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  Hints and Tips for: Kgb - Conspiracy 
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 Kgb - Conspiracy Cheats

Kgb - Conspiracy

Wait in office for call from Volvov.
Go through office door into hall.
Enter 2nd door from left.
Get assignment from Volvov.
Leave hall by going through rightmost door.

Go to Golitsin's office.
Show ID to guard.
Tell guard to notify you if anyone comes.
Find matches and match box in desk.
Find batteries in transistor radio on table.
Inspect file drawer - locked.
Ask guard for key to drawer.
Open drawer with key.
Get article and cassette player.
Read article and drop it.
Put batteries in cassette player.
Look out window & notice a man looking at you.
Wait until guard notifies you of Golitsin's sister's arrival.
Question her.
Tell her to sit and be nice to her.
Tell her to leave and she will give a tape to you.
Put tape in cassette player.
Give key back to guard.
Go back to Department P.
Tell Volvov that orders were obeyed; that you interviewed Golitsin's 
Give cassette to Volvov.
It seemed advisable to listen to cassette.
Codename is Hollywood.
Go to your office and wait.

Get assignment from Galushkin to investigate Hollywood at the
Enthusiastic Progress Club (EPC).
Go to Uncle Vanya's.
Go to your bedroom.
Get clothes from closet.
Wear clothes.
Get money from drawer.

Go to Kursk Street.
Enter bar and speak with bartender and Romeo but do not discuss
Hollywood or buyer 2.
Find out that bar closes at 10:30pm.
Get beer glasses from the bar (for what?).

Leave bar.
Go around the corner to the left.
Enter the back room of the bar; go upstairs.
Light a match and get a clipboard from the cabinet.
Go downstairs.
Go through door near stairs.
Go 4 lefts to apartment door.

Enter apartments and speak with ladies in Apartment 7.
Opinion poll about opposite sex.
Go in apartment 7.
Not really a poll.
Investigating murders.
Need their help.
Ask about neighbours.
Talk to both women, be sure to get them to tell about Belussov 
in Lefortovo.

Go to apartment 5 and speak with Belussov about Lefortovo. 
He tells about Ryumin in apartment 4 spending 5 years on 
Wrangel Island. 

Go to apartment 4 and speak with Ryumin about Wrangel Island. 
He tells about Systenko in apartment 6 and his meat market. 

After leaving apartment 4, hear two thugs discussing their 
mugging strategy as they walk up the stairs to the EPC. 

Go upstairs and drop the clipboard in the hall and enter the EPC. 
Pay $30.00 to stay.
Speak with the people there and buy a video tape for $5.00. 
Go into the bathroom and find $200.00 cash in the trash; put 
it back. Leave bathroom and then enter the bathroom again to 
find cocaine in the trash.
Flush coke and pee.

Speak with thugs standing by the right wall in EPC.
They invite you to party with them and do so.

Fight Lyonka outside and kill him.
Search him and find a lock pick tool.
Move his body to the trash can in the next right screen.

Go to the door next to the meat market and open it using the 
lock pick tools.
Go through the door to the meat market.
Light a match and look at the counter.
Move the switch to turn ON the diode.
Enter the freezer, see the bodies and throw up.
Come out, light another match, and turn the diode OFF.

For extra:
Go to the bar and wait until 10:30; get kicked out and go around 
the corner and enter the bar from the back. The bartender confronts 
me and I kill him. Search him and find a key (to bar back door). 

Go to apartment 6 and speak with Systenko and ask about his 
meat market.
He lets you in and tells about how he was being blackmailed. 
He tells about Chevchenkova in apartment 8 and her cats and the 
bad guys that use her apartment.

Go to hall and watch Chevchenkova leave to feed cats.
Use lock pick tools to enter apartment 8.
Look in drawer and find white paper and picture of some KGB. 
Then enter door on right.
Discover assurance portfolio with pictures of your parent's 
car in the TV.
Try the video tape that you bought in the EPC in the VCR 
(boring movie).
Find other video tapes in the drawer and try them in the VCR 
(snuff movie).
Find the Polaroid camera.

Eventually get caught by 4 guys and wind up in a room where 
they threaten you.
Find out that one of them is Hollywood and Romeo tells that 
he has seen
you tonight.

Rita comes in to the room; don't tell her anything.
Mickey Duck comes in and tries to kill Rita.
Try to protect her.
Verto lets her out.
Mickey Duck and you talk but he doesn't trust you.
Listen at the door and hear that Rita wants cocaine.
Verto says that he doesn't have it.

Find the bug on the table, destroy it, and show it to 
Mickey Duck. Look at the alarm above the door and Mickey 
wants to hot wire it to cause
a distraction.
Say it must be for the meat locker and to go ahead.

Verto gets excited and leaves.
Call Rita, help Rita, say you will get coke for Rita.
When Rita lets you out of room, attack Rita.
Take all the stuff.
Hide behind door.
Fight Verto when he comes in.
Take his stuff.
Find Polaroid camera.
Find white and blue papers.
Use camera on blue & white papers, keep photos.
View videos, if not already seen.
Return blue & white papers and videos.
Leave apartment.

