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  Hints and Tips for: Kardboard Kings 
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 Kardboard Kings Cheats

Kardboard Kings

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Unlock All Legendary Cards:
While some of the Legendary cards are just handed to you there are some that have 
hidden unlock conditions that aren’t that easy to find out. This is a short guide 
on how to unlock them all.

-=Legendary "Knowledge"=-
This card is just handed to you by Phantom Mask as part of the story.

-=Legendary "Fairness"=-
To be honest I am not quite sure how I obtained it. It seems to have to do something with 
being fair to customers and not ripping them off when trading with them. I think I got it 
from grossly overpaying for some card a customer had to sell …

In any case you should try to up your customer friendship levels (the heart next to the 
name) at all times. Always meet their requests to trade even if they want far too much 
for a card. This might be tough at first but just keep playing and money will never be 
an issue.

-=Legendary "Friendship"=-
This card is unlocked by befriending the Postie (the mailman). Talk to him every time he 
comes around and ask him what you can do for him. At some point he’ll start talking about 
how he’s moving into a new home with his wife. Keep talking to him and he’ll find a box 
in the attic – after two or three more chats he’ll just bring you the card.

-=Legendary "Vanity"=-
To unlock this card you’ll have to fill every single decoration slot in your store. You 
can either buy decorations from Gbay or just complete the weekly task (which at some 
point is rather a daily task because it’s so easy). Choose a reward that fits a spot 
you’ll still have to fill. There are some slots that are a bit hidden like the ones in 
the windows so make sure you got all of them. Once you’ve filled them all the Postie 
will bring you a fan letter with the card included.

-=Legendary "Hunger"=-
The "Hunger" legendary will appear once you have enough money to buy it. It’ll cost 
you $500 and can be found on Gbay under Victoria’s Vintages. It might not always be 
there however for me it appeared as soon as I could afford it.

-=Legendary "Karma"=-
To obtain the "Karma" card you’ll have to greatly overfulfill a phone request. 
For example if the phone request is for simply any blue card fill it with a very 
expensive rare, possibly even shiny blue card. The card has to be worth far more 
than the requesting customer is willing to pay for it.

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