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  Hints and Tips for: Kynseed 
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 Kynseed Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful General Tips, Midgame+:
Written by ryuu

A small list of useful information from my experiences that may 
benefit you in your playthrough.

These are some tips that I wish I had known in my playthrough, that I don't 
think are obvious. Please correct me if I'm wrong, and feel free to share 
your tips as well. I will add more things if I come by them.

-=Beware spoilers=-
Hope everyone is enjoying this game as much as I am.

-=General Tips=-
* If an item is out of your reach, you can use your fishing rod to reel it back 
  to you. This commonly happens when digging treasure near ledges. You can also 
  do this after tasks where you are asked to throw something in the water.
* Pressing Lctrl adds useful text for things around the world like crop statuses,
  insects, npc names.
* There are two levels to fogginess. For items that require strange mists as a 
  quality condition, it seems to require the second tier of fogginess where more 
  of your screen is obscured. In Tir Na Nog, this shows up as weird rainbow mists.

* Passing the year will not retain your goddess boons/curses because of year tax, 
  so don't bother offering on Winter 14.
* Passing the year will refresh Mr. Fairweathers' selection of items.
* Barbels can be caught in Mellowfields rivers at dusk. I personally camped outside 
  the Circle for a dozen nights for the skill requirement.
* Feel free to blow up and smack npc owned animals for pork chops and drumsticks. 
  They come back eventually.
* Perk points seem to be shared between businesses. If you buy more than one store, 
  you can funnel all the perks into one business if you want.
* The same type of business shares learned perks. Buying a second general store 
  keeps shares the perks of your first, but not reputation and rank.
* In the general store, your worker will stock empty pedestals from the container 
  shelf in the top left corner.
* Practice making pies! You can get it down to a +3* minigame quality if you perfect 
  consistency, which isn't too hard relative to the other games in my opinion. 
  That's huge- you can use 2-3 star materials and get a five star pie.

* Certain friendship three heart quests have the same task, so it's more convenient 
  to collect the quests and complete them at the same time.
* Rock Salt (Poppyhill) and Mo Lawn (Freyl's Fields) both ask you to buy a business. 
  Rock Salt gives you 750 brass for this.
* In the Vale, both Ignatius Kettle and Holly Kettle will ask you to upset the Teapotts.
* Both Edward Teapott and Edna Teapott will ask you to upset the Kettles.
* Both Edward Wood and Papa Russ Ebers will ask you to slay a night hag.
* For personal chests (the golden ones), some people give you their code on three heart 
  quest completion. For most, they have a chance of giving you a single digit of their 
  code when you gift them past their three hearts. You can save scum for this and reroll
  gifting them if you wish.
* Due to the nature of daily reset, it seems you can benefit twice from their birthday 
  gift bonus friendship if you gift them before 6am, then again after 6 am on the same 
  day. Not sure if this is intended.

* Rock Salt gives you 750 brass to buy a business for his three heart friendship task.
* The heirloom chest in Gilthearth contains 1000 brass.
* It seems like tasks for fae items give the most brass. Walking around every village 
  and checking people's tasks is a good way to earn some brass.
* The witch hunter gives brass for combat related tasks. Talk to him on the stage in 
  the tavern at night.

Brass: How to Earn:
Selling Items to the General Stores. Its a quick way to get the 25 brass it has
to spend every morning. What it is good for, is finding out how much the bottom 
price is for things that you can sell at the market booths. Click on the item you're 
thinking of selling, and then boom, whatever price it says is the bottom price. That 
being said, you can actually sell it for more at the market booth. If you're not sure 
about an item, its always good to check!

Smithing Items and then Selling Them. This can be fairly profitable if you have lots 
of copper ore and a sword mold. Simply craft some copper swords at Jeremies Irons, 
and then talk to Jeremie to get paid! Top quality copper swords get you about 14 
brass each, and you can make them reasonably quickly. If you feel like it, you can 
purchase the ore from the general store in Mellowbrook.

