to increase your lung capacity and your underwater skill.

Easily max Lung Capacity:
Dive underwater, and once your breath is out, you will start losing health. If 
you want to stay underwater, keep enabling the "Armor, health, money, and street 
creds" code when your health is low. You will be able to remain underwater, and 
max your Lung Capacity attribute easily. 

Raising stats quicker:
Go to any pier over any body of water. Swim under the pier and stay in one position. 
This will immensely raise your muscle, stamina, and lung capacity in just under a 
minute. Stay under longer for better results.

Return to land faster:
If you get stuck in the water, enable the "Spawn Hotring Racer" then "Spawn 
Jetpack" codes. It will not appear until you are on a non watery surface. Quickly 
jump on the car. It may be a far ride, but it is better than swimming. 

Unlock areas quickly:
Enable the "Wanted level never increases" code. Go to the shaded areas of the 
game and they will become unlocked. If you go to a safe house and save the game, 
all areas will be unlocked from now on. However, in order not to be wanted when 
you go back into these areas, you must enable the "Wanted level never increases" 
code again, but you will be free to roam about. 

Revealing territories:
Get a plane and fly all the way to either the southeast, southwest, northeast, 
or northwest of the map where the ocean is found. Keep flying for thirty minutes 
in that direction, then jump out of the plane. Do not open the parachute and 
intentionally drown. When you arrive at the hospital, check your map. You will 
see that there are enormous amounts of new territories in San Fierro, Las Venturas, 
and some in Las Santos. You can take over these territories, and they only have 
one wave. 

Quick map fill in Los Santos:
To get all of the map showing in the starting area of the game, get on the freeway 
and continue going until you cannot go further. Then, pause the game and the entire 
bottom right half of the map should be marked as explored. 

Gain respect:
To gain respect, stay in your neighborhood and get a wanted star, then kill all 
the police that arrives. Once you reach a four star wanted level (and if you killed 
enough police), you will gain some respect. Additionally, completing missions is 
not the only way to earn respect. By spraying other gang's tags, you will also 
earn a bit, and by taking over another gang's area you will earn a lot. 
Note: You must have completed some missions before you can take over areas. You 
can see on the radar witch areas you have taken over, and which areas the enemy 
gangs own. Your own territory is marked with green, and your enemies are yellow 
or purple. 

Respect status:
Your respect is made up of the following factors:

Running Respect (see below): 40% 
Mission Progress: 36% 
Territory Under Control: 6% 
Money: 6% 
Fitness: 4% 
Clothes: 4% 
Girlfriend Progress: 4% 
Your Running Respect is changed by the following factors:

Territory gained: +30% 
Killing a gang member: +.5% 
Killing a dealer: +.005% 
Killing a member of your gang: -.005% 
A member of your gang is killed: -2% 
Territory lost: -3% 
Your respect affects the number of gang members that you can recruit:

Above  1%: 2 
Above 10%: 3 
Above 20%: 4 
Above 40%: 5 
Above 60%: 6 
Above 80%: 7 

Easy money:
Walk into a bar and beat up all the customers with a bat, nightstick, or pool cue. 
More customers spawn and your wanted level will not rise. No one pulls out a gun, 
and your maximum health will increase after a number of fights. Beating up the 
person next to the pool tables gets you a pool cue, and every once in awhile a 
customer will spill a few hundred dollars. 

Find a save point that is close to a betting shop. The one in the Montgomery are 
is ideal because it is near to the save point where you have to do the four 
missions for Catalina. Save your game, then go to the betting shop and bet all 
your money on a horse. It takes awhile to enter the numbers, but is worth it 
because you can make a huge amount of cash (especially if you bet on horses with 
odds of 10/1, 11/1, 12/1, etc.). It takes roughly three to four minutes to bet 
the maximum amount of money, which is $9,999,995. You will not win every time. 
When you lose, reload your last saved game. It is possible to get $250,000,000 by 
betting your winnings of $30,000 to $700.000 to $2,000,000 to the maximum bet. 

Enable the "Deadly vehicle" and "Flying cars" codes. When you are up in the air, 
fly down to the ground and hit it to get money for a unique trick. The higher you 
go and hit the ground, the more money you can make. You can also deactivate the 
code while in the air and hit the ground to make a lot of money. 

Enable the "Flying cars" code. Fly around for a few seconds, then touch the ground. 
You will get money for insane stunts.

Easy Hitman rating:
Shoot at the black part of a wheel. If you shoot at the rim it will not work. 
Keep on shooting until the skill bar is all the way up for the desired weapon.

Easy dual sawn-off shotgun ability:
It is recommended that you spray all 100 tags, as it is easier for ammunition 
and early on missions. Get a cop car (preferably a car, OT truck, rancher, etc.). 
Save it in the Johnson family garage; save the game if desired. Get a large amount 
of sawn-off shotgun ammunition. If all 100 tags were sprayed, it is available in 
Johnson kitchen. Go to the garage. Get as far away from the car as possible without 
letting the garage door close. Then crouch, aim for the grill of the police car, 
and shoot. Every few shots (or every time the car catches fire), you should have 
more weapon skill. It will eventually upgrade about every minute. When it catches 
on fire, let the garage repair the car and come back. This does not work as well 
at getting Hitman on the other weapons. 

Easy money in Los Santos:
From the Johnson house in the Ganton area, go straight until you are in the front 
yard of the house opposite of yours. Turn right, and go behind it by going between 
that house and the one next to it. Go in the backyard until you are in the corner. 
You should see a pistol. Take it, then get back to Grove Street. If you see man, 
usually in black, that is standing there with his arms crossed, shoot him. 
He usually carries about $2,000 or more and a pistol, because he is a drug dealer. 
Repeat this to get easy money. Kill him quickly before he shoots you. It is 
possible to get $50,000 in one day by doing this. 

Upon exiting the Johnson house in Grove Street, walk straight toward the house 
opposite of yours, which is the one that sometimes has the BMX bike in the front 
yard, until you are in the grass. Go to your right between that house and the one 
next to it. Walk toward the corner and get the pistol. Go back to Grove Street and 
find a drug dealer. He is dressed in black with his hands crossed down at his hips. 
You will know he is a drug dealer because if you face him, he will try to do 
business. You will get a pop-up display in the top-right part of your screen on 
how to respond to him, even though you cannot actually buy anything. If you shoot 
and kill him, he drops $2,000 dollars or more, and a gun just like that one you 
picked up. Note: He will shoot back -- try to get a headshot. There is another 
drug dealer that is wearing a white hooded sweatshirt that does the same thing. 
He can usually be found up in the northeast part of Los Santos. You can find 
these dealers all over Los Santos in the areas littered with gangs. 

Go to the building with the parachute. When you get to the top, spawn a Caddy. 
Get in and drive slowly towards the edge of the building, then just fall off. 
You will begin to flip slowly. However, if you nudge the edge of the building, 
the Caddy will spin and flip like crazy. When you hit the ground, you will get a 
very large insane stunt bonus. 

Find the Inside Track Betting building in the Downtown area. Bet the maximum 
amount on the horse with the worst odds. If you lose, reload the game and try 
again. When you win, it will be a substantial amount.

Go to the Pig Pen Strip Club. You can jump on the big stage with the srtipper. 
Stand directly in front of her, and people will throw $100 to her each time, 
which you can collect. Be very careful not to touch her, or the guards will 
start shooting at you. Note: This cheat takes awhile -- eat before you go.

Get a weapon, then stand outside the your house in the Ganton area. Shoot your 
homies (wearing green). Some of them will drop a lot of money. Pick it up, and 
if you have a wanted level go inside and save the game. Repeat this to get a 
large amount of money. 

This trick requires maximum bike skill for both motorcycles and a regular bike. 
Go to the highest building in Los Santos, the circular one, and jump off using 
either the motorcycle or bike. While you are in mid-air, you can spin for a 
little bit or try to do a back flip. Stay on the bikes until you land and you 
will receive an insane stunt bonus for over $200. 

Enable the "Kinky theme" code and enter the Ganton area with a nice car. 
Drive up the alley were the burglar truck is located. Park there and within 
seconds prostitutes will approach. Press Left to accept their offer, then get 
out of your car and kill them when they are done. You will get more money than 

Easy Stamina upgrade in Los Santos: 
Go to the Ganton Gym in Los Santos. Go to the bicycle and start at level 1. 
Work your way up to level 10. After awhile it will say that you have worked 
to your limit and to return. Keep pedaling and your stamina will start to 

Use the following trick to get a lot of weapons, increase your muscle, 
increase your stamina, and get a "Hitman" rating with any weapon. After the 
initial mission, go to the Verona beach area (on the south part of the map 
near the ocean). There is a free open gym here. Use it to increase your muscle 
and stamina. when you need to eat, there is a free hot dog stand down the path 
east of the gym, or just save the game at your house. To get "Hitman" status 
with any gun, find the weapon of your choice and shoot people or cars. 
Try going to any parking lot and shooting cars. It is easier and they respawn 
if you ride a short distance away and return. You can get as much money as 
desired doing the fire truck missions, then going to the off track betting 
after getting at least $10,000. Bet 10% of your money on the last horse until 
you win. If you lose too much money, reload your game and return. Repeat this 
process until you have a good amount of money. 

Easy weapons in Los Santos:
Drive around and hit Ballas. When they are dead, pick up their guns then get 
back in your car and find more. This will get you a lot of weapons very fast.

Easy Hitman rating in Los Santos:
This trick requires a controller in port two. To get an easy Hitman rating 
for either the 9 mm pistol or shotgun, go to the Los Santos Police Department. 
Note the two player icon across the street. Quickly enter the Police 
Department. Run and ignore any cops shooting at you and get the armor in the 
locker room. It is the first room on your right. There is an available pistol 
in the room on the right, at the far end of the hall. Proceed to dispose of 
the police using your pistol. If you need ammunition, the cops will drop a 
gun after you kill them. Your weapon skill will quickly raise as you kill the 
swarms of police that come after you. Continue shooting until your armor level 
becomes low or is gone. Then, run to the far end of the police station hall, 
down the stairs, and into the holding cells. In the middle cell is more armor. 
Use it and continue your massacre until your armor is once again depleted. 
Next, quickly run out of the door and across the street to the two player 
icon. Start two player mode. Simply kill the second player and your wanted 
level will be gone and your health will be refilled. Repeat this to gain 
Hitman status or simply gain ammunition. Note: Hitman status with the pistols 
will allow duel wielding, faster firing, improved accuracy, lock-on range 
increased and faster strafing. There is also a shotgun hidden in the police 
station in the room on your left as you enter, then to the room at the right 
at the end of that one. The shotgun may not respawn as soon as you enter, 
but in at least 60 seconds one should appear. You can use this available 
shotgun to reach Hitman status with. Note: Hitman status with the shotgun 
only gives you improved accuracy, move while firing, faster firing rate and 
lock-on range increased -- not duel wielding. Duel wielding can only be 
achieved with the sawed-off shotgun. 

To raise your weapon skills quickly, enter a dance club, such as the 
"Alhambra" in the Idlewood area. Begin shooting people with the weapon 
of your choice. Doing so during the afternoon or night hours (12:00 to 04:00) 
greatly increases the amount of people that respawn in the club. Since so 
many people spawn, you have a virtually limitless amount of people to "train" 
with. Doing so however, raises your wanted level greatly. Enable the 
"Lower wanted level" code or know where the police bribes are, as you will 
need them. 

Go to the actual beach part of the Verona Beach area. Start shooting with 
the desired gun. The cops will arrive after awhile, but you can make them 
go away or just kill them for more. Keep doing this until the desired gun 
is at Hitman level. It is possible to get four weapons up to Hitman level 
in about an hour. 

Walk out from CJ's house and make sure there a car in his garage. Use any 
weapon to shoot the car in the garage until it catches on fire. Walk away 
and let the garage close Then, open it and repeat the steps. You can do 
this with any weapon to get an easy Hitman level. 

Go into the bar near CJ's house in the Ganton area. Kill everyone there 
and try to get a two or three star wanted level. Start killing the police 
that come through the door. When no one remains, turn around and look. 
They should be there. 

Go to your house in Grove Street. Start randomly killing people until 
you have two star wanted level. Kill all the cops with any desired weapon. 
Make sure you have armor on. When you have low health, save the game, then 

Easy races:
Before you enter a race, enable the "Cars fly away" code. During the countdown,
start entering the "Pedestrians riot" code, but do not press the final button 
until they take off. Run over all the racers and ram their cars. 

Easy Pilot license: 
Go to the airport in San Fierro and enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code. 
Enter the Shamel jet and enable the "Speed up time" code. Fly it until a 
message appears in the corner. Fly it for about five or ten more minutes 
and you will have a pilot license without going to pilot school. Note: 
Make sure you save the game.

Saving money:
Buy lots of ammunition for the Tec-9 which costs about $300. When you 
have enough, buy one SMG. The game will transfer all your Tec-9 ammunition 
into your SMG, saving you thousands of dollars. Note: This does not work 
for the pistols, rifles, or thrown weapons. 

Free Pay N' Spray: 
Get a car that can be used for the pimping missions. Go to a Pay N' Spray. 
When the door is closing, start the pimping missions. Then, deactivate the 
missions after the door has closed and is re-opening. The door will open 
again, giving you a free spray. You can repeat this as many times as desired. 

Cheap car bomb: 
Get a fast car or a motorcycle. Either shoot the vehicle or bang it up real 
good. When it is on fire, jump out. This technique is also good for taking 
over hoods quickly and easily.

Descend quickly: 
When stuck at the top of a cliff or mountain and you need to go to the bottom, 
do not bother going the long way around to get down safely. Instead, edge 
yourself to the end of the cliff/mountain and slowly but surely you will 
slide down the side and land safely at the bottom. 

Lose weight quickly: 
If you want to lose weight quickly, enable the "Speed up time" code.

Jump off building with motorcycles or bikes in Los Santos 
Take any motorcycle or bike to the entrance of the tallest building in Los 
Santos. You will be taken to the roof. Note: This only works with this 
building and two-wheeled vehicles.

Basketball Challenge mini-game: 
Go to one of the basketball courts that have full courts and a chain link 
fence round them. One of the hoops will have a basketball. Walk up to the 
basketball and start playing. While playing basketball, start the Basketball 
Challenge mini-game. A red marker will appear on the court. Run to the red 
marker and shoot the ball. If you make the shot, the red marker will move 
to a new spot on the court. The goal of the mini-game is to sink as many 
shots as you can before time runs out. Each shot you make adds a few seconds 
on to the clock. When time runs out, CJ will automatically resume playing 
basketball. Your highest score will be recorded and shown the next time you 
play the Basketball Challenge mini-game. 

Play basketball in Los Santos: 
After completing the Taggin Up Turf mission, you can go beside Sweet's house. 
There will be a basketball court with a basketball in the middle. Walk up to 
it and start playing basketball. Note: You can only play by yourself. 

Play pool and arcade games in Los Santos: 
Go out of CJ's neighborhood in Ganton. At night, you will see a bar with 
beer bottles flashing on top of it. It is next to the bridge. Go inside the 
bar, and there will be a man next to the pool table. Walk up to him and play 
a game of pool. You can also bet money on the game. There are also arcade 
games you can play in the bar. 

Bet on horses: 
Near the Downtown and Mulholland Intersection areas (under the highway, 
next to the big parking lot), is a building called Inside Track Betting 
(with red/pink/blue posters). The entrance is just in front of it, and 
you can play a horse race game. You first bet on one of the horse to win, 
then the amount of money. Afterwards you can see the race. 

Vending machines: 
When you find a vending machine that serves chips, zoom in on it with 
a pistol or rifle. It is blurry, but you can tell that the chips inside 
the machine are real-life brands. Some chips that can be easily identified 
are Doritos, Lay's Potato Chips, and Munchos, to name a few. 

Breaking fences: 
Walk up to a fence and either punch it or cut it with a chainsaw.

Climbing trees: 
To climb a tree, find a ledge that will allow you to jump to the branches 
at the top of a tree. If you hit them correctly, CJ should grab onto the 
branches and allow you to pull him up. There is an easily accessible one 
just outside of Glen Park Hospital to practice with. 

Destroying cars quickly: 
To quickly blow up cars, shoot the gas tank. This is useful when killing 
a lot of people at once.

Expand and shrink moon: 
Use a sniper rifle to shoot the moon to make it expand, then shrink in size.

Eating too much: 
If you eat too much in a restaurant you will vomit on the floor and the 
cashier will laugh at you. After this happens, you cannot eat again for a 

Effects of being fat: 
When you are fat, CJ will say different phrases. For example, when you are 
fighting he will say "I got weight on my side," or "I may be big, but I 
ain't slow". The downside to being fat is that when your body fat meter 
gets full, you run the risk of having a heart attack. This only happens in 
very rare circumstances. You will return to the nearest hospital. Also, 
if you have no muscle stat, or very little, you may not be able to climb 
high walls or "super sprint". When fat, CJ will waddle around like a penguin, 
and if you look closely (this happens with no shirt) the fat on his body 
will wobble. 

Take a photo of yourself: 
Have the camera active as your current weapon, then target a member of your 
own gang. Give them the camera and they will snap a picture of CJ.

