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  Hints and Tips for: Knights of Honor II: Sovereign 
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 Knights of Honor II: Sovereign Cheats

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Barrels:
* You need deep forests in your province.
* This will enable to build woodworking.
* There you can find barrels later.

Tips to Increase Province Loyalty:
* You need a priest rule the town, then you will have 2 options, 
  1 is to promote your culture and one to reduce unrest by loyality.
* Loyality is like nostalgia of the first game: The people of the  
  province, while under your rule, are still loyal to the old owners, 
  hide or serve them in secret.
* This can get rid of quite quickly, but costs faith and books.
* Culture are things like language and customs, these change really 
  slowly, even with the promote culture skill of the priest.
* As soon as your culture is dominat, the province will get loyal to 
  your family and loose the -10 stability.

Formable Nation Requirements:
Written by Thunder Bagel

KOH2 allows the player to choose from over 200 kingdoms to lead through the 
Medieval era. However, the game fails to inform the player that certain 
nations can be formed if certain criteria are met. This guide details all
of the formable nations in the game and the requirements that must be met
in order to do so
"Reclaim all lands of the Bulgarian Empire from the time of its Golden Age 
under tzar Ivan Asen II."
Active Period: Late

Eligible Kingdoms: Karvuna, Vidin

Complete Conditions:
Own Realms: Karvuna, Bdin, Branichevo, Nis, Ohrid, Tarnovo, Sredets, Severin, 

Religion: Orthodox

"Unite all Irish people and lands under the banner of the Kingdom of Ireland."
Active Period: Early, Mid

Eligible Kingdoms: Ulster, Leinster, Connaught, Munster

Complete Conditions:
Own Realms: Ulster, Leinster, Connaught, Munster

Religion: Catholic

"Unite all people in the Iberian peninsula under the banner of the Spanish Empire."
Active Period: Early, Mid, Late

Eligible Kingdoms: Navarra, Leon, Barcelona, Castile, Aragon, Galicia

Complete Conditions:
Own Realms: Galicia, Asturia, Leon, Navarra, Catalonia, Burgos, Zaragoza, Salamanca, 
Toledo, Valencia, Extremadura, Cordoba, Andalucia, Murcia, Mallorca, Sardinia

Religion: Catholic

"Bring all Italian nations together under the banner of the new Italian Kingdom."
Active Period: Early, Mid, Late

Eligible Kingdoms: Genoa, Venice, Sicily, Naples, Savoy, Sardinia

Complete Conditions:
Own Realms: Savoy, Asturia, Liguria, Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany, Emilia, Sardinia, Campania, 
Apulia, Calabria, Sicily

Religion: Catholic

-=Serbian Empire=-
"Start a new Golden Age for the Serbian people with the establishment of the new Serbian Empire."
Active Period: Early, Mid

Eligible Kingdoms: Serbia

Complete Conditions:
Own Realms: Branichevo, Raska, Scodra, Ohrid, Epirus, Nis, Achaea

Religion: Orthodox

"Unite all Rus’ people into one nation, known as the Tsardom of Russia."
Active Period: Early, Mid, Late

Eligible Kingdoms: Novgorod, Muscovy, Rostov Suzdal, Chernigov, Tver, Ryazan, Kiyv

Complete Conditions:
Own Realms: Botnia, Uglich, Ustyug, Perm, Vologda, Nizhniy Novgorod, Suzdal, Vladimir, Murom, 
Ryazan, Kursk, Chernigov, Siveria, Muscovy, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Novgorod, Tver, Smolensk, Izyum, 
Belgorod, Sarkel, Manych, Samara, Astrakhan, Al Jadid, Al Maqhrus, Bolghar, Kazan, Vyatka, 
Mologa, Galitch, Zalesye, Voronezh, Ukek

Religion: Orthodox

-=Byzantine Empire=-
"Restore what was lost and reform the glorious Byzantine Empire."
Active Period: Mid

Eligible Kingdoms: Nicaea, Epirus, Trebizond

Complete Conditions:
Own Realms: Epirus, Attica, Achaea, Strymon, Thrace, Constantinopolis, Crete

