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  Hints and Tips for: Hearts Of Iron 2 - Doomsday 
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 Hearts Of Iron 2 - Doomsday Cheats

Hearts Of Iron 2 - Doomsday

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Press [F12] to display the console window, then enter 
one of the following codes.

Result                                           Code
Toggle AI folds to all demands and suggestions - cceptall 
Toggle total control                           - fullcontrol  
Toggle show province ID                        - showid  
Toggle show coordinates                        - showxy  
Toggle hands off                               - handsoff  
Toggle fog of war                              - nofog  
No troop limits                                - nolimit  
Toggle rebels defeated                         - norevolts  
Toggle AI will not declare war                 - nowar  
Toggle God mode                                - difrules  
More men                                       - manpower 
More oil                                       - oil 
More money                                     - money 
More rare materials                            - rare  
More metal                                     - metal 
More energy                                    - energy  
Nuclear bomb                                   - nuke 
Nuke enemy                                     - nuke   
Toggle reform country                          - freedom  
show opponent's tech research                  - viewtech  
More escorts                                   - escorts  
More transports                                - transports  
More supplies                                  - supplies  
Get a dissent                                  - dissent  
Enable in-game event                           - event 

Use the following entries with the event code 

Effect	Number	
994  - Policies +2 Open Society and either +3 National Dissent 
       or +5 National Dissent and +1 Democratic
995  - -2 National Dissent and policies +1 Closed Society
996  - +2 National Dissent and +15 Manpower
997  - -10 National Dissent
998  - -1 National Dissent and +25 Manpower
1000 - A research project has been sabotaged (progress delayed)
1001 - +5 National Dissent
1002 - Supplies +200% of Daily Max Income
1003 - +100 Manpower
1005 - -5 National Dissent and supplies +100% of Daily Max Income
1006 - +1% Industrial Efficiency and +1 National Dissent
1007 - +30 Manpower
1008 - Supplies -200% of Daily Max Income and +3 National Dissent
1009 - -3 National Dissent
1010 - One of your Industries is destroyed (-1 IC)
1012 - Get blueprints for current research 1012
1013 - +1% Industrial Efficiency
1014 - National Policies move 2 towards either Authoritarian or Democratic
1016 - National Policies move 1 towards either Political Left or Political Right

Too shy to nuke:
Ever seen the AI nuke you? Surely not. The AI is not able to build nuclear reactors, 
a facility needed to build atomic bombs (or upgrade them to the needed level), so 
it cannot get those weapons. However, if you start in 1945 (Doomsday scenario), the
AI will use nukes, since some countries begin play with reactors built. In fact, if
you're playing the USSR, watch out, as the USA immediately after start nukes Moscow
and probably a second soviet city.

Nazi Germany: Keep Soviet Union at Bay:
You'll probably realize that the only country that actually can screw your plans for 
world domination is the Soviet Union (since 1/3 of the world's territory is in Communist
Red). There's an interesting little bug that prevents the Soviet Union from attacking 
you when you aren't looking by making use of the historical features in the game. When
you finally go to war with Poland, you'll probably remember you had (or not) an agreement
with the Soviets to divide Polish territory. What you chose in this agreement does not 
matter. What matters is when attacking Poland, refrain from occupying Warsaw, the 
Polish capital city. This will trigger another historical event with the Soviets. You 
can control all the provinces of Poland but DO NOT OCCUPY WARSAW and annex the country.
As long as Warsaw exists AND belongs to Poland, the Soviets will not attack you ever. 
Meanwhile, you can focus on occupying everywhere else and build some defences along 
the Soviet border.

Resource and Manpower:
Get loads of resources and manpower Back up the file you are going to alter, or you 
get a free game-screwing! 

Go to the directory /HOI2/db/events and in there you should find many text documents. 
Locate the one file called RandomEvents and open it using Notepad or similar text 
editor (note you need to save the file with the existing extension). 
Search the bottom of the file and just add: 

# Money, money, money 
event = { 
id = 1018 
random = no 
trigger = { 
year = 9999 
name = "EVT_1015R_NAME" 
desc = "EVT_1015R_DESC" 
picture = "politician" 
style = 0 

action_a = { 
name = "ACTIONNAME1017A" 
command = { type = vp value = 200 } 
command = { type = supplies value = 99999999 } 
command = { type = oilpool value = 99999999 } 
command = { type = metalpool value = 99999999 } 
command = { type = energypool value = 99999999 }
command = { type = rarematerialspool value = 99999999 } 
command = { type = money value = 99999999 }
command = { type = manpowerpool value = 99999999 } } 
action_b = { name = "ACTIONNAME1017B" 
command = { type = vp value = 200 } 
command = { type = supplies value = 99999999 } 
command = { type = oilpool value = 99999999 } 
command = { type = metalpool value = 99999999 } 
command = { type = energypool value = 99999999 } 
command = { type = rarematerialspool value = 99999999 } 
command = { type = money value = 99999999 } 
command = { type = manpowerpool value = 99999999 } } } 

Save the file when you play HOI2 game type event 1018 (in your cheat window).
Then click yes/no to get a load of resources and manpower! 

Unlock All Technologies:
You must save the 1936, 1939, 1941, and 1944 folders to use this hacking procedure.
You should have a back-up of the file(s) you are editing, or you will get game-

Choose which country you want to start in and the time period. Once you do, go to
the 'Scenario' directory /HOI2/scenarios/ and find which time period you have 
chosen. Look for your country's file (most of the countries are truncated to three
letters) and open the file with Notepad or a similar text editor. Note you need to
save the file with the same extension) and locate the text string techapps = { 

Underneath, you should find a couple of numbers (ranging from 1000 – 9460). Go to
in between any of them and add your own list from 1000 – 9460 (going up in 10s). 
For example, you need to list 1000, 1010, 1020, 1030 .... 9440, 9450, 9460 to 
unlock all the technologies. 

Save the file after you’ve done those modifications, boot the game and load the 
same scenario and you should have your technologies. 

If you want to play HOI2 with a different country or time period, save over your
current (1936, 1939, 1941, 1944) folders with a copy of the back-up ones. Then 
with the list of 1000 – 9460 you should had saved, highlight it all (CTRL + A), 
copy it all (CTRL + C) and paste it (CTRL + V) where you want it to go again. 

Fast Research:
Note: this involves editing a save game, so make a back-up or re-start your campaign.
Locate the yoursave.eug file in the \...\scenarios\save\ directory. Open the file 
using a text editor and locate the string 

Tag = (yourcountry) 

Under that section, locate the science team section and change their relevant skills
to 999 (or some moderately ridiculous integer). Further down, you may find the hidden
technologies. If you remove the numbers with brackets next to each hidden tech, you 
do not have to wait for them to be accessable to researchers.

Quick Units for Free:
Note: When editing game files always make a back-up. First, go to your program 
files, then the Hearts of Iron II or paradox Inter. folder. Then go to the folder
titled db, then the units folder, the brigade or division folder. In either one 
pick the units you want to change. All you have to change is the cost and build 
time to either 1 or 0. Changing anything else will cause the game to crash. 

Most of the cheats for Hearts of Iron 2 are the same as the first one. Hit [F12] 
and type in the name of the resource to get 5k more of it.

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