Radio stations diss each other: 
Listen to Radio Los Santos and K-DST. On Radio Los Santos, at times between 
songs, Julio G. (station DJ) will make fun of the Playback FM DJ, saying 
"Playback FM has some cool records, but the DJ is wack," and Tommy "Nightmare" 
Smith, (K-DST DJ) will make fun of the Radio X DJ, usually just before the 
song "Running Down a Dream". He will say, "You know, I can't bear that chick 
on Radio X, or is it Rock X, Rock...listen sweetheart, get over it." 

Radio shout-out from Denise: 
After you obtain Denise as you girlfriend after the Burning Desire mission, 
listen to Radio Los Santos. At times between songs, Julio G. (the DJ) will 
have a shout-out from Denise to you, and at the end he criticizes the shout 
out by saying "I got a shout out from Denise in Ganton who says she misses 
her boy desperately. And I quote, desperately. Hey, you know, this isn't 
Lonely Hearts, this is Radio Los Santos." 

Allow the game to idle for a few minutes. The HUD will disappear and the game 
will zoom in on other nearby people instead of CJ.

Wanted level officers, weapons, and vehicles: 
Depending on your wanted level, different law enforcement vehicles, officers, 
and weapons will be used against you:

One star: Police officers on foot, in cars, and HPV1000s (police bikes) will 
go after you. They have 9mms and nightsticks. If you do not have a gun out, 
they will try to beat you with their nightsticks. If you have a gun out, they 
will shoot. 

Two stars: Police officers in cars and HPV1000s will come after you. They 
will have 9mms and nightsticks, although they will not use their nightsticks. 
They will shoot at you no matter what. If you are in a car, cops will drive 
faster after you. 

Three stars: Police officers in cars will go after you. They will have the 
same weapons. Police choppers are now involved and shoot you from their guns. 
Police cars will go fast enough to be able to keep up with you and roadblocks 
will be in place at times, with officers shooting 9mms at your car. 

Four stars: Cops in cars and SWAT officers will come after you in Enforcers 
(SWAT vans). SWAT officers will now rappel from the police choppers. SWAT 
officers are now in roadblocks and SWAT officers will have Micro SMGs. If 
you are in an aircraft, a Hydra will go after you to shoot you down. 

Five stars: FBI agents will go after you with FBI Ranchers. Most authorities 
going after you will be the FBI; there will be less cop and SWAT cars. 
The police chopper still goes after you, and the FBI will replace the 
SWAT men in roadblocks. FBI agents carry SMGs. 

Six stars: Military soldiers will go after you in Rhinos (tanks) and 
Barracks trucks. They will replace the FBI in roadblocks. The army will 
carry M4s.

Saving gang members: 
To save a gang member or bodyguard when you turn off the game, go to your 
safe house. Go to your garage, run in the garage with your bodyguards. 
Run out without your bodyguards, and then save the game.

Taking over gang territories easily:
An easy way to take over territories is to find a high place like a roof 
top. First, kill a few gang members to start the war, then get onto a roof. 
When you are up there, they will still shoot at you, but will not have 
accurate aim and will miss frequently. 

Note: It is recommended that the "Air Strip" missions be completed first. 
To easily take over territories, go to the airstrip and take the Jetpack. 
Go to any enemy territory and start a gang war by killing some enemy gang 
members. Fly and land on any building roof you can easily see incoming 
enemy gang members. Kill all gang members from up there. By doing this, 
you can easily hold all enemy territories. Be patient when killing gang 
members, and try to stay inside the war zone. The distance between the 
airstrip and enemy territories is long, but this is the easiest way to 
quickly and safely hold enemy gang territories. All territories can be 
held by using the Jetpack, but only one by one. 

Keep gang territory easily: 
If your gang turf is under attack, go to a save point and save the game. 
When it is done saving, your turf will no longer be under attack and it 
will still be yours. Additionally, when your hood is under attack, find 
a police car or motorcycle, fire truck, ambulance, or taxi. Get in and 
start the vehicle's missions. Then, exit the missions and your hood will 
be safe. 

Gang member race: 
You can do this trick in any race mission with the checkered flag on your 
map. Bring a gang member with you. You can even bring three if the race 
is with a four door car. Walk into the red mission circle. Select a race 
and when it starts and counts down, you will see your gang member spawn 
to the street and walk towards your car. The races will start, and you 
must wait a moment before he gets in your car. 

Manual aim with any weapon while driving: 
Enable the "Manual weapon drive bys in cars" code and run out of bullets 
in your Uzi, Tec-9, or Micro SMG. Get out of your vehicle, then select 
the weapon of your choice (except grenades and rocket launchers). Get 
back into the vehicle and enable any "Weapons" code. The crosshairs are 
back on and you can shoot that weapon. 

Hit pedestrian with the front of your shotgun: 
Note: This cannot be done with more than two weapons. Get a melee weapon 
(baseball bat, dildo, or a police nightstick) and an ordinary shotgun. 
If you have more than those two weapons this trick cannot be done. Switch 
to your melee weapon. Walk up to a pedestrian and hit them, then immediately 
switch to your shotgun. If done correctly, CJ should hit the pedestrian 
with the shotgun as if he were using it as a melee weapon. 

Roboi's Food Mart asset in Los Santos: 
Go to the 24-7 store located near the Conference Center area. Outside the 
front parking lot will be a bike. Get on the bike and you will automatically 
begin the courier missions, which require you to deliver packages thought 
Los Santos by throwing them through rings at the destination. After completing 
three levels you will acquire the 24-7 store. Use the bike that was in front 
of to collect up to $2,000. 

Reach hidden areas in Los Santos: 
Enter the Ganton Gym and spawn the Jetpack. Go over the arrow, out but do not 
go out. Fly up through a blank tile. An all-black area will appear. Use the 
thermal goggles to see all the people you have killed. You can also see an 
illegal tattoo parlor, a tornado, a hidden city in your garage in San Fierro, 
a tornadom and other things. Do not lose height or you will have to kill 
yourself when you land. 

Spray paint as a weapon: 
The spray paint is not only meant for spraying tags. It also can be used as 
a weapon. Aim the spray paint in the direction of a pedestrian and they will 
lean forward, coughing.

Spray paint in Los Santos: 
There is a spray can located in the upstairs bedroom of CJ's house in the 
Ganton area.

Go in back of CJ's house. Climb onto the wall and walk over to the his house. 
Jump onto it then climb to the raised part of his house. Walk towards the 
back of it, and you will see that there is a building connected to it. Walk 
onto that building and you will see a can of paint. 

Dildo and nightstick weapons in Los Santos: 
Enter the police station in the Pershing Square area of Los Santos. Walk 
around inside the police station to find the shower/bathroom. In there you 
will find a large purple dildo that can be used to hit people. There is 
also a PR-24 (nightstick) in the police station as well. You can pick up the 
dildo and the PR-24 without anything happening, but when you take the shotgun 
you will get two stars on your wanted meter. 

Go to the small town of Dillimore near Red County. Find the police station 
with the garage opened up outside. Unequip your weapon and enter the police 
station by walking over the entrance marker. Once inside, proceed into the 
hallway ahead of you and take the first right into a locker room. In this l
ocker room will be body armor and a night stick. Keep walking behind the 
locker room, and there will be an opening in the wall with a large walk-in 
shower. Proceed into the shower and take an immediate right. You will see 
a pink dildo spinning. You can pick this up as your melee weapon and begin 
dildo-bashing people. 

Cane in Los Santos: 
Go behind to the Vinewood sign. Search behind the "V" to find a cane that 
can be used as a melee weapon.

Chainsaw in Los Santos: 
Follow the train tracks south towards the Ocean Docks area. Along the way 
you should see some tire piles. Look around the stacks and you will find a 

Brass knuckles in Los Santos: 
When you first start the game, go to the underpass two doors from your house 
in the Ganton area. There are brass knuckles in the grass.

Shovel in Los Santos: 
Go into Ryder's back yard (to the right of your house) in the Ganton area. 
There is a shovel next to the back of the house.

Katana in Los Santos: 
Find the 8-Ball shop near where you did the mission where you met Ceaser. 
Directly behind the 8-Ball shop is a fence. Climb over it and you will 
find the katana.

Handgun in Los Santos: 
Go behind Big Smoke's house. In the corner will be a gun.

Walk to the street from CJ's house. Walk between the house across from CJ's 
and go to the right. You will see a hand gun.

Shotgun in Los Santos: 
When you rob the pizzeria with Ryder in the beginning of the game, instead 
of running to the car as soon as you get out of there, punch out the clerk 
for the shotgun. Note: This works better if you get the brass knuckles 
found underneath the over pass near your hood. 

Machine gun in Los Santos: 
Jump on top of Big Smoke's house, then jump on roofs towards CJ's house. 
On top of one will be a machine gun.

Go in back of CJ's house. Climb onto the wall and walk over to the his 
house. Jump onto it then climb to the raised part of his house. When you 
are on his roof, jump onto the house next to his then jump onto Sweet's 
house to obtain a machine gun. 

Uzi in Los Santos: 
There is an Uzi under the bridge in the waterway to the right of your 
house in the Ganton area when you exit it.

Weapons storage warehouse in Los Santos: 
Go to the Ocean Docks area in Los Santos. Look for railroad tracks and 
follow them south until they lead to a building with boxcars. 
The complex can only be entered by jumping the wall, going through the 
boxcar warehouse, or by an opening to the right of the warehouse. 
The boxcar warehouse has a sawed-off shotgun (you will need a car to 
get it) in one of the cars, a plank bridge that leads to body armor, 
and gas grenades located at the back exit. A short distance away from 
the back exit, you will see an entrance to another warehouse. This one 
is full of crates. Go through the crates to find stairs. Behind the 
stairs is an AK-47. Go up the stairs to find more body armor. 

Dual weapons: 
Reach the "Hitman" rank in a weapon skill to be able to wield two of 
that weapon at once. To increase your weapon skill, practice at the 
shooting range or use that weapon frequently. You can dual wield pistols, 
the sawed off shotgun, Uzi, and Tek. 

Get automatic fire with any weapon: 
In two player mode, enable any weapon code one time. Waste all the 
ammunition in your SMG gun. Then, hold the weapon you want to have 
automatic fire (Desert Eagle recommended). Get in the passenger side 
of a car while the other player drives. While holding the Desert Eagle 
in the car, enable the same weapon code again. You can now shoot the 
gun automatically. 

Fire while out of ammunition: 
If you fire a gun out of a car in two player mode with no ammunition, 
it will still fire but no bullets will actually be shot out.

Suicide bomber: 
Enable the "Weapons (tier 3)" code, then select the bombs which are 
blown up by a detonator. Throw one of them at someone, and it should 
stick to them. You can now blow them up like a suicide bomber.

Boxing moves in Los Santos: 
Go inside the gym and defeat its owner to learn boxing style attacks.

Kick boxing moves in Las Venturas: 
Go inside the gym and defeat its owner to learn kick boxing style 

Escape police in Los Santos: 
Walk behind the Mullholland safe house to the pool. Face the side 
that has five windows. Walk into the one closest to the corner. Go 
to the area of that window that is away from the corner. Slowly go 
in there and lean to the right. Unless you go too slow and lead an 
officer in there, you will be safe. The police can see you, but 
cannot hurt you, even when you have the maximum amount of stars on 
your wanted meter. 

Devoted bodyguard: 
Start two player mode and get on a skyscraper. Have one player on 
the edge of the building and the other player directly behind him. 
Have the player on the edge jump off, and immediately afterwards 
have the other in the same spot jump off. As soon as one player lands, 
the second one will follow and land on him. You will now notice that 
the second player will have almost full health, using the first player 
as a cushion. 

Scared cops: 
Go into a Burger Shot restaurant and kill everyone. Then, leave and 
immediately go back in. Kill everyone until you have four stars on 
your wanted meter. Cops will enter the shop. If you start shooting, 
all the cops will act like the people in the shop, and curl up scared. 
The cops will not shoot you. If you kill them, more will just keep 
appearing in the same locations. 

Cops spawn in club: 
Get a three star level level while in a club. Three or four cops will 
appear and start shooting.

Hack into casinos for free in Las Venturas: 
In order to hack inside and win free money, meet ''C'' (Kendl's 
girlfriend) and complete one mission. As they have the casinos ready 
for you, kill all guards and be done.

Very large stunt bonus in Los Santos: 
Get a BMX and ride it to the most northern safe house in the Mulholland 
area near the Vinewood sign. Note: If you are interested in buying it, 
the cost is $120,000. Notice that the building is in a "L" shape. Go to 
the inner corner of the "L", next to the pool. Ride into the walls and 
you will fall through one of them. You will go into a glitched area. 
Perform lots of rotations before you land back near the safe house to 
get an extreme stunt bonus. 

Make the moon bigger and smaller: 
Using the sniper rifle, shoot the moon at night. It will begin to shrink. 
After it gets to a certain size, it will begin to grow again.

Survive high falls: 
Max out your health bar and get full armor. Go to a high building, such 
as the one in the Downtown area of Los Santos. Get on the roof and jump 
off without a parachute in your inventory. When you hit the ground, you 
will lose most of your life, but still have a small amount remaining. 
Note: If you have a parachute in your inventory, you will die when you 
hit the ground.

If you accidentally fall off a very high building, enable the "Spawn 
parachute" code. Open the parachute and you will drift safely down to 
the ground.

Drive around with parachute: 
Go to the top of Mt. Chiliad with a parachute. If you cannot find 
one, there is one on top of the mountain near a Camper and a Journey.
Equip your parachute and jump on the mountain bike. You should trigger 
the downhill race. Then, jump off the edge with the bike, but before 
you jump off and deploy your parachute. You should spawn back on top 
with the bike, but with your parachute still deployed. 

Helicopter in garage in San Fierro: 
Occasionally at the helipad that is guarded with a police garage not 
far from it, if you go into the garage when the helicopter is present, 
you will find another helicopter at the bottom floor of the garage.

Chopper does not chop: 
Shoot some people and/or police to get a least a three start wanted 
level. Then, enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code and fly up. Wait for a 
helicopter to arrive. When it does, try to land on top of it. When 
you do, the blades will not chop you up. 

Backflipping Packer: 
Get a Monster truck and drive down by the docks in Los Santos until 
you see a Packer. Line up the Monster with the back end of the Packer 
and drive up the ramp. This should send the Packer up in the air and 
do backflips. 

Somersaulting Rhino: 
Go to Los Santos International Airport, and use the "Spawn Jetpack" 
code to reach the top of the communications tower. Once on the top, 
there is a small circular platform with a thin platform around it, 
with just enough room to stand on. Stand on it, and make sure it is 
the border around the very top platform. Enable the "Spawn Rhino tank" 
code. If done correctly, the tank will spawn and immediately ricochet 
off the top and do multiple spins and somersaults in the air before 
finally hitting the ground below. This can be very funny if done 

Gang members in house: 
Make a gang, with however many members as desired. Then, go inside 
your house and press Up to call for your gang to follow. They cannot 
go inside the house. Save the game. When you are done, they will be 
standing in the kitchen. You can shoot them, punch them, or walk 
through them with nothing happening to them. They will talk to you, 
but they do not move and nothing hurts them. 

Invincible zombie: 
Find a cab driving around with a passenger. Note: This may also work with other
cars and your gang members. Take the car and drive it into water (best done at 
the Glen Park area in Los Santos). Get out of the car as it is driving into the
water and go ashore, so you can see the passenger trying to swim. After a short
while he or she will be dead, still are trying to swim. Aim at the person and 
the target will appear black, indicating that the person is dead. Fire at the 
car's gas tank to make it explode and send the person flying ashore. They will
now run around for awhile, then act like a normal person. However, they will be
invincible and will still be targeted black. 

Zombie homies:
Wield a knife (tier 2 weapon), and walk up behind one of your fellow gang members.
Target him and press Up to recruit him into your posse. Before he can turn around,
cut his throat. Note that after you do so, he will fall to the ground quite 
differently than the other members of the population. As soon as he hits the ground,
he will rise back up "from the dead". 

Moving fire: 
Notice that when you use your flamethrower and are aimed at the floor, you create 
a small flame or a few that expire in awhile. When they begin to arise, the fire 
truck arrives and extinguishes the fire. To do this glitch, eat something beforehand
to prevent hunger. This may take some time. Do a fire line with your flamethrower of
at least four flames horizontally with no cops nearby (or they begin to chase you). 
Keep watching the fire, centering by using the camera view, trying not to move CJ 
nly if necessary. If the fire truck arrives to extinguish the fire, repeat this until
you get a whirlwind of fire of a decent size. When you get it, it cannot be 
extinguished. If you keep it centered with the camera view and watch, after awhile
the fire truck leaves the fire alone. The fire physics are strange, but if you move
Right slowly and walk just a little bit, you can aim the fire. Keep doing this and 
you can move it in a certain direction. Do not worry if the flames are close to you,
they do not cause damage until you move CJ to the flames. If there are pedestrians 
walking to the flames ,they will not suffer any damage, even though they do not 
runaway. However, vehicles can take damage. To make them explode they must be stopped
for a certain period of time. Try it on traffic lights or when another vehicle is 
blocking the path. This is particularly useful on highways where cars travel at high
speed. There are multiple wrecks and you can wait to watch them all explode. 
You will not get a wanted level for doing this. 

