Kings and Myths Age Collection Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Kings and Myths Age Collection 
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 Kings and Myths Age Collection Cheats

Kings and Myths Age Collection

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by. David K

Kings Cheats:
Press enter then type the following.

Code                     Effect
CHEESE STEAK JIMMY'S    - +1000 Food 
ROBIN HOOD              - +1000 Gold 
ROCK ON                 - +1000 Stone 
LUMBERJACK              - +1000 Wood 
NATURAL WONDERS         - Control nature (lose control of men) 
RESIGN                  - Defeat yourself 
BLACK DEATH             - Destroy all the enemies 
WIMPYWIMPYWIMPY         - Destroy yourself 
FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY  - Get a Furious Monkey Boy 
HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON - Gives a 'cobra' car 
TO SMITHEREENS          - Gives a saboteur 
AEGIS                   - Immediate Building 
TORPEDOx                - Kills opponent x 
POLO                    - Remove fog of war 
MARCO                   - Reveal map 
WOOF WOOF               - Turns birds into super dogs 
I R WINNER              - Victory 

Myths Cheats:
Press enter then type the following.

Code                      Effect
JUNK FOOD NIGHT         - +1000 food 
ATM OF EREBUS           - +1000 gold 
TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE   - +1000 wood 
MOUNT OLYMPUS           - Fills favor 
ATLANTIS REBORN         - Gives heros from expansion campaign 
ZENOS PARADOX           - Gives random god powers (including atlantean) 
BAWK BAWK BOOM          - Gives you a "chicken meteor" god power 
O CANADA                - Gives you a bear with a lazer 
BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK    - Gives you a dog 
WUV WOO                 - Gives you a flying purple hippo 
TINES OF POWER          - Gives you a forkboy 
GOATUNHEIM              - Gives you a god power which turns all units into goats 
FEAR THE FORAGE         - Gives you a walking berry bushes power 
ISIS HEAR MY PLEA       - Gives you all heros from original AoM campaign 
DIVINE INTERVENTION     - Gives you all used god powers back 
PANDORAS BOX            - Gives you four random god powers 
WRATH OF THE GODS       - Gives you lightning storm, earthquake, meteor, 
                          and tornado god powers
I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1! - Gives you monkeys 
MR. MONDAY              - Godly AI 
UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT   - Hides the map 
IN DARKEST NIGHT        - Makes game time night 
TITANOMACHY             - Provides an instant titan 
TINFOIL HAT             - Randomizes the ownership of every unit on the map 
L33T SUPA H4X0R         - Rapid building 
SET ASCENDANT           - Reveals all the animals on the map 
LAY OF THE LAND         - Reveals the map 
CHANNEL SURFING         - Skip to the next scenario in the campaign 
CONSIDER THE INTERNET   - Slows down game 
LETS GO! NOW!           - Speeds up game 
RED TIDE                - Turns water into blood 
RESET BUTTON            - Unbuilds all buildings on the map 
THRILL OF VICTORY       - Win the game.

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