Religion: Orthodox

-=Ottoman Empire=-
"Rise from a humble beylik to being the ruler of the might Ottoman Empire."
Active Period: Late

Eligible Kingdoms: Ottomans

Complete Conditions:
Own Realms: Bursa, Nicaea, Ankara, Izmir, Sardis, Menteshe, Pontos, Amasya, Constantinopolis, 
Thrace, Karvuna, Bdin, Tarnovo, Sredets, Strymon, Ohrid, Cappadocia, Lycia, Konya

Religion: N/A

-=Kalmar Union=-
"Unite the great Scandinavian lands by establishing the Kalmar Union."
Active Period: Early, Mid, Late

Eligible Kingdoms: Norway, Denmark, Sweden

Complete Conditions:
Own Realms: Karelia, Finland, Gotland, Zealand, Jutland, Scania, Smaland, Halland, Ostergotland, 
Agnafit, Uppland, Vastergotland, Vastermanland, Svealand, Trondheim, Hordaland, Agder, Rogaland, 
Schleswig, Uusima, Viken

Religion: Catholic

-=Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth=-
"Unite two of the strongest powers in Europe into a federation known as the Polish-Lithuanian 
Active Period: Early, Mid, Late

Eligible Kingdoms: Poland, Lithuania

Complete Conditions:
Own Realms: Livonia, Riga, Polotsk, Minsk, Zemaitija, Trakai, Lithuania, Turov, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, 
Volhynia, Halychyna, Ruthenia, Volodymyr, Berestia, Grodno, Poznan, Kuyava, Mazovia, Lublin, 
Narva, Estland, Laanemaa, Smolensk, Polesia, Siveria, Podolia, Malopolska, Sieradz, Kashubia, 

Religion: Catholic

-=Armenian Empire=-
"Recover all historical lands of the ancient Armenian Empire and restore them to their glory."
Active Period: Early, Mid, Late

Eligible Kingdoms: Cilician Armenia, Zakarid Armenia

Complete Conditions:
Own Realms: Hayastan, Taron, Erzurum, Cilicia, Antioch, Lebanon, Al Halab, Edessa, Mosul, 
Shirvan, Adiyaman, Damascus, Homs, Raqqa

Religion: Orthodox

In-Game Cheat Guide (Developer Console):
Written by Vaweila

This guide will explain how to activate and use the in-game developer console to cheat.

Hello everyone, this guide will show you how you can enable and use the in-game console. 
This console was most probably made by the developers to find and fix bugs in the game 
more easily, but it can also be used to cheat. There are no additional tools you need 
to download or have any knowledge with other programs (like CheatEngine). 
I hope you find this guide helpful!

Before you can use the console, you have to do only one thing: Add a launch parameter 
to the game. Right-click the game in your steam library and click on "Properties". 
A new window should appear. In this window you should see "Launch Options". 
In there you have to add "-ForceEnableConsole" (without the paragraphs).

Now you are all done and can start the game as usual. Inside the game you can load up 
any campaign, even ones you already started. 
* The cheats will work with every save game.

When you’ve loaded a save, you now have to press " ` ". This character is called a 
backquote or backtick. There is a problem here, because this key cannot be pressed on 
some keyboards (german, for example) and you might need to install another language/keyboard 
on your computer to be able to open the console. I suggest using this website to test if 
you can produce the needed backquote. If this website shows that you pressed the key with 
the code 192 you are all set and just have to press the same key inside the game to open 
the console.

If you’ve done everything right, you should see a window just like that.

-=How To Cheat=-
Before you can start using the cheats from the list below, you have to set your cheat-level. 
The game normally starts out at cheat-level 0, which is equivalent to "no cheats allowed". 
The maximum cheat-level is 3, which allows every available console command.

To set your cheat-level you simply enter "cl X" (without the paragraphs), where X is the 
cheat-level you want to set.

-=Commands to control the console=-
cl     - Shows the current cheat level
cl X   - Sets the current cheat level to x. Must be between 0 (None) and 3 (High).
help X - Shows information about another console command. X must be another console command.
clear  - Clears the console from any past commands. 
         This doesn’t undo the commands previously entered!

