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  Hints and Tips for: King of the Hill 
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 King of the Hill Cheats

King of the Hill

Game select:
Use the following steps to skip to any game at the block party: 
Hold [Shift] + [Ctrl] and click the Left Mouse Button. Then, press 
one of the following keys to play the game.

Game              Key
Mini-golf       - G
Lawnmower race  - L
Paintball       - P
Scavenger hunt  - S
Tic Tac Toss    - T

In Texas Huntin', be very mindful of the animals you're killing. Your 
license only allows a certain number of each type, and many animals, 
such as the different types of deer, look very similar. 

In Texas Huntin', using the directional arrows tends to be a lot more 
accurate than using the mouse. With the mouse, it's harder to get a 
specific lock on an animal.

In Hootenanny, during Hank's lawnmower race, keep an eye out for 
obstacles in your path. Weeds grow and spread if you don't catch them 
in time; sprinklers pop up and jam your mower; and anthills block your

Submitted by: R.Saranyaraj

Well Folks Here is the level code for the miniclip's "King of the Hill"

Castle1 - Battle1 : easygoing
Castle1 - Battle2 : doubleattack 
Castle1 - Battle3 : throughthetrees
Castle1 - Battle4 : watchyourback
Castle2 - Battle1 : allroundassault
Castle2 - Battle2 : speeddemons
Castle2 - Battle3 : fastandslow
Castle2 - Battle4 : ministorm
Castle3 - Battle1 : deathfromallsides
Castle3 - Battle2 : herecomethetanks
Castle3 - Battle3 : nottooclose
Castle3 - Battle4 : missionsuicide
Final Level       : tothedeath

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