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  Hints and Tips for: Kingdom: Classic 
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 Kingdom: Classic Cheats

Kingdom: Classic

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Written by Pur__0_0__

Some tips I couldnít find online and had to discover them the hard way.

The game is frustrating in the beginning, since there is no tutorial and the 
only way you can figure out most things is by looking up online. But even 
after watching all the videos, there were many tips that I discovered the hard 
way, and this guide is to save you the trouble that I took. Iíve just completed 
this game with 100% achievements unlocked, so I guess that qualifies me to speak 
on this topic.

-=Tip 1: The Correct Way to Restart if Your Game gets Ruined
If you close the game by selecting the Save & Quit option, it will save your 
progress. But if you quit by pressing Alt+F4 it will not save your progress. So 
if you have reached a good point (like taken down two portals by Day XII or 
reached Day XL) then click the Save & Quit button, reopen the game and then 
continue playing.

This way even if you screw up your game you can just Alt+F4 your way out and 
restart the game from the previous checkpoint.

Do not click the Restart Game option, otherwise you will have to start the game 
all over again from Day I.

-=Tip 2: Towers Beyond the Borders
Donít place towers outside your borders. The flying monsters will eat the archers 
who stand on them, and each time you recruit an archer he will stand in that spot, 
only to be eaten away the next night. Also once the archers get eaten the archers 
within your border will start trying to act brave by leaving the border and trying 
to fight the hoards of enemies to occupy the tower.

Since this problem only starts arising after the flying monsters start coming, you 
can temporarily put the towers outside the border in the beginning of the game. But 
try to have the walls built before them as soon as you can, because once the flying 
monsters start eating the archers, you wonít have the time to build the walls, and 
you would be losing those many archers every night.

-=Tip 3: The Correct Number of Archers per Day
Recruit at least 4 archers every day. Assign farmers and builders only after youíve 
recruited 4 archers for the day. The best way to do it is by just placing 4 bows and 
then going out to recruit them all. At night when all bows are taken and people are 
standing idle, then give them the hammer or hoe.

Under any circumstance, have at least 2 homeless spots so that you can have 4 archers 

-=Tip 4: Quick Money Without Farmers
Keep empty ground in front of the border. That way the archers will hunt a lot, and 
you might not even need farms at all. You can spend literally all your money on archers.

If you do build farm lands, keep them under 2 layers of border.

-=Tip 5: Final Wave Requirements
For the final wave, you will need at least 4 layers of border and 5 towers on both sides. 
Fill out both the altars to maximum levels. And when the Greeds are coming, throw in 
your extra money at them so that they donít get to reach the border at all, and your 
archers can focus on taking down the flying monsters first.

If you donít have the time to prepare for all of this before Day XXV, you always have 
the option to reset the game as mentioned in Tip 1 and try doing everything faster.

A guide to win:
Written by Iron Horse

This will be a simple tutorial to help you win the game. I say help, because due to
 random map generation, you can't ever guarantee victory.

These simple steps should help you along.

-=The first 10 days.
Ok, so the layout of the game is generally random. However, there is 1 constant 
that never seems to get 2 sets of walls and 2 tower positions right 
next to your encampment. This will be important.

So, you just started. You went right, lit the fire, and hired the archer and builder. 

Forgo building any walls the first night. Instead, save the gold and head to the right, 
to the first camp. Hire these 2 peasants, and continue heading right. Any deer you find, 
be sure to chase them down and make them run left so they run smack into your archers 
for gold, but be sure not to overtake them while herding, or they'll spin 180 and run 
the opposite way. After you have 3 peasants, be sure to buy them some bows so they can 
bring you in money.

Find the next encampment and hire more peasants, if you can. Be sure to do this after 
the enemy wave is defeated so that the fat lazy plebians can actually manage to waddle 
their way back to your camp without getting ganked. A good strategy is to toss an extra 
coin on the floor after hiring the peasants so the next one that spawns (roughly 1 per 
half day) so eventually another will spawn and make a mad rush for the coin.

The enemy waves are piss easy the first few nights, so walls are not needed as your 
archers can 1 shot the imps without masks. However, if you absolutely feel like you 
need some walls up, do not build next to your camp, but on the further out position. 
And constantly hire more peasants and buy them bows. The merchant to the left of the 
map can in theory be a huge help...assuming he doesn't give you a bunch of hammers 
instead, due to his randomly choosing what tools to give. So hire him at your own risk.

