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  Hints and Tips for: Kill the Bad Guy 
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 Kill the Bad Guy Cheats

Kill the Bad Guy

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view
your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", 
then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement                                        How to unlock
A good week at work                              - Spend two hours playing the game.
Better late than never                           - Kill the Bad Guy over several days.
Bloody brainless Spartan!                        - Spill 100 liters of blood.
Call him next time, it would be faster!          - Make the Bad Guy run away 25 times.
Cops ain't Bad Guys. No they're not!             - Kill 5 cops.
Easy tiger... we've got a quota you know!        - Kill one innocent bystander.
Extra hours                                      - Spend 35 hours playing the game.
First Blood!                                     - Commit your first assassination.
Footloose and fancy-free!                        - Cut off 10 legs.
Guardian angel                                   - Finish Level DNKTBG.
Has he lost his mind?                            - Cut off 5 heads.
Hasta la vista, baby!                            - Finish Level T666.
He can keep on running                           - Kill the Bad Guy 5 times as he's escaping.
He is likely to be dead.                         - Kill the Bad Guy 5 times on the same level.
He just shouldn't have followed him!             - Kill 5 Bodyguards.
He kind. You dumb!                               - Kill 10 innocent bystanders.
Hmm... discretion isn't your thing, huh?         - Make the Bad Guy run away 10 times.
How about opening a jerky business?              - Cut off 50 legs.
I didn't know you were such an exhibitionist!    - Broadcast a game on Twitch TV.
I'm glad you are not my dentist                  - Get 60 teeth.
Leave some to the necrophilics                   - Kill the Bad Guy 25 times on the same level.
My God, what have you become?                    - Kill the Bad Guy 250 times.
Nazi Zombiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies                   - Finish Level Zombies!
Off with his head!                               - Cut off 15 heads.
Protect thyself                                  - Kill 10 Bodyguards.
Ready to travel?                                 - Get 60 passports.
Run, Bad Guy. Ruuuun!                            - Make the Bad Guy run 5000 meters.
Should I call your mom to make you stop?!        - Kill 25 innocent bystanders.
Show off!                                        - Share one image on Facebook.
So cute! You're like a cat messing with a mouse  - Kill the Bad Guy 35 times as he's escaping.
Star wars!                                       - Get 396 stars.
Take your time, why don't you?                   - Kill the Bad Guy in one day.
There are plenty of these in the world...        - Make the Bad Guy run away for the first time.
Tissue seller                                    - Make the Bad Guy watch 50 movies.
Tough job                                        - Kill a Bodyguard.
Vigilant                                         - Kill the Bad Guy 25 times.
Welcome aboard!                                  - Start the game.
What the hell is wrong with you??!!              - Put a dog on a catapult.
What's the matter with those pages?!             - Make the Bad Guy read 50 magazines.
Would you mind awfully letting go of my ball?    - Keep hold of the ball for 5 seconds.
You depraved bloody vampire!                     - Spill 500 liters of blood.
You do like to be the master of puppets right ?  - Fling the Bad Guy 1000 meters away.
You remind me of a butcher I once knew...        - Dismember the Bad Guy 50 times.
You're a great tinkerer!                         - Associate 100 items.
You're the MacGyver of murder, right?            - Associate 1000 items.

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