Wear night vision goggles without their effect: 
Activate the night vision goggles and play any type of arcade game (They Came From
Uranus, etc.). When you exit the arcade game, CJ will still be wearing the goggles,
but their effect is not there.

Remote explosives go through door: 
Buy some remote explosives at Ammu-Nation, then steal a car. Get out of the car and
throw one at the drivers door, then open the door. The explosive will stay in the 
same place, and the door will go through it.

No explosion: 
Go into Ammu-Nation. There will be a red circle to go into shooting practice. Get 
close to that circle, then throw over twenty remote explosives at that door. Without
pressing the remote, step in the red circle. You will go to the target practice. 
Complete round 1, then quit. When your out of target practice, notice there are no 
explosives by the door, but you still have the remote. Press the remote. and there 
will be no explosion. 

Fall through ground in Flint County: 
Go to Flint County. There should be a road to follow. Drive on it, and you will see
a wall that leads off the to the side. If you drive up and down that wall, you should
fall through the ground. You may have to do it a few times. You must hug the wall 
for this glitch to occur. Additionally, go to your safe house in Prickle Pine. Enable
the "CJ jumps higher" code. Enter the safe house. Turn towards the entrance and jump 
up. You should go over the wall and fall into blackness until you land in a field of 
grey. In front of you should be an incomplete version of the are where you saved 
Denise. Buildings will be missing, but you can physically touch them. You should 
also see white letters that read "Ganton", "North Rock", and "Downtown". Stand in 
front of it and mark the Four Dragons Casino. Then, enable the "Spawn Jetpack" 
code and fly it toward the casino. You should eventually see an armor pickup, a 
uzi pickup, a pistol pickup, and a money pickup that contains $15,000 at most. You
should also see four white doors, but they have the wall physics around them. 

Walk or drive underwater in Flint County: 
Go to the bottom of the water at the end of the island in Flint county. Enable the
"Maximum lung capacity" code, then swim down to where you see two rocks and a large
starfish. Swim behind the biggest rock. Sooner or later, you will be able to walk 
on the bottom of the ocean. You can spawn vehicles and fire weapons. 
Note: Do not get out of the water or try to fly a plane or you will have to do this
all over. Also, if you go too close to shore or out too far, you will respawn on 
the nearest island. This glitch may take a lot of time to do and requires patience.

Invisible spray paint in Los Santos: 
When in CJ's home, get the spray paint can from his bedroom. Go to his lobby and 
spray in front off his mirror at a certain distance. You will not see the spray 
in the mirror when spraying.

Missing gun in Los Santos: 
Have a gun capable of doing drive-bys and go on a date with Denise riding in a 
motorcycle. If she asks if you want some "coffee", say "Yes". When you are done and
get back on your bike, you will not have the gun out. This will fix itself when you 
get off the bike. 

Fall through ground in Los Santos: 
There is a property to buy directly above Madd Dogg's mansion in the Mullholland 
area. You do not have to have buy it; just go there. In the back is a waterless 
pool and a wall on the east side. Walk up against it and you will fall through an
invisible wall and continue falling until you reappear back on the ground. You can
use the Jetpack to fly around in blue hell. 

Go to the building where the mission "End Of The Line" took place, where you killed 
Big Smoke. Note: This will not work after you complete the mission -- you should be
playing a new file to do this. Get a car and ram the wall in the front. You should 
either break the wall and go through or break the wall and get pushed back from the
impact. Then, drive in and you will fall through the ground and end up back on the 
street. Sometimes your car will disappear when you get put back on the street. If 
you walk in, you will fall but when you are put back on the street you will not 
lose any health. 

Go to the Ganton gym and park a car in the doorway, with the hood touching the door.
Get out, jump on the hood, and walk inside. Once inside, walk back out again. You 
will appear in a hallway. Walk towards the wall, and you will fall through the world.

Walk behind the Mullholland safe house to the pool. Face the side that has five 
windows. Walk into the one closest to the corner. If you do not automatically fall,
walk to where the iron support beams end. You will start falling. In a few seconds 
you will land around the billboard that is in front of the Vinewood sign. 

Fly under city in Los Santos: 
Go to the Ganton gym and park a car in the doorway, with the hood touching the door.
Get out, jump on the hood, and walk inside. Once inside, you will appear in a hallway.
Enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code and wear it. Walk towards the wall, and you will fall 
a short distance, then be able to fly under the city. 

C.J. dies dancing in Los Santos: 
Enable the "Pedestrians riot" and "Pedestrians have weapons" codes. Enter the dance
club and start the dance challenge. During the dance, a pedestrian may have a rocket
launcher and start shooting. More people will come in and watch you dance. If the 
pedestrians are too close, then you will be inflicted with damage from the rocket 
launcher. If your damage has passed the point of making you wasted, when the dance
is over the message will appear stating that you can dance to a harder track. After
the message disappears, C.J. will drop to the floor dead.

Late death in Los Santos: 
Go to the police station (where there is a toll gate with a policeman standing next
to it). Hijack any police vehicle. Note: If you hijack a car or do a crime in that 
area, this will not work. Then, go in front of the gate and wait for him to open it.
Once he does, go inside and go straight. Stay in your vehicle. Park next to the 
garage door then get out of your vehicle. Once out, go next to the building and 
your will see another booth next to the building. Go inside and kill the guard. 
Then, kill the booth man next to the gate. Once this is done, go in the garage 
through the fire exit. Then, go next to a policeman so that he points his gun at
you. He should say that he needs backup into his radio. Kill him with a gun. If 
done correctly, he should be dead, but still standing. Once he gets off the radio,
he should fall down and die. 

Fall through map in Red County: 
Get a police bike, and go to the section of the tracks that leads to Red County if
you keep driving. Keep moving your bike against the right side so that it sparks 
severely, but does not crash. After about 30 seconds, you should fall through the 
map. The bike will fall and disappear, and CJ will appear somewhere on the map 

Walk through wall in Red County: 
When you are by your house on the hills directly behind the "Vinewood" sign, go 
behind the house where the pool is located. Walk over to the wall and go straight,
where another wall meets that wall. You will be able to walk through the wall, and
if you walk in the correcl location, you will fall and the "Loading" message will 
appear. The game will place you on a road below the "Vinewood" sign. 

Hospital underworld gateway in San Fierro: 
Go to San Fierro's hospital. There are two different buildings that are connected 
by a walkway that is over the road. Go towards the western building (hospital) were
the cane is located. (where you get dropped off when you visit the hospital). To 
your left should be an ambulance. Go towards the ambulance, and face the east 
building "across the road". As you look across the road, you will see doors and a
part of the building (hospital) that sticks out. Fly between the doors and the part
of the building that is sticking out to reach the gateway to get in the hospital 
underworld. To get back to the real world, sink down to the endless pit. CJ will
respawn at the closest street. You can also fly though the opening of the hospital
where you first entered the underworld. 

Climb a 100 ft. tree in Whetstone: 
Located in the Back O Beyond area is a tree that is leaning over a swamp. CJ can
walk up the tree. Note: If you fall off, make sure you have completed the Paramedic
missions so that you do not die.

Strange water in Whetstone: 
Go to the Back O Beyond area. The swamp water there completely makes any vehicle
disappear, while in the water.

Falling pedestrians: 
Enable the "Recruit anyone into your gang" code. Recruit three pedestrians, then 
get into an ambulance. Enable the "Flying cars" code and take off (best done from
your house). Gain altitude for about one minute, then start the ambulance missions.
Your pedestrians will bail out of the ambulance. 

Walk on air: 
When in a helicopter, fly above the giant bridge and try to land in the middle. The
helicopter will land in mid air, and you can get out and walk around in the air.

Die in air: 
Note: This cannot be done if you completed all the missions in San Fierro. Spawn a
plane and a parachute. Fly north of San Fierro. Go over the bridge and to the land.
Then, go back and jump out and land on the thing with a parachute. Get that parachute
and jump towards San Fierro. Activate the parachute and CJ will die in the air. 

Run underwater: 
Start two player mode and get in a Leviathan helicopter. Land in the ocean. Have 
the player in the passenger side hijack the driver. He will fall straight into the
ocean and be able to just walk around and shoot instead of swim. 

Swim in first person view: 
Get a rocket launcher or sniper rifle and go near a body of water. Jump in, and 
before you hit the water, aim and hold it. You should be in the aiming mode of 
that gun. This also works with other guns.

Floating breasts: 
Start two player mode and choose the prostitute. Enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code 
and turn the camera towards her.

Change song on radio:
While in any vehicle except for anything involving the law (police, army or 
ambulance), set it on any radio station you desire. Then, enable the "Spawn 
Jetpack" code. If done correctly, the last song that was playing on that radio
station should be different. CJ will also be wearing a Jetpack inside the car,
and his legs will be going through the bottom. 

Dancing Packer: 
Find a Packer. Move Down so that the railing moves up. Then, get out and walk up
the ramp. You will either do one of two things. You will stop but remain walking
(if this happens, jump); or you will walk straight. As soon as you get under the
top ramp, the packer will do some crazy things, such as tilt so that only one side
of tires is touching the ground. 

Invincible car: 
Steal a car, drive it to a safe location, and get out of it. Attach a remote bomb 
to the hood. Get back into the car and any car you hit with the one you are driving
will explode. Your car will not sustain any damage and you will not lose any health. 

Invincible flaming car: 
Enable the "Deadly vehicle" code. Get in a car then get out and have a few vehicles 
hit it. The car should start smoking and erupt into flames. Get in the car and it will
remain flaming, but will not explode. 

Car falls through ocean bottom: 
Enable the "Maximum lung capacity" code. Get in any vehicle and drive into the ocean. 
You will slowly sink. Remain in car and it will get dark as you go further down. You 
will go through the ocean bottom. Stay in car and you will sink for about thirty more
seconds before respawning near the closest road to the ocean. 

Tree through car: 
This is best done when at a location with a tree that can be knocked down and a 
store you can enter. Get a car and drive it into the tree. This should knock it 
down. Park the car directly over where the tree once stood. Enter the store by 
using the yellow upside down triangle, then exit. The tree will now be sticking
out of your car. 

Decapitated CJ: 
After obtaining a katana, find a two player icon and activate multi-player mode. 
Have player two decapitate CJ. Exit out of two player mode, and CJ will have no 
head. Additionally, play in two player mode with Denise and have the other player
cut off your head. You will lose the mission, but then can continue playing without
a head and bleed forever. 

Stuck playing basketball: 
While in the Jetpack, if you play basketball you will get stuck and have to re-load 
the game.

Sub Urban turns into Ammu-Nation: 
While at any Sub Urban store, take out a camera and zoom in on the mirror that is
close to the changing area. The mirror will disappear, and you can see the interior
of an Ammu-Nation.

Late cashier death: 
When at a fast food restaurant (such as Cluckin' Bell or Well Stacked Pizza), have
a gun with you (preferably a pistol), Go into a corner and aim. Walk up to the 
counter and put the cross-hairs on the cashier's head. Shoot the cashier, and wait.
The cashier should back up with their hands raised, say something, then fall to 
the floor. Note: This best done at Cluckin' Bell.

T Bone in two places at once in Mike Toreno mission:
Drive the car into the water and swim away. T Bone will be still in the car, but 
will not die. Get another car, ignoring the "You left T Bone behind" message. Drive
to the airport. While going there, you can still hear T Bone talking. As you arrive,
shoot at the targets and watch the intermission sequence featuring T Bone getting 
Mike Toreno out. 

Floating guns in Wrong Side Of The Tracks mission: 
There are four Latino gang members on top of the train that you have must catch 
and kill. They have guns that they will shoot you with. Fail the mission inten-
tionally, then find the train that they where on. Instead of gang members, you 
will see instead see floating guns that move and fire at you; they are invincible.

Flying fish: 
Get a rocket or grenade launcher and go near a river or beach with fish. Shoot 
the fish with a rocket or grenade. The fish will fly out of the water and swim 
around in mid air.

Go to any beach area. Swim a little bit underwater to find a school of fish, 
dolphin, or turtle in the shallow parts. Get back to the beach where you are 
neck deep in the water, but still able to use a weapon. Aim the rocket launcher
in the part of water where you last saw the aforementioned aquatic life. Fire 
off a few rockets. If all goes well, you should see a splash on the surface of
the water and whatever you shot will come out and start flying around in the 

Flying Tanker: 
Steal a Tractor, and grab onto a Tanker (tractor-trailer truck/18 wheeler). Back
up to the front of the Tanker and latch on to it. Drive forward, then turn sharply
into circles. The Tanker should go flying through the air. This may require several 

Misspelling in Los Santos: 
In Downtown Los Santos, there is an Atrium. (you fight inside it in Big Smoke's 
mission, Just Business). There are two entrances; a front and a side. When you 
enter the front door, the corner display correctly shows "Atrium". However, if 
you enter the side door, the corner display shows that you entered the "Attrium". 

Misspelling in San Fierro: 
In San Fierro, the gym is called "Cobra Marital Arts" instead of "Cobra Martial 

Jump through window in Las Venturas:
Near the safehouse where your girlfriend Millie lives (directly east from the 
Abandoned AC Tower; costs $50,000) are windows that you can jump through. Climb
the wall beside the house and jump on the roof. You can go through the windows.
You can see your garage, shoot people through the window, and if you get a wanted
level of 2 or more, can get policemen trapped in your garage. Be careful; when 
you jump through the window and want to get out you must step back from the 
window and jump until you can cling onto it, then climb back up. 

Wrong casino name in Las Venturas:
Check the map that was included with the game. Look in Las Venturas near the 
casino entitled "The Clown's Pocket." This casino cannot be found, because it 
is named "The Ringmaster" on this map. However, in the game it is called "The
Clown's Pocket." 

CJ spontaneously combusts in Whetstone:
Go to the level area of ground at the peak of Mt. Chiliad, where the mountain 
bike race is located. Take out a rocket launcher. Aim at the Mountain Bike. The
green reticule will home in on the bike. Fire at the bike and blow it up. Then,
aim at the bike again, manually. Note: The second time around, the reticule will
not automatically aim on the "wreckage" of the bike. When you fire a second 
missile at the bike, CJ will catch fire. You can be 30 feet away and still catch
fire. Also, the same effect has occurs when firing a missile at the bike to 
"blow it up", then shooting it with a sniper rifle. However when using the rifle
it will usually require two or three rounds before CJ catches on fire. 

Feet appear through bottom of car:
Enter a car and enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code. Your feet will appear through
the bottom of the car. This also works with planes and helicopters. With bikes,
CJ will appear to be standing up on the bike.

Bicycle catches on fire:
If a bicycle is upside down, it will catch on fire. However, it is very difficult
to get bicycle to stay upside down.

Lowrider remains in position:
Get a lowrider with hydraulics. Put the car in any hydraulic position desired. 
While holding the car in that direction, get out. You can see the car remain 
that way. For example, have the back of the car raised in the air. 

Lowrider lights:
When in a lowrider at night, look at the headlights and bounce the car up and 
down. Notice that the lights on the ground stay in one location while the lights 
on the car move up and down.

Buy hotdogs from dead vendor in Los Santos: 
Go to the end of the pier with a Ferris wheel. Enable the "Weapons" code and 
obtain a rocket launcher. Find the hot dog stand at the far end. Shoot it with
a rocket launcher. Jump in the water under the pier, and you should see the 
stand floating in the water. You can still buy hotdogs, even the vendor is dead.

Wrong restaurant name: 
Go to the Cluckin' Bell. Take out a sniper rifle and look at the cups hanging 
on the wall. They say "Burger Shot".

Wrong dialogue in Los Santos: 
During the Reuniting The Families mission, the police helicopter announces that
they are the "Los Angeles Police Department" instead of the "Los Santos Police 

Camera in Los Santos: 
Go in CJ's bedroom. There will be a camera beside the bed. Also, once you complete
a certain mission, there will also be a can of spray paint in there.

Reaching other cities early: 
Hijack the train. The easiest way to do this is when it is at one of the stations.
Then, drive it full speed to the bridges to the other islands. You may need to use
the entire city to pick up enough speed. Also, you must be careful around sharp 
turns. The train will de-rail. Note: This was done with the freight train. When 
you approach the bridge at the edge of the city, you will slow down, even if you
are going very fast. The train will pass through the barricade, as if it were a 
ghost. You will get a four star wanted level. There is a police bribe on the train
tracks in the second city that you will pick up if you pass by it on the train, but
your wanted level will immediately jump back to four stars. Also, the train is 
bullet proof. You cannot die from bullets when inside the train. 

When in Los Santos, you will find that all bridges to the other two regions will 
be blocked by blockades. Sometimes if you try to go through the blockade at high 
speed with a fast vehicle, it will go through and glitch, along with the AI 
vehicles that are following. 

Enable the "Wanted level never increases" and "Flying car" codes. You can now go 
to all of San Andreas without the four star wanted level appearing. 
Note: This must be done again every time you load a saved game. Also, if you 
shoot cops with the "Wanted level never increases" code enabled, some cops will
get out and walk away but others will fire their guns at you. 