You don't need towers at this time. Archers in towers will not hunt game, and that 
means less coin in your pocket. Your archers are your invaluable early game resource.

By night 4 or 5, if you haven't put up walls yet, do so now. And be sure to upgrade 
them so they don't fall too easily. By now you should have a good number of archers 
on either side. Hopefully 6 or 7. Now you can upgrade your camp to tents with the wood 
walls behind it.

By day 10, you should have a respectable contingent of archers and no more than 4 
builders. Archers will always be your main focus. Hire men and give them bows nonstop. 
Later game, make sure you always fill the bow rack at all times.

-=Day 10-25: JOB FAIR=-
Now things get harder. By now, the imps are wearing wood and stone masks to defend 
against your arrows. This won't be a problem if you keep hiring boatloads of archers, 
who will just nuke the area behind your walls with an absolute tidal wave of arrows. 
Use this time to find the building upgrade, and upgrade to stone.

Now you begin to expand. On the right side, be sure to make the second wall segment 
stone. Upgrade to fortified stone, if you like. But do not build any further out. The 
right side of the map is where you should have 2 or 3 of the closest encampments to 
your castle. This will be your main recruiting area. Most people will tell you to 
restart if you don't have 3 camps before a portal, but I find that the furthest camp 
is usually too far away for the fat lazy slavs to make it to base in time, so don't 
bother with that for now. Use the 2 closest right hand side camps to recruit, and 
make sure the right side defenses are up to snuff. You should have stone by now, so 
be sure to build a tower fit for 3 archers and let the rest stand behind your stone 
walls for defense.

Now the expansion ramps up. By day 10-12, you should have a good number of archers 
on both sides and a handful of builders. Remember, no more than 4 are needed at 
this time. So strike out left and begin to expand outwards. Don't worry about towers 
at this time, just focus on building and upgrading wall segments a little at a time. 
The goal is to expand to easy striking distance of the first portal, but be VERY 
careful not to expand too far, or else you'll trigger non-stop waves of enemies for 
getting too close to the portal.


By day 15, you should have some space to the left of your kingdom to begin building 
farms. Always make sure your farms are behind the walls. Level 1 farms mean the 
farmers tending the land will retreat to the campfire, which will waste valuable 
time. So once you can, slap a farm down and build the barn for it so your farmers 
will stay out overnight on the fields. This will greatly supplement your income mid 
to late game. This is where you might want to risk hiring the merchant for 4 gold, 
because he could supply you with 4 scythes which would normally cost 5 gold apiece. 
This is a WONDERFUL discount.


Archers. Always archers. Expand, gather coins, and get more effing archers. You can 
never have enough archers. By now your income should be regular enough to constantly 
be running back and forth to hire more men for guard duty. If you haven't expanded far 
enough to be able to strike the first portal on the left, try to do so by day 20.

-=Day 25-35: Go back to the Shadow! You! Shall not! Pass!!=-
Now it gets interesting. Your walls are manned, and at the furthest defenses on both 
sides you should now have 1 or 2 towers that can fit 3 men. Catapults are optional, 
but suggested as they can decimate an attacking force. I suggest you buy more builders 
if you intend to do this.

So here we go. The attack. Upgrade your castle to proper stone now, and hire knights 
for the right and left. The knights on the right will just defend for now, so leave 
them be.

The left is what we want to focus on. You've built out this far so your poor fat 
bastard soldiers won't have to run so far, and they could potentially even manage to 
retreat to your walls in time instead of being overrun.

Oh, right, did I mention that after every portal attack, there will be a counter 
attack? Oops.

Your knights can tank a lot of damage, if you consider them to be SANIC HEEDGHORG. 
Give them coins to boost their hitpoints and they'll throw their shield up in a 
cheer. Keep feeding them coins until they can't carry any more. This will allow 
them to be far more effective.

You may notice that your knights end up recruiting 4 or so of your archers into 
their service. These archers will always follow your knights around, and will no 
longer hunt game. Their main purpose is to attack, so attack they shall.

By now, you should have a vast number of archers wandering to and fro by your wall. 
This is excellent.

