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  Hints and Tips for: Kingsgrave 
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 Kingsgrave Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Deal with Spiders and Bone Turrets:
Short and simple: dodge spiders 3 times and they cower for a bit, just run 
around bone turrets then rush in after they stop shooting.

* Itís not that hard to kill them, but the process is just to long. Itís 
  fine first time when they feel like a mini-boss but soon they become 
  regular enemies.
* Once you figure out their patterns they really donít take that long at 
  all. if you are using bow on them its gonna take a lot longer since they 
  are resistant to piercing damage use the scepter.
* Will count the ammount of hits needed but feels like 15-20 for totem/
  turret and 50+ for spider.
* And patterns doesnt help much if there 2-3 turreta plus a spider, you 
  have to dodge all of them and it leaves you with opportunity for 2-3 
  hits maximum.

There is a certain upgrade with the crossbow that gives a status effect, 
that does quite a bit of damage to the annoying trees that have a large 
range, also there are some items littered around that can help damage 
them as well. Not giving too much away, so being vague. But eventually 
all the enemies with upgrades become easy from once they were difficult.

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