Market Booth. I make most of my money here. What I do is I catch a lot of fish, then 
sell it for exorbitant prices at the Market. Really though, you can sell most anything 
at a market booth, at any time. Certain times of day will have an affect on how many 
people walk through, though. The best day to sell is a Goods Market day or a Druida 
Day. Read the things the NPCs say after they see your price, and then adjust it 
accordingly. You can adjust it by pressing Q, then picking the item you want to sell, 
once you're selling in the booth. Obviously, what you're selling can affect how much 
people would be willing to pay for it. Fish seems to have the most variety of prices. 
When you're selling in the booth, its a 2 brass fine per hour to sell. However, you 
can avoid it by either getting out before the hour is over, or not selling at the 
beginning of a new hour. Its hard to tell on a dandelion clock, so I'd suggest a 
Clockwork Clock if you really want to avoid the 2 brass fine.

Betting on the Races. I haven't tested this for all the animals, partially because I
 can't get my sheep to love me and partially because I don't remember which one is the 
one I wanted to race. But for the pigs, its a gold mine. Or brass, gold just sounds cooler.

You'll want to go to the animal auctions and buy an animal with a fast speed, and 
preferably a average or better mood, so you don't have to spend too much time making it 
love you. If you don't have one with a good mood, oh well. You'll just have to spend 
more time making it love you first. After that, ride it to the racing field on racing 
day, make sure its happy and fed, enter it, and reap your winnings. As with all betting, 
I wouldn't suggest putting everything you have in, just a moderate amount that you won't 
miss in the morning.

Pott's Questions: A Prologue Stat Guide:
Written by Avis

At the start of the prologue, Pott will ask questions that change the players stats. 
This is a guide for that.

Tell me child what your life ambition?

-=Run a business - Barter + 2=-
* Nice Mix - Speed + 2.
* Apothecary - Constitution + 2.
* Goods store - Stamina + 2.
* Blacksmith - Strength + 2.

-=Raise a family - Virility +2=-
* To study hard - Intelligence + 2.
* To have fun - Speed + 2.
* To earn their keep - Toughness + 2.
* To spread joy - Charm + 2.

-=Adventure - Toughness + 2=-
* Skilled ranger - Accuracy + 2.
* Seeker of knowledge - Intelligence + 2.
* Nature lover - Virility +2.
* Treasure hunter - Strength + 2.

-=Follow fate - stamina + 2=-
* Money -Barter + 2.
* Name - Intelligence + 2.
* Freedom - Constitution + 2.
* Love - Charm + 2.

-=A legacy ye hope to grow, but remembered for? I must know!=-
* My generosity - Ruby pendent.
* My skills - Sapphire Pendant.
* Things I created - Emerald pendent.
* Deeds I did - Diamond Pendant.

-=Pendants, What Do They Do?=-
* Sapphire Pendant - Chance to gain bonus Tool XP.
* Diamond Pendant - Increased Crit chance for sword or bow.
* Emerald Pendant - Chance to add 1 Star to crafting result.
* Ruby Pendant - Chance to gain bonus FP.
* Tool XP = experience, tools gain new abilities.
* Crit = critical damage.
* Star = quality of an item, max is 5 stars.
* FP = friendship points.

-=Stats, What Are They Good for?=-
* Accuracy - Increase to critical hit chance & Easier Blacksmith crafting.
* Barter - Increase target area when bartering with customers.
* Charm - Increases FP gains with NPCs more quickly & Reduces reputation loses 
  when working in a store.
* Constitution - Reduces damage from most Monster attacks when in Combat & Easier 
  Apothecary crafting.
* Intelligence - Increase XP gains & Easier Apothecary crafting.
* Speed - Increased parry window when in Combat & Increased movement speed.
* Stamina - Increased stamina regeneration when in Combat.
* Strength - Increased attack damage when in Combat & Easier Blacksmith crafting.
* Toughness - Reduced damage taken when blocking in Combat.
* Virility - Increased chance to have children when using the Wheel of Delight.

