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  Hints and Tips for: Kingdom Under Fire 
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 Kingdom Under Fire Cheats

Kingdom Under Fire

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Lonewolf

RPG Mode:
Update by: Grimdoc
Update by: arun prakash

While in RPG Mode, use "." instead of "~" with cheat codes.
While playing, press ENTER then type the following code: 
~opensesame  Open All Doors in RPG Mode

During gameplay, press Enter and type '~makemyday' to enable cheat mode. 
Then press Enter again and type any of the following "Codes":

Cheat Mode:
Press [Enter] then type " ~makemyday " to enable cheat mode. 
Then, press [Enter] and type one of the following codes to activate the 
cheat function. 
Code                Result
~amosbemerciful   - Full mana 
~baegopa          - Additional 500,000 of all resources 
~dayspring        - Full map 
~godblessu        - Full health 
~hastalavista     - All buildings destroyed 
~knowledgeispower - Fast mana regeneration 
~opensesame       - Open All Doors in RPG Mode 
~simsimhae        - Fast construction 

Replace ~ with [Period] when playing the game in RPG mode. Additionally, 
enter #9#9 after each code in the demo version. 

For example:

1. These codes require the v1.09 patch. 
Result             Code
Level up1       -  ~lickmybun  
Invincibility1  -  ~theuntouchable  

Submitted by: rickHH

If your hero's health is low in RTS mode, look for a blue monolith near your base. 
Standing next to it will gradually heal him. 

Be careful when near closed doors in RPG mode; you don't have to get very close to 
make one open, and you may find yourself in a fight you're not ready for. 

In RTS mode, it's generally best to have your units attack an area rather than a 
specific target; that way, they'll engage any enemy units they happen to find on 
the way to the area.

Unlockable Difficulty Modes:
Hard Mode - Complete Normal Mode 
Extreme Mode - Complete Hard Mode 

Unlockable Characters:
Curian - Complete the game with Celine 

Unlockable Advanced Skills:
Bless    - Complete Normal Mode with Kenal or Regnier
Blizzard - Complete Hard Mode with Kendal

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