See codes on photos of papers (should say Leningrad 
Aug 16 3pm Ladoga Park).
Return to Dept. P.
Answer Volvov's questions.
Get new assignment from Galushkin.
Say you will to Leningrad, Ladoga Park, Aug 16 @ 3;00 PM.
Get equipment from Guzenko.

Look at phone in hotel room.
Read mission instructions and personnel files.
Go to bathroom, but answer phone when it rings.
Say no & get another phone number (37452) from caller.
Enter bathroom.
Look above mirror, take paper.
Look at paper & decode message using Boris & 37452



Go to your bedroom.
Switch light off & on 3 times.
Use phone; call 37452.
Leave everything in room except rubles & ID.
Go to room across hall & look at phone # 37493.
Go to dept 7.
Show ID to desk guard.
Say that you are expected in Dept 7 by Kusnetsov.
Give pass to guards.
Go to Kusnetsov's office & listen to him.
Go to Agabekov's office & wait till he is ready to talk.
Smell cigar odour.
Look at both phones.
Ask questions of Agabekov.
Leave Agabekov's office & go to Drobnitsa's office.
Ask him questions & look at phones.
Leave his office & go to Chapkin's office.
Look at phones.
Call Agabekov & get him to meet you outside in 3 minutes
(say you are Yakovlev).
Go to Agabekov's office & look in trash can at cigar (take it).

Go back to your hotel room.
Take headphones, listening device, microphone, & camera. 
Go to Ladoga Park before 3:00 PM.
Go to left and hide behind tree.
Put microphone on bench, set listening device to record.
Wait till surly man arrives at 2:55pm.
Wait till Romeo appears at 3:05pm.
Wait till both men leave.
Take microphone.

Go to right, go to metro station.
Watch surly man meet Chapkin.
Follow surly man (Romeo's contact) to warehouse.
Use camera to watch him enter key pad code (14C9A).
Enter bar, go through door on left.
Go upstairs.
Unlock roof window.
Go downstairs.
Go through door on left into bathroom.
Unlock window.
Go out window.
Go through side street between buildings to front of warehouse.
Unlock keypad (14C9A).
Enter warehouse.
Take suitcase from desk.
Open suitcase & see video tapes.
Put tapes back in suitcase.
Put suitcase on desk.
Go through door into next room.
Go through door on left into office.
Put microphone on desk.
Leave office & hide behind boxes.
Put recorder on boxes.
Wait until guys come and enter office.
Wait till door bell rings and 3rd guy goes into office.
Wait till 3rd guy comes out of office & leaves - he is Obukov.

Climb ladder.
Unlock roof window, exit through window.
Go into window on next roof.
Go downstairs and then into bathroom.
Exit through window and then between buildings to front 
of warehouse. See Obukov enter subway.
Enter subway and follow Obukov to Hotel Syevyernaya Zvyezda.

Enter hotel and watch Obukov enter cocktail bar.
Enter bar and wait.
Watch Agabekov meet Obukov.
Wait till they leave.
Go to lobby & watch Agabekov & Obukov.
Wait till both leave.
Exit hotel.
Go to warehouse before 6:30pm.
Go to back of warehouse via right side of screen.
Enter bathroom window.
Go through bathroom door.
Go upstairs, through roof window, down roof window, down 
ladder, and hide behind boxes again.
Wait until Savchenko makes call to say day after tomorrow 
morning is OK.
Take listening device.
Leave warehouse at 7:02pm.
Listen to all tape recordings.
Go back to your hotel.
Go to left (hotel alley).
Show cut-throat your ID.
Tell about Agabekov's cigar.
Mechilaiev & Savchenko are handling the tapes.
Yakuchev is contact.
Transport is Viktor Matsnev, will exchange tapes for drugs.
Mr. X is Agabekov.
Ask questions about NEW BIRTH & Matsnev.
Go to front of your hotel.
Go in hotel.
Go upstairs.
Go to room across the hall from your room.
Wait for Savinkov.
Search killer, take hat & coat & photo.
Use phone, call number on killer's hand.
Answer "yes", "come up", "come up".
Move body to bathroom.
Wear hat & coat.
Go to bedroom.
Turn off light.
Wait for knock & say come in.
Explain everything to Savinkov.
Ask Savinkov questions.
Listen to killer.

Dispose of body:
Put hat & coat on body.
Move body to room across hall.
Turn on light and look at bed.
Take bottle and use on body.
Look out window and see cigarette glow below.
Go outside hotel.
Go to alley on left.
Give bottle to bums.
Go to hotel lobby.
Tell receptionist about noise.
Look at desk and take wheelchair.
Go to alley and drop wheelchair.
Go to hotel room across hall from yours.
Move body out window.
Go to alley.
Take wheelchair.
Use wheelchair on body.
Move body to canal street (to left).
Move body into canal.
Get back to room (within 1 hour).

