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  Hints and Tips for: Just Cause 4 
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 Just Cause 4 Cheats

Just Cause 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
* You can skip cutscenes, in fact all you need to do is hold B on pad. 
  (also pressing Esc the option appears).

* This is new to the series. In Just Cause 4 Ricoís grappling hook, which is 
  his signature weapon, can be upgraded. You can deploy balloons that carry 
  items from one place to the next, and then there are the guns that can also 
  be modded too.
* With a virtual cornucopia of enemy vehicles and soldiers coming at players 
  from all angles, using the correct weapons in the game literally means the 
  difference between life and death. Weapons are broken down into three tiers 
  (dual weapons, two-handed weapons, and special weapons) and players can only
  carry one of each tier.

* If you are taking to much damage just get the hell out of there via Grappling 

* To take down choppers, you can use your Grappling Hook to Tether then on the 
  Ground then charge them with the attacks.

* During the Mission or chase if you ran out of Ammo and you need to hold 
  enemies then try grappling and hook the object to other and thus holding it 
  will hold them and eventually explodes by the collision.

* Not every vehicle is available to store at your garage. Some have to be 
  unlocked from the army bases, completing missions and unlocking skills.

* Traveling and exploring is Fun so explore the area to know more about the 
  place and hidden towns and settlements.

* Once you have any Skill unlocked remember to activate it from the Menu.

* You are unable to see the areas which you havenít yet liberated or visited 
  on the map, but if you would like to have a look on it then Go to map and 
  zoom out then take the cursor on the province.

Grappling Hook & Tether:
LB/L1 fires the hook and reels you in if you tap it. If you hold it, it fires at 
the object and attaches. While still holding LB/L1 you move the crosshair to the 
second object that you want to tether and release LB/L1.

When objects are tethered, LT/L2 retracts the cable between the objects and tries 
to pull them toward each other if the tether is strong enough and the object is 
able to move. For example, cars can be thethered together and smashed into each 
other but permanent buildings and structures cannot be moved and the thether will 

How to Use the Wingsuit:
When youíre free falling or using your parachute press Triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox 
One) to open your wingsuit. To maintain speed, youíll have to keep going at a 
downwards angle. The problems start when you try to maintain both speed and altitude. 
It is possible to fly indefinitely, but it requires skill and knowing some stuff 

* If you donít like the feel of the wingsuit, try using inverted Y axis - many 
  people like it better when flying (it can be found in control settings).

* Set your camera so that you have a good view of the ground - youíll need it to 
* Donít make sharp turns - you can lose control easily. Nudge the stick gently.
* You can go a little higher by pulling back, but if you pull back too much, youíll 
  slow yourself down more than youíd like.

* When you pull back all the way for a while, Rico will do a backflip and go into a 

* If you want to gain altitude quickly, switch to parachute, go up, then revert to 

* Use grappling hooks to boost yourself while using the wingsuit.

* Donít forget you can use the right stick (or mouse) to aim the grapple while 
* While grappling in the wingsuit, pull up (back) all the way, otherwise youíll run 
  into the ground.
* Always break tether manually when grappling (the same button you use to grapple)  
  never let it break off by itself.
* Use Wingsuit Challenges to practice,allow yourself a few bad runs to get a feel 
  for the track, then try to improve.

Where do I find my savegames?:
Just Cause 4 Savegames can be found here:

Windows: In the steam install directory, userdata, user id, 517630

E.g.: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\#####\517630

PBX Auto-Slug 4 Shotgun:
Secure the "Riscos Altos" region (left side of the map) to unlock the PBX Auto-Slug 4 
Shotgun. You can then request it by airdrop at any time. You can also find this 
weapon in some military bases from weapon boxes.

How to Unlock Fast Travel:
To be able to use Fast Travel you must first unlock the Illapa Project mission in 
Wachikuni. To do this you must complete the Wanay Extraction mission which involves 
freeing and escorting civilians to join your rebel cause. Upon completing the Illapa 
Project mission you will have access to your first pilot which now allow you to click 
any point of interest or location on the map and request transport. You will not be 
able to Fast Travel at will as the pilot will need to refuel after each action which 
means they will be unavailable for a short period.

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