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  Hints and Tips for: King's Bounty: Dark Side 
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 King's Bounty: Dark Side Cheats

King's Bounty: Dark Side

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Adventure Mode Cheats - Hold down the Shift + ~ keys, and a message box 
will appear in the middle of the screen. Type in any of the codes below 
while in Adventure Mode.

Code: Description: name Rename your hero clearwife Removes wife and 
children spirit [number] Levels up your spirits. Maximum level = 30.

Result                                        Code
Set gold amount                             - money [number]
Set leadership                              - leadership [number]
Double troops in indicated slot             - doublearmy [1-5]
Double all troops                           - doublearmy
All level 1 spells to spellbook             - magicbook
Get indicated number of all three runes     - rune [number]
Get indicated number of crystals            - crystal [number]
Get indicated levels                        - levelup [number]
Increase maximum mana by indicated number   - mana [number]
Refill mana                                 - mana
Increases maximum rage by indicated number  - rage [number]
Refill rage                                 - rage
Level your spirits                          - spirit [1-30]
Remove wife and children                    - clearwife
Rename your hero                            - name [name]
Spawn boat if already purchased             - boat

No Loss Mage on Impossible:
Written by thaodahaka

Okay, so doing Kings Bounty Dark Side with just your starting units is 
not possible, no loss that is. After years of frustration I came accross 
a hint that mentioned you could get a phoenix scroll next to the Dwarven 
Kings castle in Dragandon, in a red ore cart. (Credit to whoever that was 
then, I could never find that thread again) Took me about 30 or 40 tries, 
but I finally got it. For the purposes of this walkthrough then, get the 
Phoenix Scroll first before you can even think of a no-loss game on 
impossible. Save at the very start, then run through to the dwarven kingdon 
and avoid all battles until that ore car yields the Phoenix. Since the 
position of every scroll and item for sale is decided at the very beginniong 
of the game, when you reload that save and fight your way to the scroll, it 
will still be there.

With the young phoenix I managed to beat most of the stacks in the catacombs, 
except for one spider stack, getting to the Spirit of Dark at level 5, thus 
enabling me to have level 2 Order magic and enough crystals to get the Mature 
Phoenix. The 3 guards, Human, Elf and Dwarf were no problem at that point.

Totally forgot that the developers hadn't finished with the linear storyline 
yet, next was the 3 guardians on whitehill, of which you only need to kill 
one.You basically need to get 1 Meditation, 2 Concentration and 2 Order Magic 
to defeat one of these. Also I happened upon a pretty good strategy of taking 
a rage potion before fighting one of the guardians, so I could use the 
Succubus power of jealousy and get the guardsmen to attack his nearest ally 
and placing my 2 vampires far right, so my mature Phoenix could attack the 
remaining archer and priest.

After getting to level 24 thusfar, no-loss, I think what I can suggest is, 
after defeating that Whitehill guardian, go to the Orc and Succubus homeland 
via the catacombs and pick up all the flags and crystals that you can. 

Obviously you can not survive a fight with anyone there. Fight your way 
through Portland, then Monteville, then Darenbam, that also has access to 
the 2nd Dwarf Kingdom, which is the 5th place you should be looking for 
fights. (Btw this Dwarf Kingdom links to the other one via train, so you 
can finally loot there)

My basic strategy thusfar has been to get a Colossus Scroll and use it, 
then reload until I got a red dragon, luckily in the shelter on the first 
try for me. Combined with the spell Dark Shroud, you can keep the dragon 
stack alive against some pretty large stacks. I keep him at the bottom and 
use Ancient Phoenix, Call of Nature, Demon Portal and Book of Evil (in that
order) to defeat my enemies.

On Darenbam is a Dwarf with a flying ship. Once you manage to reach level 
Thirty you can talk to the Black Dragon stopping him from flying and get 
him to take you to the floating Dragon islands. Working off memory here,
but as I recall I just used my dragon stack against the massive enemy 
dragon stacks. He easily gets 95% fire resistance, so most of them can 
hardly touch him or the phoenix, then I heal the little bit of damage he 
does get with Dark Shroud. This enables me to collect lots of loot and 
rack up tons of dragon kills.

Will expand this guide as I go along, or as people ask me questions. 
Obviosuly I've glossed over using Blackie and ships to get from one island 
to the other, as well as combat tips like using Demoness with Sacrifice 
spell to increase creature stacks past their starting levels. Everyone will 
have their own technique to beat the individual stacks and will have 
certain creature types that they favour.

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