The following is a multi-step process which may take some time to get correct. 
Get the parachute located on top of the very tall building a few blocks from 
the police station in downtown Los Santos. The building is shaped circular 
inside and "L" shaped on your map. Walk around to the northeast corner of the
circular building and step into the yellow triangle to get the parachute that
is on the roof. Take it, and keep it (do not switch to a weapon). Go back 
down and get armor from the police station. It is nearby and has two sets.
Do not draw a weapon in the station or you will get a two star wanted level. 
Next, get the jet at LSX, the airport at Los Santos. Drive up to the gate, 
climb up on your car, and onto the guard booth, and climb over into the airport.
Walk back around to the gate. It will open, and you can get your car and drive 
back in. Then, find the jet. It is called the Shamal and is located at the end 
of the runway. Take off and get some practice flying, diving, climbing, rolling,
etc. Next, choose a location on your map that you want to go. You can use the 
map screen to pin that location on the radar. For example, choose the Binco 
store in Las Venturas. It is next to the Las Venturas airport and the highway.
Once you pass the city line, you will get four stars on your wanted meter. 
Because you are in the air, they will try to shoot you down with missiles. 
Notice the two red blips on your radar that are fast approaching. Dive, climb,
and roll and the missiles will miss. Do not forget to keep your eye on your 
target. Once you are over your target and are very high, exit the plane. You 
will drop straight down. You must be high enough for your parachute to open 
or you die when you hit the ground. When you are safely on the ground, start
running. If you chose to go to Binco or another store, notice that you can go
inside and buy clothes. If you buy clothes, you will get rid of the four stars
wanted level, as long as you remain in the store. Once you step outside, the 
four stars will return to your wanted meter. 

Reach other cities early in Los Santos: 
Use the following trick to get to the other cities before their freeway 
entrances are actually open. Go to any bridge that connects the start of 
city of Los Santos to any of the closed cities. Jump into the water that is
under that bridge and swim across. When you get far enough, you will have a
four star wanted rating. Once you get on land, get a vehicle as soon as 
possible. Note: You cannot use bribe icons or the Pay N' Spray to decrease
this wanted rating.

Fly plane without pilot license: 
Go to either Los Santos or Las Vatos airport. Go to the place that you 
would enter if you had a pilot license. If you try to get in the gate, 
it will say you cannot unless you have the license. Next to the gate is 
a small building. You will need a small car or any type of bike (BMX, 
bike, motorcycles, etc.). Stand on top of it and jump on top of the 
building. Jump off and you should see a fence (at Los Santos Airport). 
Climb the fence and you will see a Dodo plane. Also, if you follow the 
runway east, you will see a small jet that is unlocked. At Las Vatos, 
follow the same procedure. After you jump off of the building, just walk 
around and look for a plane. Note: All but one of the aircraft at San 
Fereno's airport are locked.

After using the "Fly plane without pilot license" trick at the Los 
Santos airport, go forward you should see a Dodo airplane. Get in and 
take a right when inside the plane. Go straight, then take a right at 
the runway. Go down it until you see a jet on the right. It is not on 
the runway. You can get out of the Dodo and get in the jet. You can now 
fly the jet wherever desired. However, be careful -- if you go out of 
your territory you will get four stars and jets will shoot missiles at 
you. Try to dodge them if possible. 

Go to the Los Santos airport and get to the place that you would enter 
if you had a pilot license. If you try to get in the gate, it will say 
you cannot unless you have the license. Next to the gate is a small 
building. You will need a small car or any type of bike (BMX, bike, 
motorcycles, etc.). Stand on top of it and jump on top of the building. 
After you jump off of the building, just walk around and look for a plane. 

To get into the Los Santos airport without a pilots license go all the 
way south until you reach a tunnel. On the south side of the tunnel, 
look along the fence line of the airport. Notice how the sidewalk has 
an incline. Walk up the incline and climb up the ledge where the bottom 
of the fence starts. Turn towards the ramp sign and jump across. You 
should grab onto the sign. Then, climb up on top of it, turn towards the 
fence, and jump. You should jump across and grab the fence. CJ will pull 
himself up and over, and you will be in the airport. 

To access Los Santos International airport early, get a large van and 
hop over the fence where the guard tells you that you need a pilots 
license. You can also get any car and hop over the fence around the 
corner from the guard. Once inside, you will have to hop another fence, 
then you will find a Dodo. If you go a little further inside near the 
runway, you will find a jet. 

Go to either the Los Santos airport and get to the place that you would 
enter if you had a pilot license. If you try to get in the gate, it will 
say you cannot unless you have the license. Next to the gate is a small 
building. You will need a small car or any type of bike (BMX, bike, 
motorcycles, etc.). Stand on top of it and jump on top of the building. 
After you jump off of the building, just walk around and look for a plane. 

Walk up to the airport gate in San Fierro, touching it. Then, walk along 
the side of the gate into the corner were the fence bends (keeping in 
contact with the gate) and walk back into the middle of the gate. It will 
slide open. You must start in the middle and walk to whichever side the 
gate will slide open to. For example, if the gates on the left, walk to 
the left. If it does not work at first, keep trying. 

Parachute in Los Santos: 
In the Downtown area (near the three way highway section and the red 
line where the train is passing on your map), you will see a tall 
circular building with blue/white glass windows. The entrance (with the 
yellow triangle) is just in the front of it. Enter it, and you will go 
to the roof of the building where you can find a parachute. Take it, 
jump down from the roof, and open the parachute. Use Left to control it. 
Note: You must wait a short time until the parachute respawns back on 
the roof.

Parachute in San Fierro: 
Go to the Downtown area. Find the very big building. Out front, there a 
sign that reads "No base jumping". Go to the yellow triangle and you will 
go to the top. You will automatically get a parachute. This jump lets you 
fall a long way before opening the parachute. Note: You can only jump once, 
unless you die.

After you unlock Mt. Chiliad in the Whetstone area, take a Sanchez to the 
top of the mountain. Once at the very top, look for a mobile home, and a 
van. Behind them is a parachute. Pick it up, then look for the ramp by 
the flag. Driver very fast and jump off. After a few seconds in the air, 
jump off the bike, then deploy your parachute, or you can wait to do some 
free falling. You can also jump off of some high buildings, and out of 

There is another parachute on the top of the mountain (by the two vehicles). 
You can fly the Dodo up there, take off, and jump out of the plane whenever 
you desire. Then, open the parachute. By the time you get back to the 
mountain, another parachute will have respawned. Note: Sometimes when you 
jump out of the plane, it will not explode, even from that altitude.

Unless you have a license, do the "Fly plane without pilot license" trick 
to get a plane or helicopter early. Fly to the top of Mt. Chiliad. On the 
east side where campers are parked, there will be rocks. There should be 
a parachute on those rocks. 

If you ride to the top of Mt. Chiliad, you will find yet another parachute 
location as well as a Bmx bike race marathon as well as a speed ramp which 
you can use to fly of the mountain if desired.

Use the Jetpack to reach the very top of the northernmost tower of the 
bridge leading from San Fierro to Tierra Robada to find a parachute to 
skydive with.

Go to any airport. Look for a yellow arrow at the entrances of the airport 
where you can buy a ticket to another city. Buy the ticket and start the 
flight. Do not skip the flight. Wait for the airplane to take off and get 
high in the air. Jump out of the airplane with a parachute and begin 
skydiving. Open the parachute when you want and float down. There are also 
other places you can skydive, such as the tall building in the Downtown 
area of Los Santos, and off the top of Mt. Chiliad. Additionally, to get 
a parachute very easily, get into any type of flying vehicle, except the 
Jetpack. You will instantly receive a parachute. If you fly high into the 
air, then jump out of your plane or helicopter, the parachute will 
automatically be switched into your weapon inventory. 

Skydive longer: 
Enable the "Cars fly away" code. Go to any airport and hit any aircraft. 
Then, enter that craft. All you have to do is steer. Soon the height meter 
will just stay up. You will get to fly higher than normal when you do this. 
Fly as high as you desired, then Jump out for a long trip back to earth. 

Easy money in San Fierro: 
Do the valet side-quest missions. You will be awarded a $ spot, where 
periodically you can claim free money.

Hippy Shopper asset in San Fierro: 
Get on the Freeway bike in front of the Hippy Shopper store near the 
Ammu-Nation. Complete level 4 of deliveries to get the store as an asset, 
where you can collect money.

Valet Parking asset in San Fierro: 
After the 555 We Tip mission, you can do valet parking missions at the 
parking garage. You will be awarded a $ spot after level 5 of valet parking, 
where periodically you can claim free money.

Zero's RC Shop asset in San Fierro: 
After recruiting Zero, stop at his shop and complete all his missions. 
You will be awarded with a $ spot where you can periodically claim free 
money. Note: You can also make more money at Zero's place by doing an 
extra mission (after you have already completed all the missions to get 
the shop as an asset). Go to the back room in the shop and step into the 
red marker to trigger a mission where you use the RC Baron to destroy 
Berkely's shipping vans. For each van you destroy, you will get money. 
There is a time limit for each time you play the mission. You can replay 
this mission as many times as desired. 

Bomb valet parking in San Fierro: 
Go to the valet parking hotel without your uniform and stand next to 
the valets. When a vehicle drives up, enable the "Weapons (tier 3)" 
code and plant a bomb on the car that is about to be parked . When 
the valet enters the vehicle, do not use the remote. Do it as soon as 
he reaches the parking garage. The car and the valet are toast. 

Stealing from valet parking in San Fierro: 
Go to the valet parking hotel without your uniform. Stand next to the 
valets. When a car drives up, quickly get in and drive off slowly. 
The valet will begin to chase you . If he is very close to the car, 
get out, and let him get in . As soon as he does that, quickly pull 
him out and he will say "I am parking a car here". As soon as he says 
that, get back into the car and drive off. The valet will not chase 
you anymore. 

Military vehicles in San Fierro: 
Near the port in San Fierro there will be a naval base. If you quickly 
enter the compound and drive around, you will eventually find a 
military truck and Patriot vehicle. Note: Once you enter the compound 
of the naval base, you will get a five star wanted level. 

Baseball bat in San Fierro: 
You can find a baseball bat at the baseball diamond in San Fierro 
at home plate, across the street from Zero's RC Shop.

Chain gun in San Fierro: 
There is a chain gun on Point Kinclad (big red train tracks in San 
Fierro). Take a helicopter or the Jetpack and fly onto the first arch 
leaving San Fierro to go to Las Venturas to find it.

Flamethrower and pool stick in San Fierro: 
In the Doherty area, go behind your garage to find a construction area 
(marked brown on the map). Go to the building just left of the road on 
the brown area. Under a broken ramp is a flamethrower and pool stick.

Guided rocket launcher in San Fierro: 
Go to the airport and from where the two helicopters spawn, go to 
the left. There will be two little buildings near the water. To the
right of one of them will be propane tanks. In between two of them 
will be a lock on rocket launcher. 

Shooting gallery in San Fierro: 
Go to your gas station safe house. Find the trolley tracks (not the 
train tracks) in the middle of the road in front of the safe house. 
Enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code and wait for the trolley to pass by.
Once it does, fly into the air and land on top of it. Then, take off 
your Jetpack. Enable any "Weapons" code and start killing pedestrians. 
Once the cops start chasing you, you will notice that when they try 
to ram you, the trolley will not get damaged, and is actually invincible. 
You will be able to drive through the town and use it like a giant 
shooting gallery. There is no need to worry if the military starts 
chasing you. The trolley car can ram right through the tanks, sometimes 
flipping them over. If your health gets low (you can still be shot by 
pedestrian cops), enable the "Health, armor, and money" code. This 
trick allows you to live a surprisingly long time while being hunted 
down by the feds. To enhance your experience, you can also enable the 
"Pedestrians riot", "Pedestrians with guns", "Aggressive traffic" and 
"Lower wanted level" codes, then relax and watch the havoc unfold 
around you all from the safety and comfort of a big red trolley car. 

Fling Bulldozer around in San Fierro: 
Go to the construction yard near San Fierro. Go past the crane and 
turn left after the first hangar. Behind that, you will see a towtruck, 
Get in and drive towards the Bulldozer. Hook up the Bull Dozer. Drive 
up the hill to where there is an open area. Then, turn very sharp to 
either the left or the right. The Bulldozer will fling around, pulling 
the tow truck with it. For even more fun, get three or more tow trucks 
and hook them all up into a line. With three or more, the Bulldozer 
acts like a ball and chain flailing around. 

Fall off building and live in San Fierro: 
Go to the Big Pointy Building (the one with a parachute) in the 
Downtown area and jump off. Open your parachute and land. Go back 
up to the top. This time, you will not get a parachute. Jump off. 
Before you hit the ground, you will hit the side of the building 
and slide down. When you are close to the ground, you should hit 
one of the many slanted poles that hold up the building. This will 
slow you down enough so that you only lose about one sixth of your 
health. Note: Sometimes you will not hit a slanted pole and lose 
more health or die.

Gant Bridge message in San Fierro: 
Note: This works best if you unlocked the Jet Pack or an expert at 
landing helicopters. Go to the Gant Bridge and fly up to the very 
top. Go the very top cable line piece that is horizontal, is south 
on the Gant Bridge, and is the closest to San Fierro. Fly up to the 
very top and look at the cable that is vertical to see a sign that 
reads "There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go Away". 

Easy money in Las Venturas: 
Go to the strip club. Stand in front of one of the dancers and wait 
until somebody throws money at them. CJ will automatically pick it 
up and say a comment as in "How thoughtful". Leave the game like this 
for about an hour or two and your money should have increased 
significantly by the time you return. 

Burger Shot asset in Las Venturas: 
Some of the Burger Shots have a timed delivery mission where you must 
send packages on a Faggio. Complete them to gain that restaurant as 
an asset.

Secret government agency base in Las Venturas: 
Get in any land or air vehicle and drive or fly to the abandoned 
air field in the region of Las Venturas. To the south from here, 
there is a little area that is a "no fly zone". If flown over, a 
mysterious five star wanted level will appear. This is because the 
area is a government agency secret base that holds several heavy and 
speedy army vehicles. You can also find this area in the middle part 
of the region of Las Venturas on the map included with the game. 

Tear gas in Las Venturas: 
Go to the AT 400's hanger at the airport. There is a building with 
cars nearby. You will see a can which looks like spray paint. When 
you use it, C.J. does not choke. It is not very strong, but will choke 

Sex shop in mirror in Las Venturas: 
In the tattoo parlor, kill the owner and pull out a camera. Zoom 
in fully into the mirror. You will be able to see the sex shop across 
the street.

Suicidal pedestrians in Las Venturas: 
Find the gym in the Redsands East area. It is parallel to a bomb shop 
called "Weddings & Weldings". There is an alley next to the shop. 
Go into it and stand on the eastern wall of the bomb shop. Look in 
the northeastern direction to see a tall white building. If you stand 
in the correct location, you can see pedestrians spawning on the lower 
roof and falling off. You can run up to a pedestrian after they have 
fallen, but you cannot stand underneath the roof and wait for them to 
fall on you; they only spawn from a certain distance. 

Hunter Quarry asset in Bone County: 
Successfully complete all seven quarry missions to get it as an asset, 
where you can collect money.

Extra car storage space in Bone County: 
Once you have purchased the abandoned airfield in the Verdtant Meadows 
area, locate the massive garage directly opposite the house that is 
there. It may not look like a garage as it is a hanger for airplanes, 
but it is a perfect location to store a large number of cars. 

Volcano effect in Bone County: 
Find the geyser in Bone County. Shoot a rocket at it and it will 
turn into a volcano.

Area 69 in Bone County: 
Get in any land or air vehicle and drive or fly to the abandoned air 
field in the region of Las Venturas. To the south from here, there 
is a little area that is a "no fly zone". If flown over, a mysterious 
five star wanted level will appear. This is because the area is a 
government agency secret base that holds several heavy and speedy 
army vehicles. You can also find this area in the middle part of the 
region of Las Venturas on the map included with the game. 

Use the following trick to enter Area 69 without the law on you. 
Find Barbara (a girl you can date) in a town north of San Fierro and 
Tierra Robada. Start dating her. After you get your dating percent 
up to 100%, you will receive a police uniform. Go to a safe house 
and put it on. Get in a police car or Ranger police SUV (recommended). 
You can now drive into the base and get several things, such as 
different types of guns. You can also get a chopper called the 
Cargobob. You can also get Patriots, Rhinos, and Hydra fighter jets. 

Go underground in Area 69 in Bone County: 
Do the underworld glitch (at the Vinewood safehouse head north from 
Madd Dogg's) and fly to Area 69. Find the underground complex. Find 
the area where you get the Black Project, and you should see an empty 
long hollow room next to it. It should have red boxes at the top of 
the "silo". Fly underneath the empty silo then fly to the top of the 
silo. You should see a "cage" where the room is of the red boxes. 
Try to take off your Jetpack. When you do, you should land in the 
Black Project area or the rooms around there. Note: To do the underworld 
glitch, find the safe house pool. Fly the Jetpack into the corner of 
the safe house. Then, fly to Area 69. Also, bring weapons and armor 
because the SAPD officers spawn down there.

