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  Hints and Tips for: Kingdom Under Fire II 
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 Kingdom Under Fire II Cheats

Kingdom Under Fire II

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

There are three main currencies in this game.

Obtained by questing, farming, daily missions, raids.
 Required for purchasing from NPCs, upgrading, etc.

Obtained by questing, daily missions, missions, raids. Cubic can be used 
to purchase from the Cubic Store, for resurrecting troops, enlarging the 
inventory, etc.
Purchased with real money. Diamonds can be used to purchase costumes and 
mounts in the Diamond Store.

During the tutorial the game displays keys that don’t work when I press them:
The keyboard layout in the game is chosen depending on the language you start 
the game with.

This means players with keyboard layouts that differ from the game language 
will have to change some key bindings. You can change them by opening the 
settings with [Esc] and selecting ‘System Settings’ and then "Controls".

For example, a player with a German keyboard who is playing the game in 
English will have to change 3 keys:

* "Strategy Mode (Select Hero)" from [~] to [^]

* "Offensive Troop Strategy" from [Z] to [Y]

* "Mount" from [Y] to [Z]

Of course, these are just the default key bindings; you can change them to 
whatever keys you prefer. However, bear in mind that the [~] must be changed,
as the ability cannot be accessed otherwise.

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