-=Commands to Change Resources=-
gold X       - Sets the gold of the player kingdom to X.
give_gold X  - Gives X gold to the selected kingdom.
piety X      - Sets the piety of the player kingdom to X.
give_piety X - Gives X piety to the selected kingdom.
books X      - Sets the books of the players kingdom to X.
give_books X - Gives X books to the selected kingdom.

-=Other Commands=-
unprison     - Frees the selected character.
imprison_all - Imprisons everyone in the selected kingdom.
conquer      - Conquers the selected kingdom.
kill         - Kills currently selected character.
add_child X  - Adds a child to the selected kingdom. If X is 0, a prince will be added. 
               If X is something else, a princess will be added.

When I press the letter “I” or “Insert” an army appears. What’s up with that?
This happens if you have your cheat level set to 3. This logic cannot be removed as it 
is inside the game code. You should reset your cheat level to 2 or lower to not accidentally
spawn armies you do not want.

Explanatory Guide to Royal Marriages:
Written by Neo

Royal marriages are a political strategy, just like how they really are historically. It
can be a negative if you don’t strategise your royal marriage properly, but the other side
it would be a huge boon for you if you strategise them correctly.

Here’s a few tips that I’ve learned after playing the first game for years and playing this 
new sequel for hours:

* Marrying princesses are always at a disadvantage; you have to turn this to “your” advantage.
* Always keep track of your King’s age, and the age of other king’s that have marriage offers.
* When you marry your family, make sure you marry other kingdoms with Kings who are “older” 
  than your king. This will make sure that they will die first before you do. Whoever outlives
  the other, they will have the claim or be protected from the claim of others.
* If you have a prince married to a princess and her father died, you have a claim to get their 
  province. If you decline, you will get a massive relation boost with them. If you claim the 
  lands, it’s 50:50, either they accept or they don’t, if they accept, you get a free province, 
  either way, your relationship will drop. So it’s up to you.
* If you have a princess married to another foreign prince, make sure they’re “NOT” the heir. 
  You can see the difference in their crown shape on who’s the heir and who’s not. If you marry 
  the heir even when their king die, your princess will still be active as their queen, and 
  almost always your king will die next compared to the other (unless you can marry an older 
  prince than your own king to ensure they die first, but this is very unlikely). And when you 
  die, since your daughter is their queen, they can claim your land instead. So if you marry 
  your princess to a prince that’s NOT the heir, when their king dies and move on to the heir, 
  chances are your princess don’t hold any position in the new court, so when your king dies, 
  they have no claim. But you will still get the relationship boost for your marriage proposal, 
  while still protecting your kingdom from being claimed when you die.
* Worst case scenario, if you can’t find any foreign prince to marry your princess that fits a 
  scenario that will benefit you, better to let them be an old maiden and protect yourself.
* So it’s all about strategy, that’s what this game is all about, right? Grand strategy, you 
  have to be strategic on who to marry, just like how the medieval kings do at the time for 
  their princesses.

How to Start with Single Province:
Here you can find some tips for better start with single province in Ireland as example.

* Single province is for sure the hardest start, Its a slow burn and takes along time 
  to build up.
* I would go Village Militia, crop farm, and have 2 marshals to take over the single 
  provinces in Ireland and worry about building your economy after.
* 2 full marshals with peasants or militia will win, its just the siege which will take 
  the most time.
* Start with your king as a Marshal as well, getting 3 star skills straight away will help.

In general I always get a merchant to trade a diplomat to stop anybody attacking me to early, 
and build peasants.

* Find small kings with 1 or 2 provinces and take them as soon as i can with my peasent horde.
* By the time you do that, your diplomat will have improved relations with the boardering 
  kingdoms to negate the -relations for taking territory. Then build a barracks to get a 
  decent army to defend.
* If your province doesnt start with the best settlements just restart and hope you get 
  better ones.

First 3 Seconds Checklist:
Written by willgamer47

O’k, you just followed the advice of other guides and hit Pause ASAP after starting the 
game. Now what?

This is not game play basics. After starting the game and hitting Pause ASAP, instead 
of waiting for the game to prompt you, it’s best to do sooner rather than later.

