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  Hints and Tips for: Gunbrella 
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 Gunbrella Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K 

Heart Piece Guide:
Written by McGingerchops

This guide will contain some light spoilers, but I tried to obfuscate 
them where I could.

Note that the pause and file select menus will only show 3 health upgrades, 
but you can actually get 4 extra hearts if you get all the heart pieces. 
These are the only things I know of that will stop you from gaining heart 

* Keeping the gem.
* Telling on Brad.
* Going to the mines before getting the first 5 heart pieces.
* Giving Marle the shipping label before getting the last 3 heart pieces.

-=Before Going to the Mines=-
* If you give Sewert the gem, he will give you a heart piece. If you 
  give it to the merchant, you can buy a heart piece from him after 
  returning to Allendale from the mines. To my knowledge, you can’t get 
  this piece if you keep the gem.

* When you complete the “O Well” quest in Orwell, the mayor will give 
  you the deed to his room in Allendale. The heart piece is in the chest 
  at the top of this room.

* Speak to the barrel guy that the cops were talking to outside of Allendale 
  to get the “Hide and Seek” quest. Completing it gets you another piece.

* When asked, tell Dregs (the big grey scrapper) that you snuck into the 
  scrapyard. Brad (the door guard guy) will give you a heart piece when you
  talk to him after meeting with Marle.

* Buy the motor from Bill’s Pills in Allendale for $100, then give it to the 
  broken robot on the way out of the scrapyard.

-=After Returning from the Mines=-
* During the escape, Connie will ask if you want to try to take a crude crystal. 
  If you don’t take it, the owner of the Speakeasy in Allendale will give you a 
  heart piece. If you do take it, Connie will give you a heart piece in the room
  next to yours in the hostel in Allendale.

* In Orwell, Eli will ask you to look for his son. Bring him his son for this 
  heart piece.

* Speak to Father Wormwood at Basecamp. Follow this quest line to get the last 

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