Huge air in Bone County: 
Go to the Arco De Oste area with a fast car. Go up the mountain until 
you see either a mine shaft or a wooden track. Follow the track back 
to the mine shaft then turn around and follow the wood track until 
you go off a jump. If done correctly, you should be able to clear 
the Sherman Reservoir. 

Machine Gun in Red County: 
Go to the town of Blueberry. Behind a wall is a machine gun.

Easy money in Whetstone: 
Go to the top of Mt. Chiliad and go behind the RVs. Pick up the 
parachute and get on the mountain bike, which will start a challenge. 
Go off the ramp to the right and get off of your bike in mid-air. 
Pull the parachute and you will not hit the ground, but instead be 
put back on the bike with the chute still open. You can keep going 
off the ramp repeatedly to get as much money as desired. 

Go to the top of Mt. Chiliad. There should be cars, a bike, and a 
parachute. Get on the mountain bike and it will start a mission. 
Instead of doing the mission, go forward and you should see a flag 
with a ramp next to it. Get on the bike, go very fast, and jump off 
the ramp. Once you are going down, the screen should blur. Do not 
jump off the bike; just keep going and you should respawn back on 
the mountain. You will get an insane jump bonus for about $300. 
Repeat this to get as much money as desired. 

Climb Mt. Chiliad faster in Whetstone: 
Get a BMX bike and go to Mt. Chiliad. Ride up the mountain (not on the road). 
Tap as hard as you can with the BMX bike, and you will be able to climb 
the mountain faster.

Never fall off your bike in Whetstone: 
Go to the top of Mt. Chiliad. Get the parachute and get on the mountain 
bike at the correct time for the bicycle race challenge. Make sure that 
the parachute is your current weapon before the race starts. When the 
race begins, do not go through the checkpoints. There will be a ramp on 
the left side with a flag beside it. Cycle there and jump off the mountain 
with your bike as soon a s the race starts. When CJ is in the air with the
mountain bike, jump off the bike. Then while in the air, open your parachute. 
You must do this quickly before CJ is put to the race track again. 
However, once you open the parachute in the air, CJ will be put on the 
race track again, with him riding a bike. However, this time you will 
have a parachute opened while riding your BMX, and CJ will not be holding 
the bike's handlebars. He will instead be holding the parachute. You can 
now go downhill at any angle and at any speed without falling off the bike. 
Note: You must end the race to take your bike elsewhere. If you try to jump 
off the cliff again while you have the parachute, you will appear on the 
track without any parachute. Once you finish the race with your parachute 
on you, you can go anywhere with it. You can enable the "Massive bunny 
hops" code and jump as high as desired and land at any angle without falling. 
Note: Make sure you do this before you get on the bike. Getting off your 
bike will release the parachute; if you try to do any awkward stunts you 
might fall. You will not fall unless you release the parachute. Get 
off the bike to release the parachute. 

Infinite nitrous: 
Activate the nitrous in a car and put it inside your garage. While the 
nitrous is still activated, shoot the car until it explodes, then allow 
the garage door to close. When the door opens again, the nitrous will 
always remain activated in that car. 

Quick nitrous refill: 
Leave your car, then immediately re-enter it. Your nitrous will be back 
at full.

Better handling motorcycle: 
To get better handling on street bikes, get on one and enable the "Spawn 
Jetpack" code. You will be able to make turns at full speed without crashing. 
Note: The Jetpack will disappear when you get off the bike. 

Exceed garage limit: 
When you want to park a car in a garage but the game states that you cannot 
store another vehicle, you drive the car near the garage and get out. Then, 
hop in the car and drive in.

Finding your car after getting busted: 
If you been arrested, go down to the police parking lot. Walk around without 
a weapon. Eventually, you will find your car.

Stealing locked cars: 
Some cars have locked doors so you cannot steal them (such as cop cars and 
your first girlfriend's Hustler). However, getting them into a garage will 
unlock the doors. You can either push a car into the garage or get a Tow 
Truck or a Tractor to tow them. Additionally, to get in a locked vehicle 
with someone inside (for example, a Combine Harvester), shoot the person 
in the head and the door will fling open, allowing you drive it away. 

Find a Tow Truck (for example, at the dump in Mt. Chiliad) and drive to 
where the locked car is located. Hook the locked car onto the Tow Truck 
and tow it into your garage. Let the garage close. When you open the 
garage again, the locked car should be unlocked. This is easier then 
pushing it into your garage. 

If you try to open a car and it is locked, go far from it, then return. 
The color of the car should be different and the doors should be unlocked.

If someone has locked their car doors, and you shoot them out, be careful 
not to get out before you reach your garage. Otherwise, the doors will 
stay locked.

Keep aircraft from races: 
Enter the races at the Las Venturas Airport. Select the race with the 
airplane you desire, then ignore the race and instead take it back to your 
airstrip and park it in your own big hangar. You will fail the mission, but 
can re-do it. Once you get back to your airstrip and look in your hanger, 
your airplane will be there. Save the game to keep it. 

Recommended hydraulic cars: 
The Landstalker and Tahoma are by far one of the highest bouncing vehicles 
on the game (with lots of practice). If you cannot find one of tem on the 
streets with hydraulics, take one to the Loco shop.

Find the large single hanger at the end of the main runway at the Las 
Venturas airport. Approach it and it will open. The AT-400 jumbo jet 
will be inside at certain times. It can climb to the highest altitude 
possible in the game. 

Go to the northeastern part of the Las Venturas airport, where a huge 
hanger with a green door is located. When you walk up to it, the door 
will open downward to reveal an AT-400 airliner. When you see it, there 
will be a platform to the left of the plane that you can go on. When you 
get onto the platform, go to the plane and enter it and fly around. 

Go to the small sandy beach in San Fierro. When on the beach, you should 
see a small pier or dock. Go on the left side of the pier look around the 
corner to find a Bandito. Additionally, the Bandito spawns on the very west 
side of the map, at the Ocean Flats area of San Fierro. Go to where there 
is a pier. On the left side of the pier will be a Bandito. This is a 
buggy-type vehicle that is very good off-road. You can also find a Bandito 
at Ocean Flats area of San Fierro, close to Palisades. 

Collect 15 vehicles for the Import/Export dock to get the Bandito.

Go to Las Ventura and look on The Strip to find the Banshee. Additionally, 
a Banshee can always be found parked by the Gym in the Garcia area of San 
Fierro. Face the gym's door, then turn right.

This airplane can be found at the airports at San Fierro and Las Venturas.

BF Injection: 
Finish in first place at the Dirt Ring race at the stadium in Las 
Venturas to get the BF Injection. Additionally, you can find a BF 
Injection at the opposite end of the same beach where you can also 
find the Bandito in San Fierro. 

Bloodring Banger: 
Get your total time up to one minute in the Bloodring.

Big jump with Bicycle: 
While on a bike, pedal at full speed at an oncoming car. Bunny 
hop onto the hood and you will launch yourself in the air.

Create ball and chain with Bulldozer: 
Go to the construction yard near San Fierro. Go past the crane 
and turn left after the first hangar. Behind that, you will see 
a towtruck, Get in and drive towards the Bulldozer. Hook up the 
Bull Dozer. Drive up the hill to where there is an open area. 
Then, turn very sharp to either the left or the right. The Bulldozer 
will fling around, pulling the tow truck with it. For even more 
fun, get three or more tow trucks and hook them all up into a line. 
With three or more, the Bulldozer acts like a ball and chain flailing 

Successfully complete driving school with at least all silver awards 
to unlock the Bullet. Alternately, look for the burger shop in the 
Juniper Hollow area in the north part of San Fierro, west of the 
church. The Bullet is located in the parking lot right across 
from the entrance. 

Successfully complete the Import/Export missions (30 vehicles). 
The Bullet will be available for import after you have delivered 
all cars to the Green Basin Harbor.

A Bullet can always be found parked by the D. Flour Bakery in 
the Doherty area of San Fierro.

From the hideout in Doherty (abandoned gas station below the 
construction site), take a right turn onto the street. Take the 
first left turn (it slopes down a hill). Wind down the hill and 
take the first right turn. A Bullet is behind the stone wall. 
The entrance is at the base of the hill on the left. An alternate 
way is to wind down the hill and take the second right turn. Get 
out of the car. Go through the archway on your right and go up the 
stairs. The Bullet will be directly in front of you, as well as a 
police bribe. 

Keep Taxi light on: 
Use the following trick to keep the "Taxi" light on and not have 
to pick up passengers. Steal a taxi and start the missions. Then, 
immediately end the missions. The light will stay on. For a better
effect, try this at night. 

Cargobob Helicopter: 
Go to the restricted area in Bone County. Inside you will find 
a Cargobob helicopter, Rhino tanks and a Patriot. If you go to 
the center of base you will find a steel vent on the ground. 
Destroy it, and you can go inside and turn off the SAM sites 
surrounding the base. You should now be able to fly out in the 
chopper. Alternately, go to KACC Military Fuels at the top of 
Las Venturas. Note: You need a Patriot to do this trick. If you 
have done the mission for the Heist strand called Up, Up, and 
Away, this is the location of KACC Military Fuels. Once there, 
take your Patriot and drive through the front gates. No one is 
there, and you will not get shot. Note: If it does not let you 
through, take a ramp truck and put it near the gate. Then, run 
up it and jump the fence. Once you are inside, get out of your 
vehicle, go to your left, and go inside the hangar (round building) 
and walk through to the other end. You will end up back outside. 
Once you are outside in the back of the Military Fuels area, make 
a right and run towards the stairs that you see. Walk up those 
stairs, and when you get to the top, the Cargobob will be on the 
heli-pad. Get in it without any stars or police after you. 
To make this easier, just take a plane there and parachute out. 
However, make sure to land on the helipad. 

The Cargobob Helicopter can also be found where you found the 
Levitation in the mission for Woozie, at the military fueling 
area. It not too far from the Twin Dragon Casino. You will 
probably need another flying vehicle to get into the fueling area. 

Go to Las Ventura and look on The Strip to find the Cheetah.

Go to the Jefferson Motel in the Jefferson area of Los Santos. Go
west to the split in the road then go on the road to the left. 
Immediately afterwards you can see a lot on the left decorated with 
triangular banners and surrounded with a fence. This is the Coutt 
and Shutz dealership. A Clover will be in the lot, along with a Tampa 
and Perennial. If none of those cars are there, drive around and the 
cars will spawn there. Additionally, go to the Pig Pen Strip Club in 
East Los Santos. There will be an intersection on the southeast 
corner of the club's parking lot. Drive south on north-south road 
at the intersection. Drive straight ahead and you will find a Clover 
parked along the side of the road. 

In Los Santos, when you get the trucking missions unlocked for 
the gas station, across from that in a lot of high grass is a 
combine and a lawn mower; or tractor in the field with a combine. 
The combine is usually locked. Additionally, aim at the man in the 
Combine and shoot him in the head. The door will be unlocked and you 
will be able to get in. Once you do so, no one can open your doors 
including cops. 

Go to any farm when you can leave Los Santos. The Combines are 
always locked. Stand on its blade and shoot the person inside. 
He will then fall out the door. Get in it, run over a person, and 
watch what comes out the chute in the back of the Combine. 

You can find a Comet behind the tennis courts in a car park in 
San Fierro.

This plane will spawn in Bone County. Start at the entrance of the 
Hunter quarry, then walk over the dirt road into Bone County. 
On your right side will be a shack. Behind this shack is the 

Go to any airport except the Abandoned Airstrip to find the Dodo 

Beat the score of 25 at the Dirt Ring race at the stadium in Las 
Venturas to get the Dune.

Go to Las Venturas. Go to the The Camels Toe casino (pyramid with 
a sphinx in the front). The Euros is located under the sphinx.

Successfully complete bike school with at least all silver awards 
to unlock the FCR-900. Alternately, you can find the FCR 900 bike 
in San Fierro. Located the harbor and the nearby dam. Go inside 
the dam to find the FCR 900 on the left or right side, depending 
on which way you entered the dam. 

Fire Truck: 
While in San Fierro, go to the Fire Dept. and get in the Fire Truck 
with a ladder on top. When you get in that Fire Truck, notice you 
will not get the prompt to do the fire missions. This is because 
there are two different Fire Trucks. You can only do those missions 
with the truck that does not have a ladder on top. 

Successfully complete bike school with at least all bronze awards 
to unlock the Freeway.

Ghost car in Glendale: 
Look on your map and move the pointer over to Back O' Beyond. Find two 
upside-down "U"s that resemble horseshoes. Mark the left one and drive 
there. Once you are at the highway near it, drive and find a little dirt
road that has an over turned tree next to it. Drive down the road toward
the marker. You should see two Glendales. One should be on he top of the
cliff closest to the highway. This is the one you need to take. Take it 
and drive around the horseshoe. Drive back to where you found that Glendale
to see a Glendale drive down the hill and over trees. There is no driver in
that car. 

Get a helicopter and fly towards the dam in the desert. Then, fly northeast
and find the location with a couple of shacks on top of a tall rock. In one
of the shacks is a Go-Kart. The other one has a parachute. Additionally, go
to Tierra Robada in the desert. You can find a Go-Kart in one of the two-
story brick buildings. It is north of the city, and there is a stair set in
the front of the building with an open door. Go inside and you will find a 
Go-Kart in the back of the building when you walk in. Drive it out of the 
window and take it for a spin. 

Enter the Go Go Cart race by Wang Cars and the Pay N' Spray. As soon as the 
race starts, take it to your nearest safe house. If the garage is full, take
one of the cars out and put the Go-Kart in. Run away and make sure that the 
door closes or you will lose it. 

After you complete Madd Dogg's Strand mission, a Go-Kart will appear on the 
east side of the house.

Go to Angel Pine. Enter the caravan site. Behind one will be a Go-Kart.

Successfully complete driving school with all gold awards to unlock the HotKnife.

Hotring Racer: 
Finish in first place in the 8-Track. Just remember to not give up, 
and keep trying again until you get it right, or they do not spin 
you out. It is useful to never use the brake or the handbrake -- j
ust know when you need to let off the gas and when you can floor it. 

Successfully complete pilot school with all gold awards to unlock 
the Hunter. The helicopter will be available at the abandoned airstrip. 
You can also get it by entering the races at Las Venturas Airport. 
Take the race called Heli Hell, then use the "Keep aircraft from 
races" trick. 

Successfully complete the Burning Desire mission to get Denise as 
your girlfriend. Keep going out with her, and eventually she will 
give you the keys to the blue car parked at her house.

Successfully complete the Madd Dogg's mission "Vertical Bird" to 
gain access to the Hydra fighter jet located at the abandoned 
airstrip in the hanger. Alternately, to get the Hydra earlier in 
the game, when you are able to enter the Las Venturas airport, 
after you have passed the flying school, just ahead the entrance 
(inside the airport) to your right is a red circle where you can 
race with different airships and choppers. In one of this races 
you can play with the Hydra. Put it inside the hangar at the 
abandoned airstrip, get out of the plane, and wait until the timer 
is over. When done, the Hydra will still be inside the hangar. 
Note: This can be done with any of the vehicles of those races.

The Hydra also spawns at the army ship where you have to get it 
in this mission down at Easter Basin. You can also get it by 
entering the races in Las Venturas airport, then using the "Keep 
aircraft from races" trick. 

Check the very bottom/end of the underground police garage in 
San Fierro to find a Hydra. You will need a police vehicle to 
get the guard to let you in (and avoid a three star wanted level).

After completing the Vertical Bird mission, the Hydra will appear 
at the abandoned airstrip.

Fun with Hydra: 
Enable the "Cars fly away" code. Then, spawn a Hotring racer and 
get in. While in the car, spawn a Hydra. Gently bump the Hydra 
with the car enough to get the front tire off of the ground. Get 
out of the car and get in the Hydra. You will shoot into the air 
vertically without having to touch any buttons. With the "Cars 
fly away" code enabled, you will continue to rise past the game's 
ceiling. After about five minutes of rising, jump out. Immediately 
pull and release your parachute so that you are free falling again. 
While falling, spawn a Jetpack. Note: It will not appear until 
you hit the ground. Enable the "Health, armor, and money" code. 
While falling repeatedly, spawn a Hydras as fast as possible 
until the ground comes into view. Hit the ground with full health 
and armor and you will survive with almost no health. When you 
get up, the Jetpack will spawn. Immediately fly away from where 
you landed and look up in the air where you fell from. A tower of 
Hydras will soon fall to earth, one after another like a bomb run. 

Go to Las Ventura and look on The Strip to find the Infernus.

Successfully complete boat school with all gold awards to unlock the JetMax.

Successfully complete the Aircraft Boneyard asset and the Jetpack will 
be available near the entrance to the save area. Alternately, successfully 
complete the airstrip mission Green Goo for the Truth to gain access to a 
Jetpack located next to the abandoned airstrip AC tower (the building 
where you save). Note: You cannot save, enter or exit buildings, or shoot 
with the Jetpack on.

At the Easter Bay naval station go to the big unit which looks like a 
port on the third row of water. There is a blue boat which resembles a 
Coast Guard.