Wait for Savinkov, get instructions.

Go to Hotel S. Z.
Go into lobby.
Go into bar.
Talk to prostitute on right of screen (Natasha).
Ask about room 304.
Another prostitute arrives (Tamara).
Talk to Tamara.
Ask what room she uses.
Talk to Carla Wallace (American lady in booth on right of screen). 
Get info and $150.00 from her.
Go to bar.
Talk to Tamara.
Pay $50.00 and go to room 304.
Ask Tamara about other room she uses and pay $50.00 for 
info (Room 416).
Go to 4th floor.
Tell House lady room 416; pay her $10.00.
Look at mirror (2-way).
Look at table; take ashtray.
Use ashtray on mirror.
Go through mirror to room 418.
Look at table; take photo of Chapkin and Kusnetsov.
Go to 1st floor.
Go to bar.
Talk to Greenburg (man in booth on middle left of screen).
Tell that Savinkov is controller.
Tell that you went to Hammer & Sickle Street today.
Never hear of Protopopov.
Get more info and maybe money too.

Return to your room in Hotel G.
Stop recorder.
Set recorder to Voice-Activated.
Remove headphones from recorder.
Use bed and sleep.

Go to bathroom when Chapkin wakes you up.
Say that you are ready to TALK to him.
When recorder starts to distract him, attack him.
Look at body; take gun and syringe.
Use syringe on him and ask questions.
Wait for Savinkov and tell all.
Give gun to Savinkov.
Sleep until 10:15am.

Go to hotel alley and wait for bum to appear.
Talk to bum and ask for his paper.
Give new camera to bum for newspaper.
Look at newspaper.
Go to front of Hotel G and wait until phone rings.
Answer phone, identify yourself, and talk to cut-throat.
Say that you don't know about NEW BIRTH.
Say that Matsnev is a boat.

Go to Ladoga Park before noon.
Wait for Greenburg.
Talk to Greenburg.
Say that you don't know about Protopopov.
Go to dock.

Dive into water.
Go up onto boat.
Hide behind fish boxes in front part of boat.
After mechanic leaves, go down hatch to radio room.
Go through door on left to rest room.
Look at drawer under the bed; take all that stuff (bottle & belt). 
Go to radio room.
Go up to deck before Savinkov arrives.
Throw bottle into water on left side of ship.
When mechanic jumps overboard, go to rear of ship.
Go down hatch to engine room.
Hide in closet.
Wait until engine wakes you up.
Look at engine.
Use belt on engine.
Hide in closet.
Wait until midnight.
When mechanic goes up to deck, go up to deck.
Watch transaction at front of ship; casket and 2 suitcases are 
loaded. After everyone goes below deck; go to front of ship.
Go down hatch into radio room.
Look at box and suitcases (be sure to leave them there). 
Listen at door of rest room.
Go up on deck before Savinkov enters radio room.
Hide behind fish boxes on front of ship.
Wait until 5:00am.
Watch meeting with another ship.
Wait until dawn; go to rear of ship and hide behind fish boxes.
Wait and then go into water when you get near the dock.

Go to Dept 7.
Wait outside until 9:15am & watch as Agabekov leaves in a car.
Go; hail taxi and follow Agabekov.
Go into building on Progress of Mankind Street.
Tell guards that you are KGB.
Show ID.
Talk to Litvinov; routine questioning, just the facts.
Ask about what was to be done to Protopopov; no time for 
dithering. Leave Litvinov's office.
Go through farthest room (3) on right wall.
Go through door on right.
Wait in green room & answer anything until the professor 
lets you out. Go through door on right.

Question Professor; ask about work, say that Agabekov is not 
my colleague.
When professor leaves the room, press the button on the table 
to trap him in the green room.
Wait until he says he will tell you anything.
Talk to microphone on table; ask about his work.
Ask about his patients.
Ask about the big cabinet.
Ask about nurse Saneyeva.
Ask about nurse Savinkov.

Go into big cabinet & listen to dad.
Push button table to open door.
Go through door to green room.
Go through left door to room 3.
Talk to patient; say 'saliva' & listen to his response.
Leave building onto street.

Go to Hotel G.; get tip from bum.
Go to Gorki Street.
Enter door.
Ask Greenburg what happened.
Ask about 'Memory's Bible'.
Ask about 'Motherland'.
Go to Great Patriotic War Street.
Enter art Gallery.
Tell manageress that you are just looking around.
Wait until she says that it is time to close.
When she goes to back room, hide in the closet.
Wait until she leaves gallery.
Turn off lights using wall switch.
Go to back of gallery.
Take letter opener from desk.
Take sword from statue.
Use letter opener on statue.
Enter the opened panel.
Talk to the man there.

Don't kill Protopopov when Volvov tells you to.
Thank your uncle for coming.
When Volvov is down, take gun from floor.
Use gun on Volvov before he shoots you.
Listen to Protopopov.

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