Written by Jasper Rivas

Here are some tips for what ores (and ore levels) I recommend you use for each tool 
based on ease of mini-games and price.

* Buckets: the best Quillian ore is either Iron or Zinc, and the best rare ore is 
  Shadderwryth. This one you can use whatever ore rating you want.

* Charms: all Quillian ores result in equal prices, while Luminium is likely the 
  best bet for a rare ore. Again, this is one you can use whatever ore rating you want.

* Decorations: the best Quillian ore is Copper and the best rare is either 
  Shadderwryth or Abysstone. Any ore rating.

* Hammer: Iron is best, then Shadderwryth. Any ore rating.

* Jewelry: Zinc and Copper are the best Quillian, and for rare ores it increases as 
  you go up (Lum, then Shad, then Abyss, then Hya). Whatever rare ores you have extra
  or a lot of Id recommend using to make jewelry, especially since its one of the 
  pricier items. Any ore rating will work for this item type.

* Shovel: Any besides Tin, and all rare ores. Id say mostly stick to the Quillian
  ores for this item type since shovels arent worth as much as others. Any ore rating.

* Sickle: Iron is the best Quillian ore and Shadderwryth is the best rare ore for this 
  one. Id recommend sticking to 2* ore or less, since when you use the 3* or above 
  ore the sharpening mini-game becomes a lot more difficult.

* Sword: Copper, then Iron and Zinc. For rare ores, its like for jewelry. Like jewelry 
  Id recommend using your extra rarer ores for this item type. Like sickle, I recommend 
  sticking to 2* ore or less for the sharpening mini-game.

* Utensils: Iron or copper are best. Id stick with those two and avoid using rarer 
  ores if possible since these dont have high prices. Any ore rating.

* Ward: Zinc, then Iron, and Luminium. This is one of the pricier items. 
  Any ore rating will work.

* The priciest items are swords, jewelry, charms, and wards!

Most of the requested items in the blacksmith are shovels, sickles , and swords. For 
some reason almost if not no customer will ask for any of the other item types. They 
will of course request those other item types to be made and picked up at a later 
date, but not to have them immediately. Because of this I recommend having shovels, 
sickles, and swords in stock at all times; everything else can be made on a case-by-
case basis.

Monster Drop List:
Written by Voidy

* Monster  Loot
* Hob  Hob Tooth
* Lob  Vial of Slime
* Nob  Nobs Eye
* Nymph  Nymph Wing
* Nymph  Venom Sac
* Forest Hag  Hags Eye
* Forest Hag  Hags Hair
* Forest Hag  Hags Tooth

* Monster  Loot
* Croaker  Sticky Tongue
* Croaker  Crude Gullet
* Fachen  Yellow Toenail
* Fachen  Glass Tear
* Spriggan  Spikey Tip
* Spriggan  Spriggan Ear
* Great Nob  Nobs Eye
* Forest Hag  Hags Eye
* Forest Hag  Hags Hair
* Forest Hag  Hags Tooth

* Monster  Loot
* Banshee  Amethyst
* Banshee  Sallow Heart
* Banshee  Witching Cloth
* Barghest  Dark Paw
* Barghest  Poison Tongue
* Barghest  Nights Tail
* Ogyr  Fetid Toe
* Ogyr  Ogyr Blood
* Remnant  Ancient Cloth
* Remnant  Spirit Essence
* Forest Hag  Hags Eye
* Forest Hag  Hags Hair
* Forest Hag  Hags Tooth

How to Unlock Traits on Food / Recipes:
It is a cooked recipe, the traits show up after cooking it once. If it is a food 
item, like a vegetable or herb, you have to get the proverb that tells you what that
item does.

There are 3 proverbs for each food item, 1 which will hint at the traits, the other 
2 will hint at where or when to find.

You dont need all three to see the traits; just the specific proverb that refers to 
them. Proverbs can either be found lying around the world or received as friendship 

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