Lawn Mower: 
Go to your Vinewood safe house. Once there, go east and look for a house 
that has a winding driveway. Once there, go to the top to find the Lawn 

Go to Easter Bay Airport in San Fierro. Go to its parking garage. Find a 
sign that reads "Keep Clear" and follow it to reach a pilot entrance and 
find a Leviathan. Alternately, after you finish the Up, Up, and Away 
mission for Woozie where you have to get a special Leviathan, a normal 
Leviathan will spawn at your airport. 

You can find a Majestic (two door Balla car) in the parking lot under the 
Mulholland Intersection in Los Santos. The Majestic should be the 
easternmost parked car in the lot.

Successfully complete boat school with at least all bronze awards to unlock 
the Marquis.

Go to Easter Bay International Airport at San Fierro. Go to the security 
booth and jump on top of it. Get any kind of vehicle and take it all of the 
way in the back in the northwest corner. After you are there, go all the 
way south. You will not make it all of the way because you will see a red 
Maverick that is unlocked. Also, if you go to the most northwestern city, 
where the boating school is located, there is a helipad with one on it. 
The building it is next to is blue. Additionally, this standard helicopter 
spawns on the helipad at the police station in San Fierro. Also, look at 
the airports. You can also get it by entering the races at Las Venturas 
Airport, then using the "Keep aircraft from races" trick. 

Go to the hospital in the Santa Rosa area of San Fierro. Fly up to the 
roof and there will be a Maverick.

Monster Truck: 
Finish in first place in the 8-Track. Just remember to not give up, and 
keep trying again until you get it right, or they do not spin you out. 
It is useful to never use the brake or the handbrake -- just know when 
you need to let off the gas and when you can floor it. 

Go to Flint Intersection. There is an area that looks like a small impound 
yard with an entrance that you can just walk through. Inside is a Monster 
Truck that you can just drive away in.

Go to the Santa Marina Beach area at the bottom of Los Santos. Go to the 
lighthouse and stand on the right side of it. Jump over the fence and 
swim west to the first road you reach. You should be in the Los Santos 
Inlet area if you look on the map. Once you get there, get a car and 
drive north up the road until you get to Flint County. From there, you 
should see a trailer park with a wall around it on the left side of the 
road. The Monster Truck is located in that trailer park, along with a 
motorcycle and a truck. It is in the back of the trailer park near a 
trailer. Note: The road it is next to looks like a pretzel (freeway). 
If the Monster Truck is not there, then drive away and come back. 
It should now have respawned.

Collect 5 vehicles for the Import/Export dock to get the Monster Truck.

News Chopper: 
You can get this helicopter from San News by entering the races at the 
Las Venturas Airport. Take the second race, then use the "Keep aircraft 
from races" trick.

Go to the Easter Bay Airport. Go to a wall where a utility truck and 
sometimes a baggage handler is located. A Nevada is a cargo plane. 
Note: You must first complete pilot school. Additionally, this large 
plane also spawns at all airports. 

Successfully complete bike school with all gold awards to unlock the 
Alternately, go to the docks at the Easter Basin area in San Fierro. 
Go to the yellow crane near the ship (you will have a mission here). On 
the other side of the yellow crane is a ship dock that is not filled with 
any water, and has a hanger-type shelter covering it. Inside the shelter 
near the far wall is an NRG 500. When you get on it, a mission will start. 
Just ignore the icons, and after a few seconds the mission will fail but 
you can keep driving the NRG-500. You can return here after some time to 
get more NRG-500s because they continue respawning. 

In Los Santos, go into the yellow territory on the right side of the map. 
There is a L shape building, and inside is a parking garage. There is an 
NRG-500 on the second and top floors. The one on the second floor has two 
tail pipes, and the one on the top has one. Also, there is a Uzi at the 
top floor. 

Go to the Ocean Docks in Los Santos and look around. The Packer looks like 
a truck with a ramp on the back. Get any car and park it on the back. 
The ramp on which all of the cars you just positioned will rise, and you 
can park more cars. Note: If you load cars on the end too far on the edge, 
they will fall off. Then, you can put it on the bottom.

Go to the abandoned air strip near Las Venturas. Go to a desert area, and 
there will be a military base somewhere south of your location. Enable the 
"Spawn Rhino tank" code and break through the cage on the southeast side 
of the base. Keep driving around until you see a Patriot. Enable the 
"Lower wanted level" code after you have taken it. If you have reached 
the part in San Fierro with the wish list, if you export it to the Easter 
Basin Docks. They will pay you a lot for it. Alternately, enable the 
"Six star wanted level" code. Tanks, flatbeds, and Patriots will appear 
to chase you. If you want to live, get a tank. When you see a Patriot 
arrive, enable the "Lower wanted level" code. They will slow down. 
Get out of your vehicle and steal a Patriot. 

In San Fierro, go across the street where CJ's garage is located. There 
is also a checkered flag on the map that shows where you can race. Enter 
the race called San Fierro Hills. In that race, you will race in a Phoenix. 
Just park it in a garage to keep it. 

Police Maverick: 
This helicopter spawns on the roof of the police station in the Pershing 
Square area of Los Santos.

Look at the sides of the houses at the Blueberry Acres area in Red County. 
The Quadbike will be at the side of a building. Alternately, go to the town 
nearest the northeast of the airport in the desert. The ATV is at backyard 
of the closest house towards the bridge in the southeast corner of the town. 

Go to the hilltop farm in the Red County area of Los Santos. There are two 
barns with lofts on them. On the barn to the right, if you jump at the 
correct moment, you can climb up and get a Quadbike. They respawn there 
every hour. 

Flipping Quadbike without falling off: 
Spawn or find a Quadbike, then go to a straight and long road. When you 
are going fast, quickly use the brakes. Note: Sometimes you will not make it.

Go to Easter Bay Airport at San Fierro. Go to its parking garage. Find a sign that
reads "Keep Clear" and follow it to reach a pilot entrance. The Raindance resembles
a Coast Guard helicopter. Additionally, go to the hospital in the Santa Rosa area 
at San Fierro. Fly up to the roof and there will be a Raindance. 

There is also a Raindance on the Santa Monica beach where the Triathlon is located.
It is on the west side of the two piers.

You can find a Ranger (police SUV) at the garage at the police station in Dillimore.

No Seal in Ranger: 
Drive around the countryside with no wanted level. Drive around until you see a 
Ranger (police SUV) going after another vehicle. Follow the police chase and go 
to the right of the Ranger. Notice that the right side door of the Ranger usually
does not have the San Andreas Police Department seal. 

In Los Santos, go to Unity Station where the lowrider competitions are held. At 
certain times, to the left will be a Remington.

Eyes on Remington: 
While in San Fierro, steal a Remington. While in the car, turn on your tail lights.
In certain lighting you will notice two eyes staring at you (eye brows, eye lashes,
and eyes).

The Rhino Tank has twelve wheel drive. Additionally, go to Area 69 and look in the
garages to find Rhino tanks.

Get six stars on your wanted meter and Rhinos will appear.

Faster Rhino: 
When you get a Rhino tank, look back until the gun is completely facing the rear. 
Then drive and fire. You will gain speed quickly.

Romero's Hearse: 
Go to the hospital in Angel Pine and stand outside of the hospital facing the street.
Turn left and go into the other building. You will find Romero's Hearse, ready to 

Successfully complete pilot school with at least all bronze awards to unlock the 
Rustler. The Rustler is airplane based on the P-51 Mustang. Additionally, the Rustler
can be found at several locations. If you finish the pilot school at your airstrip, 
it will spawn in the first hanger. It also spawns at the airport in Los Santos and 
San Fierro; look in the hangers there. You can get also it by entering the races at
the Las Venturas Airport. Select the race with the Rustler, then ignore the race and
instead take it back to your airstrip and park it in your own big hangar. You will 
fail the mission, but can re-do it. Once you get back to your airstrip and look in 
your hanger, your Rustler will be there. Save the game to keep it. This trick can 
also be used for other aircraft. 

Bulletproof Sabre: 
Buy the house in Dillimore and make sure that the garage is empty. In the mission 
Tanker Commander mission that you get from Catalina, there is a completely armored
Sabre available. Instead of getting in the truck, go turn around and go around the
side of the gas station. The Sabre that is used to try to disconnect the trailer is
sitting there, locked. You can either push it by running into it or push it with the
truck. Push it down the street you are on to your garage and kill Catalina. Then, 
push it into your garage and let it close. When you go back to it, you will find that
it is fireproof, bulletproof, and dent-proof. 

Sand King: 
Go near the big satellite dish out in the desert near the abandoned airstrip. 
Note: This vehicle sometimes has hydraulic springs.

Bulletproof Savanna: 
After completing the High Stakes, Low Rider mission, Cesar and his Savanna will 
remain at the finish line, but the doors will be locked. Use another vehicle to 
push the car to your garage. The doors will now be unlocked and the car will remain

Sea Sparrow: 
Go to the bottom of the Sherman Dam where the water is lower. It is on your left if
you are facing towards the dam, at the end of the short pier-looking structure. You
will see both a Sea Sparrow and Skimmer. The Sea Sparrow also can be found parked on 
the helipad near the Boat School. 

Go to any airport except the Abandoned Airstrip to find the Shamal business jet.

Go to th Arco Del Deste area, then go north. Look for a forked road that points to 
the water. Go out a little, and you will see the Skimmer plane, which is a Dodo with
pontoons. Alternately, go to the bottom of the Sherman Dam where the water is lower.
It is on your left if you are facing towards the dam, at the end of the short pier-
looking structure. You will see both a Sea Sparrow and Skimmer. Note: The Skimmer is
 the only airplane that can allow two players to occupy it.

This helicopter spawns on the roof of Madd Dogg's Crib.

Successfully complete boat school with at least all silver awards to unlock the 

Stunt Plane: 
Successfully complete pilot school with at least all silver awards to unlock the 
Stunt Plane. Alternately, you can get the Stunt Plane by entering the races in Las
Venturas airport, then using the "Keep aircraft from races" trick. 

Super GT: 
Successfully complete driving school with at least all bronze awards to unlock the
Super GT. Alternately, in San Fierro, go to the Easter Bay Airport. There will be 
a small building next to the entrance near the helipad area. Below that building, 
you may find an orange Super GT. It does not usually appear as soon as CJ goes 
there, but should spawn after awhile. It may take some time for it to spawn. It 
will be locked, but you can open it by towing it to your garage with a tow truck. 

From the Xoomer Gas Station in Spinybed, go east on the road until you have to turn
right. Instead of turning right, keeping going straight. You will notice there is an
entrance to some sort of warehouse parking lot. The Sweeper can be seen right when 
you enter the lot. 

Bulletproof Tahoma: 
In the House Party mission, your hood gets attacked by the Ballas. They will arrive
in two Tahoma. Successfully complete the mission without getting too far away from 
the cars. Then, push either or both Tahomas into the garage of the Johnson house. 

Go to the Jefferson Motel in the Jefferson area of Los Santos. Go west to the split
in the road then go on the road to the left. Immediately afterwards you can see a 
lot on the left decorated with triangular banners and surrounded with a fence. This
is the Coutt and Shutz dealership. A Tampa will be in the lot, along with a Clover 
and Perennial. If none of those cars are there, drive around and the cars will spawn

Tow Truck: 
Enter the ump at Mt. Chiliad to find a Tow Truck. You can steal cars with it by 
lowering the hitch, then back up to a car. Raise the car and drive away. This can
be done while the driver and passenger of the other car are still inside. 

As done with the Tow Truck, you can also tow cars with a tractor. Steal one from 
a farmer, back into another car, then lift the winch.

In the Breaking the Bank at Caligula's mission, after you have the parachute 
intentionally miss the helipad and instead aim for the ground. On the ground, almost
everyone will be driving a Turismo (the fastest car in the game). Steal one and go 
to the airstrip. Park the Turismo in the garage and finish the mission. Alternately,
collect 20 vehicles for the Import/Export dock to get the Turismo. 

Look in one of the buildings at the Panopticon area in Red County. On your map, it
will show a brown square with a group of white dots in it. The white dot that is 
farthest north on the map is the building with the Vortex in it. Alternately, 
collect 25 vehicles for the Import/Export dock to unlock the Vortex. 

Jetpack powered Vortex: 
Jump into any body of water and enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code. Then, enable 
the "Spawn Vortex" code. Get into the Votex and it will be jet powered. 
Note: Once you leave the Vortex this effect will end. 

Flying Vortex: 
Note: This trick does not always work. Go to the tall building in Los Santos that
has the parachute on top. Go to the top of that building and enable the "Spawn 
Vortex" code. Drive it off the top and pull back. It will glide down smoothly to
the ground. 

Collect 10 vehicles for the Import/Export dock to unlock the Windsor.

Car counterparts:
The following are some vehicles that also have real life counterparts:

Ambulance (Mule): Chevrolet 3000 
AT-400: Boeing747 
Benson: U-Haul Truck 
Berkley's RC Van (Burrito): Chevrolet 3000 RC Van Edition 
Blade: 1955 Ford Thunderbird 
Bloodring Banger: 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Demolition Edition 
Buccaneer: 1979 Lincoln Mark IV Collector Series 
Buffalo: 1983 Camaro Z28 
Burrito: 2002 Chevrolet 3000 
Cheetah: 1999 Ferrari 456M GTA 
Clover: 1970 Cutlass 
Club: Scion SC 
Combine Harvester: John Deer Combine Harvester 
Comet: 1969 Porsche 911E/S 
Elegant: 2004 BMW M3 
Fortune: 1994 Chevrolet Corsica 
Herms: 1942 Cadillac 63 Series 
Hotknife: 1933 Ford Coupe 
Hotring Racer: 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Racing Edition 
Huntley: 2005 Mercedes-Benz G500 
Hustler: 1936 Ford DLX 
Infernus: 2004 Acura NSX-T 
Jetster: 2003 Aston-Martin DBAR-1 ZAGATO 
Journey: 2004 Chinook Baja 
Landstalker: 1989 Jeep Wagoner 
Mesa: 1997 Jeep Wrangler 
Moonbeam: 2003 Chevrolet 2500 
Mower: John Deer mower 
Mule: (See Benson) 
News Van: 2002 Chevrolet 3000 News Edition 
Oceanic: 1958 Ford Thunderbird 
Phoenix: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 
Pony: (See Burrito) 
Primer: 2005 Bentley Arnange 
Rumpo: (See Burrito) 
Sadler: 1992 Chevrolet Silverado 
Stallion: 1965 Mustang Coupe 
Stretch: 2001 Lincoln Town Car 
Tug: 1992 Airplane Tug 
Windsor: 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC 
ZR-350: Datsun 350Z 

Finding Barbara in Dating missions: 
You can find Barbara at the El Quebrados Sheriff parking lot between 16:00 and 06:00.

Barbara bonuses in Dating missions: 
Reach 50% progress with Barbara. After getting busted, you will still have your weapons
and not lose money. Reach 100% progress with Barbara. The police uniform will now appear
in your wardrobe and you will get the keys to her Ranger. 

Finding Denise in Dating missions: 
Denise is available for dating after saving her in the Burning Desire mission. She 
appears at her house between 16:00 to 06:00.

Denise bonuses in Dating missions: 
Reach 50% progress with Denise. You will get the keys to the Hustler car in her yard.
Reach 100% progress with Denise. The pimp outfit will now appear in your wardrobe.

Faster progress with Denise in Dating missions: 
Enable the "Speed up time" code, then wait outside her house. The red circle 
will appear quicker, and your bar goes up faster. Additionally, after you 
play the mission to get Denise, wait until you can go on a date with her. 
From 60% to 100% sometimes you will have difficult dates (when you dance). 
Make sure you have already saved the game. If you are not skilled with the 
dancing, reload the game until you go on the date where all you do is drive. 
You should get at least 10% for going on the date, because the game gives 
you an extra 5% for her inviting you in for coffee. 

Finding Helena in Dating missions: 
You can find Helena in the Blueberry area of Red County, taking shooting practice
on top of the Ammu-Nation store from 08:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 02:00.

Helena bonus in Dating missions: 
Reach 50% progress with Helena to get a flamethrower, 9 mm pistol, chainsaw, and
Molotov cocktails at her house.

Finding Katie in Dating missions: 
You can find Katie at the Avispa Country Club in San Fierro practicing T'ai Chi 
at the edge of the course behind some bushes. She can be seen between 12:00 and 00:00.

Katie bonuses in Dating missions: 
Reach 50% progress with Katie. After getting wasted, you will still have your 
weapons and not lose money. Reach 100% progress with Katie. The paramedic uniform 
will now appear in your wardrobe and you will get the keys to her Romero. 

Finding Michelle in Dating missions: 
You can find Michelle at the San Fierro Driving School from 00:01 to 12:00.

Michelle bonuses in Dating missions: 
Reach 50% progress with Michelle. She will mod your car for free. Reach 100% 
progress with Michelle. The racing outfit will now appear in your wardrobe and
you will get the keys to her Monster Truck.

Finding Millie in Dating missions: 
Successfully complete the Key To Her Heart mission to unlock Millie for dating
from 02:00 to 10:00 and 14:00 to 18:00.

