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  Hints and Tips for: Hitman 
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 Hitman Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Defection Deterred" achievement:
In "The Final Test" mission, get the projector slides from the 
lower floor in the main entrance area (on a desk where two guards
are talking). Put the slides in the projector upstairs. Wait by 
the projector until the target arrives with the colonel. When 
the target is about to enter the room, turn off the power outside
the projector room (on the balcony). If timed correctly, the 
colonel will put the power back on and kill the target.

Easy "K-36D" achievement:
In "The Final Test" mission, disguise yourself as a mechanic. Next,
sabotage the ejector seat of the fighter jet (requires a wrench 
which you can be found near the jet). Read the "Exit Strategy" 
paper (by the fighter jet). Then, speak to the target and let 
him follow you to the jet. Finally, interact with the exit 
strategy paper again and give him instructions how to use the 
ejector seat. He will then fly away on the seat and you can 
safely exit the area.

Easy "Meeting The Reaper" achievement:
In "The Showstopper" mission, start out at the main entrance with 
your normal suit (do not put on a disguise). Go to the back of the
palace where the helicopter is located. There is a pipe on the wall 
that you can climb to the upper floor where the secret auction takes
place. Enter the auction room and sit down in the chair. Then, just 
stay there until Dalia talks to you to get the "Meeting The Reaper" 

Easy "Security Defeated" and "Silent Assassin" achievements:
In the "The Final Test" mission, from the start sneak through the 
area on the left side to see a pipe at the end of the building. 
Wait until the two mechanics pass by the pipe or they will spot 
you. Climb the pipe as soon as they walk into the building. Enter
the room on the upper floor through the window. Place your pistol 
on the floor by the door. You will get the "Security Defeated" 
achievement and will distract the guard. The guard will then leave 
with the weapon and the target will be alone in the room with you. 
Take him out and hide the body in the bathroom box. Then, go back
the way you came, and throw a coin to distract the guard underneath 
the pipe to get the "Silent Assassin" achievement.

Easy "The Showstopper" achievement:
In "The Showstopper" mission, get a disguise (Security Guard works 
fine). Read the stage plan (found behind the fashion stage). Go 
to the room where the models are being prepared for the stage. 
Wait for Sebastian Sato (the fashion designer) to arrive. Then, 
insert a coin into the music box behind him. The music will make
him walk away. After he drinks from the wine glass, he will walk 
behind a wall where you can take him out without being seen (save
the game when he starts walking in case you make a mistake). Then,
go to the top floor, get a crowbar, and climb the light rig above 
the stage. When Viktor Novikov comes on the stage, use the crowbar
to drop the lights on him (he takes a few minutes to arrive) to 
get "The Showstopper" achievement.

Easy "Unexpected Guest" achievement:
In the "Freeform Training" mission, get the rat poison on Deck 00.
Put the poison in the wine glass by the bar on Deck 01 and let 
Norfolk drink it (the guy in white suit). Norfolk will then get 
sick and go to the toilet. Follow him and assassinate him, then 
put on his disguise. Next, go to Deck 02 and talk to the target.
Follow him to his office, then assassinate him from behind once 
you are alone to get the "Unexpected Guest" achievement.

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