Your outer most wall is where a banner flying your crest should stand. Pay 4 gold, 
and this will trigger an assault by your forces. The knights will run out front, 
and their archers close behind. I personally like to follow my soldiers for the 
attack, as I can drop gold for my knights to get "knocked back" into, which they 
will pick up as if they weren't just smacked silly. Sometimes you can even end up 
saving the bulk of your army by doing this, as the knights will fight back while 
the archers attempt to run, occasionally firing behind them as they go.


By now, you might have noticed the Trolls and Fliers. Both are bothersome, but 
the fliers are more so. These bastards will grab your archers and attempt to fly 
off with them, 2 at a time. If they manage to get away, you'll never see those 
poor souls again, so be sure to have such a huge amount of archers that they 
snipe those ???????? out of the sky! And don't forget to run to and fro to 
recruit even more! You can never have enough archers.

-=Onward to a new dawn.=-
We're nearing the end of the guide. I've given you all the helpful infos that 
I can to assist you in winning. Don't be discouraged if you lose again and again, 
this is natural and it happens as a learning experience.

Continue to press to the left, destroying both portals on this side as you go. 
Save the right for last.

The next segment of this guide will just be a tip toolbar for quick and easy 
reference for things you may or may not know. Use that as a cheat sheet for 
quick tips.

-=Cliffs notes: Easily digestible tips.=-
1: Archers. Again, archers. Always archers. They are more important than knights. 
Never stop hiring them.

2: If the enemy manages to break through your lines, retreat to the next wall 
segment. If you're quick enough after pushing them back, you can rehire all the 
soldiers you just lost who are now aimlessly wandering around for a sense of 

3: Don't be cheap. Stone walls are fine, but fortified are better. Start with your 
exterior walls and work backwards if you must.

4: Don't be afraid to put a tower outside of a wall segment. Tower archers are 
invincible to all but fliers, so they can shoot the enemy in the back while your 
other archers fire volley after volley.

5: To the left and right of the map (dangerous to do this while the first set of 
portals are still up) there are chests filled with coin. Use those to supplement 
your mid game income, if you want.

6: You may have noticed those statues that are around. The one with a builder and 
one with an archer. These are upgrades that you can buy for a modest fee. Each 
statue allows 3 upgrades, and each sequential upgrade will disappear after a whole 
day. It actually becomes cheaper to upgrade each of them to max, and pay to keep 
them maxed out as you run by.
The builder statue makes your builders build and repair faster, and your walls have
 more hitpoints.
The archer statue makes your archers much more powerful. Very useful on blood moons 
and repelling counterattacks.

7: Blood moons are obvious red moons when large attacks will happen. Stay calm and 
let your archers handle this. After each blood moon there will be a cool down period 
where no attacks will happen, 1 day and 1 night I believe. So use this cool down to 
expand outward with no problems!

8: The merchant costs 4 gold, but guarantees a discount on whatever random item he 
gives you. He's valuable early to mid game to give you a good discount, but becomes 
unnecessary later as you should have plenty of incoming cash to buy the items you 
need directly. Nothing sucks more than seeing a handful of farmers standing around 
with no farm room when they could be manning the front lines instead. Be careful.

9: The Trolls are basically bigger versions of the imps. But they HULK SMASH the 
???? out of your walls and people. They can also pick up rocks that your catapults 
fire and throw them back, so watch out as a successful hit will knock a very large 
portion of your army on their backs and they will lie there for several seconds. 
Seconds which you might not be able to afford. A good way to counter this is to 
let them throw the rocks at you, since they will always target the player FIRST. 
You're effectively invincible, so take one for the team!

10: Upgrading to a stone keep too soon will screw you early game. You need to rely 
on the morning taxes and archers to bring you money until you can afford farms and 

11: Always keep the upgrade statues full once you have a sufficient supply of 
income. This helps out big time.

12: During your exploration, you might find a field with a black horse. Buy him 
when you are able, as the black horse boasts a faster running speed and more 
stamina than the brown one.

13: Speaking of horses, ever notice your horse try to eat some grass while standing 
still? Let him. This will allow him to run further without running out of stamina, 
as evidenced by the white particles he kicks up while running.

14: You can actually rebuild destroyed portals for a modest fee. This will allow 
you to pay 1 gold to warp around the map. Incredibly useful late game for getting 
from one side to the other without having to run back and forth.

15: Once you have the money coming in, don't be shy to place towers at random and 
upgrade them. This will help just in case the enemy breaks through your defenses.

16: ?????

17: Profit!!!!

Enjoy, folks.

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