Faster progress with Millie in Dating missions: 
Go on a date in your Gimp Suit. You will go directly inside and will not have to
go to any dating destinations.

Raising fun meter in Dating missions: 
To get your girlfriend's fun meter full quickly and easily, find a street with
a long strait away. Drive on it at full speed. This will get your fun meter 
cmpletely full. You can then drive her home and gain a lot more stats with her. 

Gifts in Dating missions: 
The purple dildo found in the police station can also be used as a gift for a 
girlfriend. It takes the place of the flowers. Flowers can be found at almost 
any gas station. They are always accepted from girlfriends, unlike the dildo 
which sometimes may be rejected. 

Girls' tastes in Dating missions: 
The girls you date have different tastes in you. They will comment on your looks.
For example, one girl likes you to be about 50% fat.

Jealousy in Dating missions: 
Be careful when dating other women. For example, if you take Barbara out on a 
date, Denise may show up in her car and start chasing you. It also lowers your
status with the particular woman you are currently with.

8-Track mission: 
Enable the "Slow motion" code and you will be able to easily take first place. 
This is helpful if you are trying to get the Monster Truck.

Air Raid mission: 
Enable the "Slow motion" code to get a better shot at the RC planes. Enable the
"Destroy all cars" code repeatedly to pass the mission.

Are You Going To San Fierro? mission: 
Instead of burning the weed with the flamethrower, use the rocket launcher and
shoot the crops; it will destroy them much easier.

Badlands mission: 
Get to the mountain top and blow up the snitch's car. He will jump off the side
of the mountain, committing suicide. Enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code and go down
there. Take a picture of him. Take the picture back to the drop point. By doing 
this, you will not have to chase him back down the mountain on the dirtbike. 
Additionally, enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code. Fly up the mountain, near the top
of the cabin. Do not let the guards see you. Choose the silenced pistol. Enter 
through the back of the cabin and shoot the snitch. Be prepared to fight it out
with the FBI if you get caught. You can now snap a photo of the dead snitch 
without chasing him. It is important to watch the guards' movement before 
attempting this. 

Beat The Cock mission: 
This is a triathlon. Go to Santa Maria beach in Los Santos and wait until 
the weekend. Then, go to the lighthouse. You will see a little red marker 
which will start the mission. Note: You must be in very good shape to win. 
The reward is $10,000. Also, next to Palomino Creek is a beach that is part 
of Fisher's Lagoon. The one attached to that is part of Palomino Creek 
(if you are looking on a map it is the second largest of them all, and 
has a dock). Go to it. On there will be a red circle. Enter it to start 
the mission. You should have full muscle and stamina because it is a 
swimming race. If you have good stats, you will complete the mission. 

Black Project mission: 
This mission starts after a number of Torino missions. Truth is upset 
with you working with Torino. He abandons you on a road. You are getting 
into Area 69 and must bring back the Black Project. You must go to the 
control tower and open the blast doors. You have to avoid the searchlights, 
but not shoot out more than two of them. You have thermal goggles to see 
the guards. You must get in before 5:30 a.m. You will begin near body armor 
if you do not have any. There are guards at mid-level on all of the light 
towers, plus many that are walking around. Try sniping everybody so that 
you are not spotted. If you do get spotted, you are told to use a vent to 
get into the building. In any case, there is armor up on the control tower 
to replenish with, and a red spot to use to open up the blast doors. 
The blast doors are in the center of the mound. The vent is marked nearby 
and you can shoot your way in through the grates. There is a health waiting 
for you inside that room (with the blast doors on the other wall). 
Go through the hallway and shoot the guards at the other end. There is 
armor up and to the right in here. There is also a minigun there. This 
area has bulletproof glass, so you are safe. Go downstairs to the little 
opening (not the red path to the left). Shoot out more guards in here. 
At the end of the path is armor. Then, take a right and another right and 
you can see a radar room. Disable the SAM site. Then, go downstairs and 
over to the yellow striped area. There is a grate below you. Go to the 
end where the grate is up and go in for the health and armor that is down 
there. Move along, as there are more enemies to kill. Then move left -- 
they say that there is a keycard. Get the armor then touch the scientist 
to get his keycard. Follow him down the path to the left and you will be 
in a giant cylinder building. Work your way down all of the stairs, 
shooting as you go. Get the Jetpack and fly out, heading for the triangle. 
You can fire a weapon while flying, but you really do not have to. Truth 
takes it from you, takes off, and abandons you there. 

Body Harvest mission: 
Take a bike to the farm and ride to the back of the farm using an indirect 
route, bypassing the survivalists in the fields and tractors. Quickly steal 
the harvester, then run over the survivalists that are on foot between you 
and the road back. Try to overturn the pickups that are in your way. If 
they are still following you on the road, do a drive by when one is next 
to you to kill the gunman on the truck bed. The Harvester can take quite 
a bit of damage. Hit the pickup until it catches on fire, then get away. 

Burglary missions: 
In the Ganton area of Los Santos, go towards the gym that is just a block 
south of the Binco store and the bar. Across the street from the gym and 
to the south, you should see a van parked next to a house. It is a boxcar. 
After 20:00, jump in and you can go on burglary missions until sunrise. 

Go to CJ's garage in San Fierro. Look behind it, and there should be a 
construction site. Behind the structures of broken down buildings in 
front of you, there should be an abandoned building with a lop-sided 
sign that reads "Harry Plumbs" just north of the "Turning Tricks Advanced 
Driving School". Look to the right of that building to find an alleyway. 
Walk into the alleyway and look to the right. There should be a black van 
parked there. Get in sometime before 20:00 and find a nice house you 
think will make a nice profit. Wait until 20:00, then start the burglary 
missions; you can do the missions until 06:00. Note: When dropping off 
the cargo, you will return to the garage next to the alleyway that you 
found the van at.

Steal any burglary van you know of, and travel to any city of your choice. 
Proceed as usual, and after you have steak the goods, a yellow blip will 
appear on your map. Pause game play and look at the map. You will see that 
the blip has jumped from the city you stole the van in, to the city you 
are currently at. For example, if you steal the van in Los Santos and go 
to Las Venturas and trigger the burglary missions, the yellow blip will 
appear in las Venturas, close behind "The Camel's Toe" Casino. 

To commit burglaries in San Fierro, go to the Doherty area. Go to the 
building that has a big sign board, reading "Hairy Plumbs". It is opposite 
the driving school. Go around the back of the building to find the van. 

Infinite time in Burglary missions: 
Enable the "Always 21:00" code, then find the van. Additionally, enable the 
"Always 21:00" and "Wanted level never increases" codes. Find a Boxville and 
initiate a burglary mission. You should now have as much time as desired to 
do the mission, and the cops will never chase you if you wake up the people 
in the houses. 

Catalyst mission: 
When you reach the train, do not bother getting out of your car. Drive 
around the pinned down Groves and run into the Vagos. Drive into the train 
tunnel to turn around if needed. After all the ones on the ground are killed, 
exit the car and shoot the one on the train. Then, get back into your car 
and run over the arriving Ballas. If your car begins smoking, park it next to 
the Ballas car to create an explosion that should kill them all. Then, get on 
the train as instructed. Quickly toss the ammo crates to Ryder. There is an 
unlimited number of them onboard so you do not have to waste time getting a 
perfect target. You may want to change the "Invert Look Controls" setting 
to make this less confusing. Remember to change the setting back after all 
the crates are tossed. 

Cleaning The Hood mission: 
Do not bother using fighting moves on the crack dealer outside. A single 
shot from your pistol will bring him down. Once inside the crack den, use 
the pistol again to take down the targets quickly. Note: Shoot the man with 
the bat first. 

Cop Wheels mission: 
Any police motorcycles will not work. You must steal the ones that the game 
marks for you.

Da Nang Thang mission: 
When the helicopter gets shot down and you are in the water, do not swim to 
the ship. Instead, swim to shore, steal a car, and drive to Ammu-Nation to 
buy weapons and armor. Then, go to the ship. The mission is a lot easier 
with an AK-47 in your inventory. 

Drive-By mission: 
After approaching each group of targets, just continue to drive around the 
block normally. There is no reason to damage your car trying to reverse or 
spin back around. The targets do not run far. Simply drive normally around 
the block until your partners can start shooting them again. With the last 
group of Balla's, drive your car down the path and through the tunnel to 
run them over. Turn around and repeat until they are all dead. Note: Since 
this mission is not timed, you can drive carefully to a Pay N' Spray between 
drive-bys to get your car's health bar restored. You will eventually have 
to go to the Pay N' Spray anyway at the end of the mission to lower your 
wanted level. Note: That visit will be complimentary, but any others will 
be charged.

Drive Thru mission: 
Try to get in front of the Ballas car and trap it into a wall or building. 
Your partners will shoot it until it catches on fire. Get your car away 
from it before it explodes. Additionally, after getting the background of 
the mission, drive back to Grove Street and get the bazooka. Aim at the exit 
for Grove street. When the Ballas car is coming, shoot at it to quickly 
finish the mission. 

Explosive Situation mission: 
Go into the quarry and shoot the two workers that are featured the opening 
sequence at the detonation controls. This will stop the countdown and you 
can take your time getting the dynamite. Run over the dynamite crates with 
the giant dump truck to beak them open and get the explosives. 

Farewell My Love mission: 
As the race begins, instead of going forward, turn around and go straight. 
You will be jumping off a cliff, but if you can land your car successfully 
you will be on your way. Keep driving straight into the town. Take a right 
turn at the first right you see. If you have already done the race you 
should know where to go. Follow the road and take another right. You will 
then be driving across a small bridge. Turn left on the small dirt road 
and park your car at the end of the bridge. Since you are allowed only 25 
seconds out of your car, you must do this quickly. Once out of your car, 
run to the middle of the bridge. Enable the "Spawn Rhino" code, which 
should block the bridge. Do this as many times as desired, but be aware 
that the other cars will show up sometime around three minutes. When the 
cars appear, make sure to have the rocket launcher out before getting in 
your car. When the cars show up, they will drive into the creek/river. 
Quickly get out of your car and fire multiple rockets at them. Do this 
very quickly. You can then complete the race with no competitors. 
Additionally, before the race starts, enable the "Flying cars" code. 
Go to the race. Immediately at the start of the race, all cars will 
floor it and will fly off the cliff. This gives you as much time as needed 
to complete the race. Make sure you go drive slow so that you also do not 
fly off. About six minutes are required to complete the race. 

Fender Ketchup mission: 
To easily complete this mission, find a large empty area and just keep 
going fast back and forth doing a lot of 180 degree turns to get the 
scare-o-meter full. Watch out for cops -- once they spot you, you will 
have more then one star and they will try to hit you head on. Remember 
to make sure that you do not get in a head on collision, or the man on 
the hood will die. Additionally, do not drive on the freeway, as this 
will attract the police. Instead, drive to the airport and perform a 
few insane jumps. This will have him terrified quickly. Also, the 
airport is not too far from Woozie's casino. Pull to the side of Woozie's 
casino and drive back and forth doing 180s until the Scare-O-Meter is 

High Stakes, Low Rider mission: 
Instead of using the first lowrider that was given you by Cesar, drive 
any vehicle to Cesar's house. Look across the street from the mission 
starting circle to find a light colored Voodoo in a driveway. Get in 
it, and use it to start the mission. This car is considered a low 
rider, but does not have hydraulics making it less likely that you 
will accidentally activate them. It also controls better in turns 
when compared to your original lowrider. Get to the starting position 
of the race. When the race begins, try to maneuver around the inevitable 
initial crash of most of the other drivers. Note that the waypoint 
markers for races now are visible on the horizon, unlike the "bubble" 
Markers of previous Grand Theft Auto games. Also, imbedded in the 
waypoint marker is an arrow that will indicate the direction that you 
need to follow for the next marker. It may be easier to slip into 
second place and watch the first place cars for cues on where to turn. 
Otherwise, just pay attention to the directions and take your turns 
carefully when in first place. By the time you reach the final waypoint 
markers, slip into first place, or use the final straight away to take 
the lead. Do not slow down at the end, even though the road stops. 
Hit the finish line at full speed. Additionally, when you get in the 
low rider, enable the "Deadly vehicle" code. During the race, tap the 
rear bumper of each car in front of you. By the end of the race, you 
will have as much time as needed to finish in first place without any 

Enable the "Flying cars" code before you get to the starting grid. 
When the race begins, the five other low-riders will start to fly 
around the area. When you reach the third or fourth checkpoint, you 
will be in first place throughout the race. Do not accelerate fast, 
because you will also end up flying. Instead, drive at a very slow 
pace, but fast enough so that you can finish the race before the game 

Bulletproof Savanna in High Stakes, Low Rider mission: 
After completing the mission, Cesar and his Savanna will remain at 
the finish line, but the doors will be locked. Use another vehicle 
to push the car to your garage. The doors will now be unlocked and 
the car remains bulletproof. 

Home Invasion mission: 
Try to get to the target house with as much time remaining. The 
required three ammunition boxes can be found in the following 
locations. In the first room that you enter, look to your right 
near the cannon next to the front window. Go up the stairs and look 
on the landing. Go all the way up the stairs and go to the end of 
the hallway. If desired, you can get three more boxes in the house, 
but they do not seem to give anything extra. 

Ice Cold Killa mission: 
Take a gun and shoot out the tires of the pimpmobile. Then, shoot 
the car until the smoke turns black. Next, get a gun that you can 
do drive bys with. If you do not have one, go behind the building 
and by a pole for the bridge to find one. When you get into the 
club through the windows, meet Jizzy and just run out of the club 
after him. When you are out there, the pimpmobile should be in the 
same condition that you left it. It is easier to blow up his car. 
Additionally, before you go into the club, shoot out the tires of 
his Pimpmobile. Get in the club, chase him out, and he will get 
into the car even with blown tires. You just run after him, and pull 
him out of the car. 

Outside the club are two limos along with Jizzy's car. Before 
entering the club through the skylight, park one limo in front 
of his car and the other behind his car, blocking it in. It will 
remain this way when Jizzy exits the club and tries to escape, 
making it easy to run up and pull him out of the car before he can 
drive off. Also, "high center" Jizzy's car on the grassy median 
along the boardwalk prior to entering the club. He will not be able 
to drive off it before you reach the car to pull him out. Additionally, 
before entering the club, blow up Jizzy's car rather than just shooting 
off the tires or decreasing its health. Then when Jizzy tries to escape, 
he will be forced to do so in a Pizzaboy scooter. Just knock him off 
his bike and kill him with an M4 or any other gun. 

Instead of trying to get out and get in jizzy's car, just follow him for 
awhile. He will get out of the car, and you can shoot him.

Just Business mission: 
On the first part, let Sweet do all the shooting. When on the motorcycle 
unleash your guns on the people on motorcycles going for the person 
driving. If he dies they both do. You can also try to pop their tires. 
They will spin out. Do not worry about the big truck you see -- it is 
indestructible. You will see the action play out of you going of the 
car. You will jump off the big truck from the trailer. 

Key To Her Heart mission: 
In the Key To Her Heart mission for Woozie in Las Venturas, when you 
go to the courtier's house and kill the gimp, you can take his purple 
dildo to use as a melee weapon. Additionally, when you get Millie as 
a girlfriend, instead of dating her, kill her. Wait awhile and Woozie 
will call. CJ will say that Millie is dead. Woozie will tell you to 
go to her house and take the pass key. 

Strange T-Bone behavior in Mike Toreno mission: 
In the mission, when instructed to get into the car and doing so, 
you can choose any car desired. Get out and choose a faster vehicle
with T-Bone following you. T-Bone's following actions for entering 
and exiting vehicles are scripted strangely. For example, if you 
crash and get thrown off a motorcycle with T-Bone on it with you, 
he will get up and walk to any nearby vehicle door, and then follow 

Misappropriation mission: 
Instead of chasing the man in the helicopter, enable the "Spawn 
Jetpack" code. Fly up behind the man. Make sure he does not see 
you then open fire from the Jetpack. Swoop in, grab the dossier, 
then make your escape before the FBI kills you. 

Mountain Cloud Boys mission: 
This mission seems difficult at first, but if you have the correct 
weapons it can be easy. First, enable the "Weapons (tier 3)" code 
to get the rocket launcher. Next, enable the "Deadly vehicle" code.
When the men come after you, shoot the first two or three with a 
gun. Get ahead of Woozie and shoot a rocket at the car to blow it 
up, killing everyone there. As you go further, two motorcycles will 
pull up. Hit them with the rocket launcher. Be careful; make sure 
that the bike blows up before getting too close. As you go further 
into the alley, you can shoot rockets in the directions of enemies 
with guns and kill them all, but stay ahead of Woozie. When you and 
Woozie jump in the car (having the "Deadly vehicle" code enabled), 
just hit the two cars head on, but be careful. Your car can be 
damaged and explode as a result of too many hits. 

