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  Hints and Tips for: KingSim 
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 KingSim Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Endings:
By diamondkitty1442

There are currently 120 death endings, and two true endings

The endings in " " s are the ones that I haven’t obtained yet, while the plain 
text ones are the ones I have gotten.

-=Death Endings=-
01. Sell your army at the market until it hits 0.
02. Sell your food at the market until it hits 0.
03. Buy stuff at the market until your money hits 0.
04. Sell your faith at the market until it hits 0.
05. Sell your happiness at the market until it hits 0.
06. Sell your health (heart) at the market until it hits 0.
07. Execute your advisor, and execute his twin as well.
08. Call Therald a coward and don’t apologize
09. Run from Esteban
10. Fight against Esteban and lose
11. Beg for mercy from Esteban
12. Run out of money by hiring an assassin or injecting a spy to kill Esteban
13. Have 7 or less money and hire a tricky assassin to kill estaban
14. Play with random resources, start with low military. 
    Use necromancy against Kalahar Ard and lose.
15. Beg for mercy from the Kalahar Ard
16. Stay silent after you are defeated by the Kalahar Ard.
17. Try and fail to bargain with the Kalahar Ard.
18. Hire a secret service from Estaban, lose to Kalahar Ard. 
    King is stolen before execution.
19. Hold Princess Aini in your bedchambers
20. Run out of happiness giving the beastslayer a title after asking him to help 
    in battle
21. Run when invaders arrive.
22. Recruit necromancer, execute priest, then execute necromancer.
23. When on bad terms, don’t immediately call the guards when the princess asks 
    to enter your bedchambers.
24. Run out of army doing dark rituals
25. Run out of food doing dark rituals
26. Run out of money doing dark rituals
27. Run out of faith doing dark rituals
28. Run out of happiness doing dark rituals. Or end the day with 0 happiness 
    (although this method appears to be a bug)
29. Run out of health doing dark rituals
30. Refuse marriage, then refuse to become king
31. Be on very bad terms with Princess Aini, try to force her into intercourse
32. Be on bad terms with Princess Aini after marrying, then agree to the wedding night
33. Be on bad terms with Princess Aini after marrying, then just go to bed with her
34."Really? Is that a reason for an assassination?"
35. "I deserved that"
36. Be killed by a merchant after killing the ambassador
37. "Wow! There are more thieves than one?"
38. Get burned at the stake by the pope for working with the necromancer
39. "Romeo and Juliet"
40. To attack a great shepherd and lose — to declare war on him
41. Allow the necromancer into your castle, pope kills you.
42. Pope declares you unfit to rule
43. "Crazy little sparrow"
44. "The grief, the death of Messiah"
45. "Wait… Why did I say that?"
46. Execute both advisors at the start
47. "Oh, what a knight…"
48. Agree to become vassal, then become vassal
49. Be on bad terms with princess aini, do nothing when the dragon attacks
50. Marry Countess Delover, get killed by a merchant assassin 
    (accept offers from the merchants)
51. "Triple rainbow"
52. Marry Beatrix, fail to stop her from summoning God
53. Marry Anna Sopristan, be on bad terms with her, execute Countess Delover on the spot.
54. Marry Anna Sopristan, be on good terms with her, execute Countess Delover on the spot.
55. Get faith to 0 by legitimizing the werewolf cult
56. Try to build irrigation without enough money when famine strikes
57. Give inquisitors power, to deal with the plague or otherwise.
58. Run out of faith choosing to do nothing about the werewolf
59. Run out of happiness begging the beastslayer
60. Play with random resources and have 5 or less army, then give the beastslayer 
    weapons as payment
61. Run out of food by giving the beastslayer food to convince him
62. "I’m gonna catch that thief whatever it takes"
63. "Who cares if it was fair?"
64. Run out of happiness by giving Esteban a barony.
65. Run out of military by attacking Kalahar Ard
66. Run out of food when founding the village
67. Run out of happiness refusing to let the villagers make a town
68. Play with random resources, start with really low happiness. 
    Run out of happiness by executing peasants at the start.
69. On the second day, have a feast and go negative on money
70. Run out of happiness by punishing everyone during Thomas’ case
71. Run out of money buying swords
72. Run out of happiness by punishing soldiers
73. Play with random resources, start with really low happiness. 
    Run out of happiness by holding a ball for nobility.
74. Run out of happiness giving Delover the goat
75. Run out of happiness giving Sopristan the goat
76. Run out of happiness by taking the goat in court
77. Run out of happiness by failing the mining minigame
78. "Now I’m surrounded"
79. Get happiness to 0 by throwing bodies into a pit
80. "Medieval hater"
81. "Best decision ever"
82. Get killed by the Grey Plague by doing nothing
83. "The Queen of Thieves overdid it"
84. Get religion to 0 by performing an orgy after becoming King.
85. Get religion to 0 by doing demon sacrifices after becoming King
86. Get happiness to 0 by executing heretics after becoming King
87. Get food to 0 by holding a peasant feast after becoming King
88. Get money to 0 by holding a nobleman ball after becoming King.
89. "The fate of a tree"
90. Run out of money by sparing the woodcutter
91. "Miners, to the rescue!"
92. "The Matriarch"
93. have happiness hit 0 after punishing Thomas and his son for the market fire
94. Run out of happiness by trading Princess Aini into slavery
95. Start a battle with a great shepherd and hit 0 on happiness
97. "Healer’s journey
98. "Please don’t cry"
99. Run out of happiness by taxing the village
100. Run out of happiness punishing the jester (aka the inventor)
101. "Medical outburst"
102. "The Holy Tithe"
103. "The Wild Ride"
104. "Burst of knowledge"
105. Run out of health by allowing the dancing plague to continue
106. Do anything when the seductive woman (the witch) arrives
107. On the event where candy is found in the forest with children missing, choose 
     ask the chef, then run out of happiness giving him a reward. Or run out of 
     happiness searching for the witch instead.
108. Run out of happiness by choosing to kill the band of bards
109. "A noble peck"
110. "Thief’s pride"
111. "The Hungry Giant"
112. Run out of health telling the mummy to leave
113. Hug the mummy
114. Go on a boat ride with the mummy after befriending him
115. Ignore Baba Yaga (the old woman) when she asks for help catching her house, then 
     call the guards when she comes again. *important- this will not work if you have 
     Reina as your wife, as she will kill Yaga for you*
116. "Ba-da-boom"
117. "Forgive my sins"
118. "New Religion"
119. "The Unblessed"
120. Run out of army by having your army sabotaged and letting the soldiers leave 
     (you can also get the same ending running out of happiness during certain events)

-=True Endings=-
1. Become allies with all nations
2. Conquer all nations

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