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  Hints and Tips for: Kaichu: A Kaiju Dating Sim 
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 Kaichu: A Kaiju Dating Sim Cheats

Kaichu: A Kaiju Dating Sim

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Loved and Lost - Bad Date Ending in Act 1:
Written by SAmaryllis

I personally had a lot of trouble filling the heartbreak meter in Act 1 (the 
game very kindly does not want you to fail this early on), so I've compiled 
some of the questions I came across that helped me finally get the bad date 
achievement while courting Megaricus! I'm sure it's probably possible with 
all the other characters, I just had the most trouble getting the good ending 
with Megaricus personally, so I figured it was a good starting point.

Additional note: it does not seem the "save" v. "risk it" pop up impacts this 
at all - it simply allows you to save your game. I actually got this achievement 
after I had blindly clicked "save."

Let me know if I missed or misrepresented anything! I tried to arrange 
alphabetically by keyword within each section, but it'll probably be easiest 
to ctrl + f on the page. Any question marks by responses are ones I could use 
more confirmed input on!

-=Only Good Responses Possible=-
==First date questions:
* Does Gigachu come here often?
* Is this Gigachu's first time dating a fungus?
* Does Gigachu like the ?
==Miscellaneous questions:
* What is Gigachu's favorite color?
* What kind of conversationalist is Gigachu?: 
  alker confirmed, Listener confirmed
* Does Gigachu dream?
* Which does Gigachu follow?: Heart confirmed, Stars confirmed, other one 
  answer not confirmed
* Which does Gigachu prefer for a partner?: Younger confirmed, other two 
  answers not confirmed

-=Only Neutral Responses Possible as "Worst" Answer=-
* Is Gigachu aquatic?: Yes? (don't pick No)
* Is Gigachu artistic?: can pick any? (don't pick Yes)
* Megaricus wants to know what first attracted Gigachu to them: can pick any?
* Does Gigachu think exes can be friends?: No?
* Has Gigachu been more affected by positive than negative experiences?: Yes? 
  (don't pick Neutral)
* What is Gigachu's favorite holiday?: Monkey Buffet Festival or Halloween? 
  (don't pick Kanamara Matsuri)
* Is Gigachu into fitness?: Yes?
* Does Gigachu enjoy games?: Yes?
* What does Gigachu go for?: Cold climate? (don't pick Warm weather)
* Is Gigachu multilingual?: No? (don't pick Yes)
* What is Gigachu's outlook on life?: Optimistic? (don't pick Pessimistic)
* Is Gigachu into piercings?: Yes? (don't pick No)
* What is Gigachu most proud of?: Magic? (don't pick Dancing or Humor)
* How does Gigachu relax?: Stargazing? (don't pick Meditation)
* To what does Gigachu attribute chu success?: Hard work? (don't pick Luck)

-=Bad Responses Possible=-
* Is Gigachu big on bridges?: No
* Does Gigachu find it difficult to compromise?: Yes
* Which most describes Gigachu?: Troublemaker
* Does Gigachu dig deserts?: Yes
* What is Gigachu's diet like?: Fresh
* Is Gigachu moved by domes?: No
* How is Gigachu feeling?: Dangerous
* Is Gigachu a fan of forests?: No
* Which habitat does Gigachu prefer?: The countryside
* Which height does Gigachu prefer for a partner?: Shorter
* Is Gigachu afraid of heights?: Yes
* Who is Gigachu's hero?: Kirby
* Is Gigachu a history buff?: No
* Does Gigachu like literature?: Yes? (don't pick No)
* What is the most important reason for marriage?: Propriety
* How does Gigachu feel about mountains?: Like
* Does Gigachu like metal?: Yes
* What is Gigachu's top pet peeve?: Nose Picking
* Could Gigachu be with someone who didn't share chu political beliefs?: No
* Is Gigachu popular?: No
* What is Gigachu's opinion on precipitation?: Dislike
* Does Gigachu like rock?: Yes
* Is Gigachu theatrical?: Yes
* Is Gigachu vegan?: Yes
* What's Gigachu's take on walls?: Dislike
* Which is Gigachu?: Morning monster
* How does Gigachu feel about wood?: Dislike

-=Dealbreaker Responses (Forces Date to Neutral/Bad)=-
==First date:
* Does Gigachu kiss on the first date?: No
== Miscellaneous:
* Megaricus wants to know what most attracts Gigachu to them: Sense of Justice

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