Noon mission: 
You must keep ramming him and do the "PIT" maneuver as taught in 
driving school. His car will come next to you. When it does, shoot 
him with a drive by. His car will catch on fire and he will get 
out. He will shoot at you. You must shoot at him first and he will 
die. Additionally, before you start, get a RPG or a homing rocket 
launcher. Then, enable the "Cars fly away" code. When you start 
the mission, get the dune buggy nearby and ram Eddie's car. It will 
float away slowly, then it will hover. While it is hovering, get 
out of the dune buggy and shoot him down with the RPG or homing 
rocket launcher; it will blow up and fall down. 

Sometimes when you drive out of the ghost town, at the of the 
intersection of the dirt road leading out of the ghost town and 
the road leading to the Sherman Dam, Pulaski will go too fast on 
the left turn, go wide, and crash into a road sign on the side of 
the road. Block him and hijack his car. Drive into the water just 
north of the Sherman Dam. Do not go too fast though, or you will 
lose Pulaski and fail the mission. Exit the car and just stay in 
the water. Pulaski will run after you after you steal his car, and 
end up walking into the water. Pulaski cannot swim, and will drown. 
You will have killed Pulaski without using cheats or bullets. 

Before you start mission, equip a sniper riffle. When the Pulaski 
runs for the car, aim and zoom in. You will have enough time to 
flatten the front and the rear tire. Then, hop in the Sand Rail 
next to the cemetery and follow his car. Watch him; he will be 
swerving all over the place. This will give you enough time to 
shoot at the car or pull him out and shoot him. 

OG Loc mission: 
After getting the PCJ and beginning the chase, it is not necessary 
to shoot at or try to knock Freddy off his bike. You simply need 
to follow him. If you lose sight of him, just keeping him in the 
zoomed version of the mini-map is enough to keep the mission going. 
Try to follow his path, but if he gets out of sight, you can use 
parallel streets and paths to continue. Pay attention to whether 
his position is above or below you (a triangle instead of a square) 
on the mini-map, and choose the appropriate course. At the end, 
he will stop at a park in Vagos territory. Ride your PCJ up the 
stairs past the gang to the top of the structure, then mow them 
down as they clear the top of the steps. Additionally, if you 
failed this mission the first time and try it again, you will be 
prompted to trip skip. This makes you automatically get OG Loc, 
and end up at the house where you ring the door bell. 

Pier 69 mission: 
Instead of chasing Ryder in the boat, wait until he approaches 
in his boat, then enable the "Destroy all cars" code. The mission 
will be instantly completed.

Billboard message In Reuniting The Families mission: 
Along the highway in Los Santos is an advertisement on a billboard. 
It has a woman on it with a can of pop on the side of her labeled 
Sprunk. Under that, it reads "A taste of things to come". At the 
end of the Reuniting The Families mission, your car will go through 
that billboard, changing the writing at the bottom to read 
"A taste of come". 

Riot mission: 
This mission is quite long and requires a lot of ammunition and 
body armor. You must take over all of the gang territories in the 
hood areas. Try driving concentric to the Johnson house going 
outward in one big circle. Once you have established your territory, 
the mission is complete and you can celebrate with Big Smoke and 
continue with the other missions. 

Robbing Uncle Sam mission: 
Before you climb over the gate, get a gun or Uzi and shoot the 
two soldiers from outside . When you climb over the gate, shoot 
the guard standing behind two crates . When you enter the warehouse, 
use the forklift and carry two boxes at a time. Do this by sliding 
the arms directly into the middle of two boxes. You can now carry 
both of them at the same time. However, you cannot put two boxes 
into the truck at the same time . By the time you carry the two 
boxes behind the truck , one army guard will appear and Ryder will 
try to kill him. Do not let him kill the guard by himself, as he 
takes a long time and could lose a lot of health. After you have 
carried the four boxes to the truck , there will be two boxes outside 
the warehouse . They can be found at the left hand side of the 
warehouse, and the other can be found at the place where you killed 
the third soldier before you entered the warehouse. After when you 
escape , two army vehicles will start to chase you. If you are lucky, 
both of them can keep crashing and they will end up exploding. 

Before starting the mission, find the TV Studios in the northwest 
part of Los Santos. At the top of the stairs (in the car park), 
you will find a sniper rifle. When you start the mission, do not 
shoot the guard at the gate. Instead, run behind the building that 
is on your left. Go up the stairs, walk along the pathway, and 
drop down at the end. Run and climb up the container boxes that 
are in front of you. You may get shot a few times, but if you are 
fast, you will survive. Use the sniper rifle to shoot all the 
guards (do not open the gate yet). After you have opened the 
warehouse door by shooting the switch on the right and have 
killed the two guards inside, move the boxes close to the door 
by using the forklift. Also, move the two boxes outside (which 
one of the guards was previously using for cover). You can now 
open the front gate. If you use the sniper rifle, you will not 
have to keep running around. You should be able to load the boxes 
quickly while Sweet covers you. Note: Keep an eye on Sweet's health. 
You may need to stop loading and shoot a few guards if he starts 
to lose too much health. 

When you pull up to the gate, hop the wall and shoot the guard at 
the gate. Go and shoot the two other guards by the warehouse, then 
shoot the keypad next to the door. Kill the men inside the warehouse. 
Turn back around and another guard will be running towards you. 
Shoot him, then hop on the forklift and put the crates by the 
warehouse door where the truck backs up to. Then, get the two crates 
that are outside and put them by the other ones. Keep one elevated 
on the forklift. Shoot the keypad on the gate. Get back on the 
forklift. Put the first crate inside the truck, then get off and 
kill the soldier attacking Ryder. Then, get another crate and do 
the same thing. Every time you load one crate, another soldier will 
appear. Keep getting off the forklift and kill them. This takes some 
time, but you and Ryder will not get killed. Get back in the truck 
when Ryder tells you to and leave. The two Patroits that follow you
will be easy to get rid of. 

After loading the six crates in the truck, before you jump into the 
van to drive away, run to the stairs where the soldiers were coming 
from. Take out the rocket launcher. The two Patriots will follow you 
to the stairs and you can destroy them with the rocket launcher. 
After taking them out, you will be able to get back safely with out 
the nuisance of the Patriots chasing after you. 

Stowaway mission: 
To easily complete this mission, wheelie in a straight line to the 
right of the plane, getting next to the ramp. When the plane has 
offloaded the last of its barrels, turn sharply left and go up the 
ramp. When aboard, it is critical not to use any firearms at all. 
Even one shot is usually enough to blow you out of the sky. Also, 
do not plant more than five charges, as they may self-detonate once 
you pass that amount. Do not detonate the satchel charges until you 
are standing on the end of the ramp, or you may not get out in time. 

Supply Line mission: 
First, go after the man on the bike to your left when you take off. 
Next, swing around and take out the man in the van. Then, head west 
and take out the other van. This is the easy part. Instead of flying 
across town to kill the motorbike and the last van, land on a building 
close to where you started and just remain there. You will not lose 
any fuel after your model airplane has landed. For some reason, the 
other two couriers will make their way toward you. Sit patiently until 
you can get behind the bike (it will reach you first), then land again 
on a nearby building. The last van may end up on the freeway. You will 
have a clear shot at him by flying only a few blocks, and you will be 
close to Zero's shop. Additionally, enable the "Fast motion" code 
repeatedly (about five times) before entering the red marker to start 
the mission. Your plane will fly faster, but your fuel will deplete 
the same rate as if you were in normal time. Also, wait on Zero's roof 
until the van passes by, by doing this, you will save fuel. 

Sweet's Girl mission: 
Make sure you have a fast and reliable car in your garage before 
staring the mission. Quickly drive to the yellow objective marker. 
Drive your car on the sidewalk to mow down the Ballas. Keep going 
into the basketball court at the end of the street to turn around and 
make another pass. If your car starts smoking, quickly park it next 
to any survivors and bail. The explosion should kill them. Get behind 
some cover and shoot anyone remaining. 

Tagging Up Turf mission: 
To spray over the last tag on the upper part of the building, walk to 
the nearby small fenced in alley. You will be instructed to climb it. 
Do so, cross to the other higher fence and also climb that. Then, climb 
the short wall, then climb again to the ledge that you can use to walk 
to the tag. 

Tanker Commander mission: 
After hooking up the trailer, jump out of the truck. The gas station 
attendant and a friend will be in a car nearby. It will repeatedly 
crash into the stationary truck and trailer and become damage. Stay 
out of the way and shoot the car when it is in a safe position until 
it catches on fire. The gas station attendant will bail. Shoot him, 
then get back in the truck and carefully drive it to the destination 

Toreno's Last Flight mission: 
When you go to take out Toreno, wait until his helicopter's energy bar 
appears. Then, enable the "Destroy all cars" code.

Up, Up, And Away mission: 
Instead of going directly into the military compound and fighting the 
soldiers, steal a Leviathan from the Las Venturas airport. Land it outside 
of Woozie's casino. After the mission briefing, fly above the destination 
marker. You should see a helipad with a Leviathan in the distance. Try to 
land near the helipad and watch out for two soldiers armed with rocket 
launchers. Bail out if needed near the helipad. Kill the armed soldiers, 
shoot down the other helicopters, then finish the mission. Instead of 
fighting all the soldiers downstairs, all you had to do is kill two men 
and destroy two helicopters. 

Vertical Bird mission: 
Your mission is to board the aircraft carrier by jumping off your boat and 
swimming inside. If you drive your boat into the back of the loading docks 
of the aircraft carrier, your cover is blown. Run and gun to the radar room 
and take out the SAM launcher. Afterwards, run to the back of the carrier, 
and before you take off with the Hydra, blow up two of the three Hydras. 
Do not destroy the one on the loading elevator, as this is the one you want. 
Then, take off and you will only have one other Hydra to shoot down with 
instead of three. After you have taken out the enemy Hydra, sink the three 
spy boats by hovering your jet instead of flying. 

Wrong Side Of The Tracks mission: 
Once at the station, do not get on the dirt bike. Instead, enable the 
"Spawn Jetpack" code, then kill the men on the train with the shotgun. 
Once you have killed the men on the train, you must go back to Smoke and 
get on the dirt bike to pass the mission. Additionally, smoke has very 
bad aim. Try to keep up speed with the train. When Smoke tells too take 
the hill, do not, as this makes completing the mission almost impossible. 
Instead, stay with the moving train. Go past the barrier and try to avoid 
getting hit by the other train. Also, turn off the vibration option on the 
controller to help keep your hands steady while on the tracks. 

Notre Dame parody in Las Venturas: 
Enter the bar called The Craw Bar in Las Venturas. As soon as you enter, 
you will see a small Notre Dame sign that instead reads "Notre Lame" on 
the wall directly ahead.

DRIV3R reference in Madd Dogg's Rhymes mission: 
Just before you sneak past Madd Dogg, he will say "Tanner you suck! damn 
you, Refractions, how could you mess up so bad?!" This is a reference to 
DRIV3R, only they changed "Reflections" to "Refractions". 

Grand Theft Auto 3 reference in Farewell My Love mission: 
The man who Catalina is with is the main character from Grand Theft Auto 3. 
At the end of the mission, she gives a pink slip but it is not to her car 
She says that she needs her car because they are going to Liberty City. 

Grand Theft Auto 3 reference in Wu Zi Mu mission: 
In the opening sequence to the mission, look in the car in the background 
to see your character from Grand Theft Auto 3 sitting inside.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City reference in 555 We Tip mission: 
While going to the destination marker, you will see police cars chase a car 
and a man firing at them. If you look closely, you can see it is Tommy 
Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Be careful -- the police will 
sometimes crash into you, giving you one star on your wanted meter. 

Xbox reference in Madd Dogg's Rhymes mission: 
When stealing the lyrics from Madd Dogg for Og Loc, you must sneak around 
in the mansion. When passing Madd Dogg playing his video game, look closely 
to see that it strongly resembles an Xbox system.

Business references in Los Santos: 
In the "Sunset Strip" area ,you can see a train car parked off the street 
(near the hill that you drive up to get to Mad Dog's mansion). This is 
supposed to be Carney's, the burger joint that is actually on the real Sunset 
Strip in Los Angeles. Additionally, earlier in the game, across the street 
where you meat Tenpenny (at a donut shop) for a mission, look at the wall 
across the street. You can see an advertisement for "Blob Music", which is 
a reference to Amoeba Music which can be found in Hollywood, Berkeley, and 
San Francisco. The design looks almost identical to that of the real business. 

In the opening sequence before you start the game (with the game credits), 
watch the pictures that are shown. In one picture is a building in Vinewood. 
This is a reference to the Capitol Records building in Hollywood. The building 
in the game is located somewhere in Vinewood. 

Candy Suxxx reference: 
Some of the safe houses you can purchase have a familiar picture of adult 
film star Candy Suxxx on the wall, who originally appeared in Grand Theft 
Auto: Vice City.

Grand Theft Auto 3 reference: 
Pay close attention to the shows that are heard on WFTC while cruising around 
San Andreas. Notice that one of the shows is called "Gardening With Maurice". 
If listened to Chatterbox in Grand Theft Auto 3 , you may remember Lazlow 
(the host) talking to a caller who said "Gardening With Maurice" got taken 
off the air. Obviously this game takes place further in the past, so 
"Gardening With Maurice" is still on. 

Grand Theft Auto 3 reference in Las Venturas: 
Go to any casino in Las Venturas and play video poker. Notice that there are 
various characters from Grand Theft Auto 3 on the faces of the cards. 
Additionally, go to any casino in Las Venturas. Find a blackjack vendor and 
play blackjack. If a King, Queen, or Joker appears, you can see some characters 
from the Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City. Some of them are Ricardo Diaz, 
Candy Suxxx, a man trying to look up wearing sunglasses, Asuka Kasen, Steve 
Scott, Donald Love, Marty Chonks, Misty, Don Salvatore Leone, and Lance Vance. 
Note: If you cannot see the characters clearly, use the video poker instead.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City references: 
In the mission when you have to rescue Truth's friends, one of them is Kent 
Paul from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The old man who runs the casino that 
you later meet in the mission is Ken Rosenberg, Tommy Vercetti's lawyer in 
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and mentions Tommy and the "good old days" in 
an intermission sequence.

Walk into an Ammu-Nation and listen carefully. You can hear a commercial 
that was featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It says "The store 
leading the fight against communism is having a blowout sale! Ammunation 
has a wide selection of Peace Makers! Come by Ammunation on Militia Mondays" 

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City references in Las Venturas: 
In the intermission sequence for Wuzi's casino mission entitled 
"Key To Her Heart", the board that CJ reveals is none other than the 
band Love Fist from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Additionally, one of 
the safe houses in Las Venturas is a casino in the northern part. 
Behind it is a sign of Candy Suxx moving her leg. 

On the Old Venturas Strip, the cowboy on a casino is Grand Theft Auto: 
Vice City's southern real estate tycoon Avery Carrington.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City reference in Los Santos: 
Near the Vinewood area and the Market district, there is a giant studio company 
that you can enter. If you look at it, these buildings are the same ones that 
are at Interglobal Studios in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City . Keep looking around 
the building and you will see the front offices. In big letters, the name of 
the company is posted. It is Interglobal Television.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City references in San Fierro: 
Go inside the Zero RC toy shop. Behind the cashier is a game being sold. 
That game is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Additionally, go to the counter 
inside the Zero RC toy shop. You will see a rack of action figures that 
includes Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Buy the house in the Carlton Heights area (near the Go Kart Track). 
Go inside and look to your left. There should be a hallway. To your left 
should be your wardrobe. Look to your right and walk through the first door. 
After it opens, look at the picture above the bed to see the Diaz/Vercetti 
mansion from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Manhunt reference in Los Santos: 
Enter the bar near CJ's house. Along with various other paintings on the 
inside walls, there will be the red-eyed elite guardsmen that worked for 
the Director in Manhunt.

Manhunt reference in Red County: 
In Fisherman's Lagoon, there is a circle wire holder. On it is a company 
name and Carcer, which was the city in Manhunt.

Manhunt reference in San Fierro:
When you first start the Zero RC toy shop's missions, watch the intermission sequence.
Look closely in the background to see action figures of the main character from Manhunt,
James Earl Cash.

Manhunt reference in Whetstone: 
There is a junkyard in the Mt. Chiliad/Shady Creek area that is exactly like 
the junkyard level in Manhunt. You can also find a Dozer here to drive.

Radio comments: 
* Afer doing some Grove Street missions and seizing territory, one of the DJs on the 
  radio will say "Have you heard Grove Streets making a comeback? That's great news. 
  hope they don't take me out just for playing this music." 

* After the 555 We Tip mission, another DJ says "Did you hear about that D.A. with 
  the trunk full of drugs? I can't believe that. Keeping it all for his own personal 

* You can also listen to the talk radio to hear Lazlo host the entertainment section,
  where he interviews OG LOC (the rapper you help during the Grove Street missions) 
  OG LOC's manager is now Big Smoke.

Easy First Mission:
Submitted by: Laxmikant Kachhap

In the first mission of the game where you have to ride a BMX and follow your guyz,
two Ballas people want to kill you when in their ride. If you don't have any gun or
ammunition, there is an easy way to get rid if them without fighting. Just grab any
vehicle except bikes and make them to follow you to the beach nearest your place, 
check the map for driving directions, get near the water with your car and make sure
they are just around you and rush your car into the water. They will die there itself.
Now grab your bike and complete the mission without distraction.

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