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  Hints and Tips for: Kids of Karendow 
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 Kids of Karendow Cheats

Kids of Karendow
Submitted by: conner54


Here the quiz baby is located behind the Grim Reaper's place. 
He asks you "What is the talking rock's name?" There are A LOT of 
rocks in Poogal and this specific rock is hidden away quite well. 
When you first enter the town there is a house directly above you, 
however you have to walk around the trees to get to that house. 
If you walk past the house(toward the exit) and then go up you will 
find the talking rock. If you play through more of the game without 
solving the quiz baby's question the talking rock will eventually stop 
telling you his name. Don't walk to far when you're walking past the 
house or you will end up leaving town. 
The answer to the question is "JOHOSOPHAT".  

The quiz baby here is located in the forest maze at the east side of town. 
He asks "What do the flowers read?" To the north and also to the west of 
the forest maze you will find blue flowers that spell out "SMELLY" (which 
is obviously the answer to the quiz baby's question). You will get 5000 
Krupals for answering this question which will come in handy later.  

The quiz baby is located on the west side of town. In order to find him 
right when you enter the town you go up the first flight of stairs then 
go to your left until you run into another flight of stairs(DO NOT GO UP 
those stairs and you will find the Quiz Baby. He asks "What did you find 
in the chest?". At the top of the town there is a chest that contains 
"ANGRY MONKEYS". Tell this to the Quiz Baby (Including the space) and a 
chest will appear on the island in the middle of town. The bridge to that 
island is not complete so you must step on a solitary flower hidden within 
some trees in the west side of town(You can walk through one of the trees). 
This will cause the missing part of the bridge to appear giving you the 
ability to get the chest.  

At the entrance of this town(Not the one where you come in right from the 
garbage dump but the one that leads to the over world) you can go up and 
then to the right without exiting the town. There is an area (where the 
quiz baby is hidden) that you can walk to. This quiz baby (who is dyslexic) 
ask you "What is the password?" Next to the quiz baby there is a patch of 
flowers shaped like an arrow that is pointing to some discoloured grass. 
Step on the grass then a flower will appear, step on that flower and another 
flower will appear which tells you that the answer is "GROTCH".  

The Quiz baby is located on the bottom right hand corner of town, he asks 
"What did the flowers tell you?" There are several blue talking flowers in 
this town which give you a letter to the answer of the quiz baby, in the 
centre of town there is a flower that sorts it all out telling you which 
order to type the letters in. The answer is "WHORE".  

In Gargenburg there are red flowers that if you walk on will turn blue. These 
flowers are located east and west to the entrance of the town. If you step on 
all of them a chest will appear in the middle of the patch of flowers to the 
west. In the chest there is 5000 Krupals. With this money and the money you 
get from the quiz baby you can get into the Revolving Restroom without having 
to save money by fighting battles. Note: While doing this do not call up the 
menu or leave town, or you will have to start again.  

In Delahar there is an "Insult Taker". If you insult him with the right insult 
he will unlock the only locked door in town. In order to insult him you have to 
buy an insult which costs 5000 Krupals. Once you've boughten one you can talk to 
the insult taker. You will be given a list of four insults and if you choose the 
one you bought the locked door will be unlocked (In the last beta before the 
final version the insult taker did not work). 

In order to find the hidden Brown Obidwaa you essentially have to get "lucky". 
You only have one chance to get it and if you don't get it your chances of for 
finding it for the entire game are nil. In Foorskan forest if you go straight 
down from the entrance and step on a rock that is placed in a dead end a speech 
box will appear that says "Something has happened outside." On the over world 
there is a small section of trees located in about the middle of Athalar (right 
by the Black Obidwaa Settlement). At the top of the trees there is one tree that 
if you walk into it will say, "There is something strange about this tree." 
If you walked on the rock in Foorskan forest this tree will now disappear and 
behind it you will find the Brown Obidwaa Settlement. In here you will find 
Casper's best weapon and Elmo's best weapon(sort of).  

To the west of the entrance of the Brown Obidwaa Settlement you will find 
a big blue flower, if you step on it it will turn red and a cave entrance 
will appear along the wall. With in you will find a few chests and a 
cracked wall that can be pushed down that allows you to play the Surfing 
Mini game. If you complete the mini game without falling into the water you 
will get the Obidwaa Blade which is Elmo's best weapon.

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