So here is a simple checklist of things to do that setup your initial kingdom structure.

-=What to Do After Pressing Pause=-
Things to consider and/or perform the first time you pause KoH2-

* If you start with marriage ready sons or daughters, then marry them off.

* Get as many initial trading partners as possible. This is usually until the kingdom 
  you ask tells you that you already have enough and can’t handle any more.

* Hire knights. How many and what kind are the subject of other excellent guides.
  - Assign all knights to manage a city.
  - If the knight is a marshal then (usually) move them into the city you put them next 
    to and possibly buy troops for them (see next step).

* Consider buying troops, i.e. peasants, for either marshals or cities or both.

* Consider spending books to purchase a level 3 skill for the king. Otherwise consider 
  buying a level one skill for another knight.

* Assign merchants to trade routes; consider assigning a spy; consider assigning a 
  diplomat according to situational needs.

* Consider what first building you will be aiming for so you can pause again when the 
  money is sufficient.

Hopefully, this will get you off to a great start and not waste time waiting for the 
game to prompt you or worse.

Console Commands:
Here are instructions for some of the in-game console commands for anyone who wishes 
to cheat or modify their experience without the use of mods.

-=How to Enable Console=-
To get started you will need to do the following:
* Right click on game shortcut.
* Add -ForceEnableConsole parameter.
* Example:
*"installpath\Knights of Honor II Sovereign\Sovereign.exe” -ForceEnableConsole

To make console work, you might need to start the game as administrator or launch 
the console from the game’s interface (before loading or continuing the mission). 
When playing, turn on the console using the Tilde Key [~]. (On a german keyboard 
layout you have to press Ö to open the console.)

-=Console Commands (Cheats)=
cl - display current cheat level.
cl high - set cheat level to high / use this first.
gold [value] - set player kingdom gold.
piety [value] - set player kingdom piety.
books [value] - set player kingdom books.
add_units [value] - add units to selected army.
kk - kill current king / players king.
add_child - you guess it. It looks id adds just baby boys.
co - change opinion (name, amount).
del_opportunity - delete opportunity from selected character.
add_challenge - add challenge to the player kingdom.
new_rumor - add new rumor from seleted character.
new_rumors - add new rumors from seleted character.
add_units - add units to selected army.
ai - enable / disable all AI.
kai - enabe / disable selected kingdom AI.
tkai - enabe / disable tracing for selected kingdom AI.
bai - enabe / disable battleview AI.
rai - enabe / disable rebel AI.
income_mul - set gold income multiplier / just for silver.
give_gold - give gold to selected kingdom.
give_piety - give piety to selected kingdom.
give_books - give books to selected kingdom.
cc - change the class of the selected character.
age - Make selected character grow up soon.
prestige - add prestige to selected kingdom.
fame - add fame to selected kingdom.
fame - view selected kingdom’s fame.
max - level up selected character to maximum using all skills (1) or random skills (0).
cr religion name - change selected kindom religion.
crr - Change selected realm’s religion.
spawn_pop [number]- spawn population in the selected realm.
recall - recall selected character to court.
imprison - imprison selected character in our kingdom.
imprison - imprison selected character in specified kingdom.
unprison - free the selected character from prison.
kill_prisoners - kill all prisoners in local player’s kingdom.
ao - force action outcome.
nce - new cardinal elect from the selected kingdom.
nc - new player-led crusade against selected kingdom.
poc - set Player-Only Crusade leaders.
build [name] - build a building / upgrade in selected castle.
apf - add a province feature to selected realm.
add_opportunity [name] - adds an opportunity for the selected character.
kill - kills the selected knight.
conquer - conquers the selected kingdom.
upgrade [name] - adds an upgrade in selected fief.
fow 0 - remove Fog of War.
spawn_pop X - add X amount of pop to a selected town.
sa - spawn army.
sm - spawn mercenary.
switch - switch to selected kingdom.
conquer_rest - conquers all kingdoms except the selected one.

-=With cheat level set to high (cl 3)=-
insert key - inserts a friendly knight with an army under the cursor, not in towns.
delet key - deletes ANY selected army and knight on the map also your own , not in towns.
win 0 - win any selected sieges or battles.

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