Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude 
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 Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude Cheats

Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Nude mode:
First, beat the game. Then buy "Everybody Naked!" at the bar. This secret costs 
269 secret tokens and can be turned on in the bonus options of the Extras section.

If you enter the large gold doors on Nice Street and then go to the right of the
doors you will find a man with a mohawk.

This man sells the following naughty art:
* Naughty 1
* Bonus Art 2
* Loading Screen 2

The vibrantly-mohawked Nigel is located in several places throughout the game and
he can sell you call kinds of unlockable items (art, strip games, etc). 
Post-makeover-Russell can do the same for you as well, though, later on in the game.

See a Naked Girl:
For the peep hole in the sorority there is a nude girl on the right that is just out
of the picture. Change the X and Y axis controls and you will now be able to look 
far enough over to see the completely naked girl.

Watch Movies:
In order to switch the opening cinemas of the game with any one of the cut scenes
you must rename one of these three files to one of the 18 movies below. Then when
you start up the game, the designated cinema will play instead of the intro. 
Note: Make a backup of the original files before editing them.

* Logo.sfd: Danger High Voltage Software
* Sierra.sfd: Sierra Intro
* VUG.sfd: Vivendi Universal Intro 

The location of the cut scenes are here: 
C:\program files\VUGames\Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude\Data\Cinema\FMV

* Attract.sfd : Larry Game Trailer
* DG5NBWGK.sfd: Ione Ending
* DG5NBWGL.sfd: Ione(L) Ending
* DL1NBWGU.sfd: Sierra Intro 2
* DL5NBWGC.sfd: Barbara Jo Ending
* DL5NBWGG.sfd: Morgan Ending
* DL5NBWGR.sfd: Suzi Ending
* DL5NBWGU.sfd: Koko Ending
* Ending.sfd  : Game Ending
* Intro.sfd   : New Game Intro
* LB5NBWGO.sfd: Beatrice Ending
* SL5NBWGN.sfd: Tilly Ending
* ST1NBWGX.sfd: Zanna Ending
* Tier1FMV.sfd: Swingles Challenge 1
* Tier2FMV.sfd: Swingles Challenge 2
* Tier3FMV.sfd: Swingles Challenge 3
* Tier4FMV.sfd: Swingles Challenge 4
* Tier5FMV.sfd: Swingles Challenge 5 

Unlock Bonus Art:
If you enter the large gold doors on Nice Street and then go to the right of the 
doors you will find a man with a mohawk. This man sells the following naughty art:

* Naughty 1
* Bonus Art 2
* Loading Screen 2

Easy Confidence:
In Larry's room, play "Penis Pong", which will give you 20 Confidence each time you
win. It is also the easiest mini-game.

Easier games:
Lose a game repeatedly until you get an option saying "Should we make it easier on
you?" then select "Yes". 

Easy flyer distribution:
When they throw an airplane, run towards them with [Left] to grab it beforehand.

Easy money:
Go to the Greek Quad and stand near the frat boy who buys pictures. With your back 
facing the frat boy, take out your camera and snap pictures of the cheerleaders that
are practicing. After taking all the pictures, turn around and sell them to the frat
boy. He will charge $6 and will give you $4 for each picture. If you stand too close
to the cheerleaders they will react to the flash and you will get less money for the
pictures. This can be done repeatedly without penalty.

Sweet Lou mini-game:
For Sweet Lou, full frame to three quarter profile hips are over $50. Buttocks shots
will get about $45 from the commissar. You will need the six shots to make $190 to 
complete his mini-game. A green light may only pay about $35, so angle is important.
Time is ticking away, so just follow her in Camera View; she goes right, then left, 
then right.

Add-ons for the suit outfit:
You can find the add-ons for the suit outfit in the Greek Quad. A college guy will 
be selling them near the steps of the frat house or sorority.

Super camera lens:
Interact with the stage light on the left of the Swingles set. When it falls over 
and breaks, pick up the camera lens icon. Instead of your camera zooming to 5X, it
can now zoom to 10x. You can now take closer and better pictures.

Go to the phone by the house that Barbara Jo is in. You will see a fence that is 
broken. Go in the back of the fence and go near the girls' house. You will see a 
hole. Press [Action] to see some girls in the shower.

Extra Secret Tokens:
Go to an object that only displays the eyeball icon and press [Action]. Many times, 
money or a Secret Token will appear. If a Secret Token appears, quickly press [Action]
multiple times. You will get an extra two to three Secret Tokens. 

Bottomless Zena:
Enable the "Nude mode" option after it has been unlocked. Open the black book and 
select the Swingles Chat with Barbara Jo, Morgan, and Suzi (the last one). Play it
two times in a row (win or lose), then select the "Try Again" option. A bottomless
Zena will appear during the third time. 

Pop culture references:
In the sorority house, the names on the doors on the second floor are all grouped 
by character names from famous television shows or pop culture families.

Black Sabbath reference:
DIO is the singer for Black Sabbath after Ozzy. The three members of house DIO are 
War Pig, Sweet Leaf and Supernaught, which are all Black Sabbath songs.

Easy Confidence:
Go to Spartacus at the nice street and talk to Guy Drahm at the bar. Select 
"Dance Party". It will not cost any money. Dance with Helmut, and it will raise 
your confidence by 30% instead of 20%.

Secrets for sale:
Go through the large gold doors to "Nice Street" (near the Swingles Van). Go to the 
far right of the doors and you will see a man in a green mohawk. Talk to him and he 
will offer to sell you the following extra bonus options.

* Bonus Art 2 (miscellaneous loading screens, etc.) 
* Loading Screen 2 (naughtier loading screens for Zana Luba and Harriet) 
* Naughty 1 (makes Switch Ione, Analisa, and Elle May wear bikinis) 

No Secret Token:
If you go to the Plaid Mart then go to where it says "Discount", press [Enter]. 
Larry will say "Secret Token" but you will not get a Secret Token.

Easy money:
This trick requires the "Naughty" item and having both Analisa and Luba at the dance
club. Enable "Naughty mode" and go to the dance club. Take pictures that frame both 
Analisa and Luba while they are posing. Each picture if taken properly gives you more
than $20. That is more than $120 per set. There are other combinations that will give
you large sums of money; just remember to take pictures of as many women as possible
in a single frame.

The tenured professor in the Library likes Morgan's boobs, and will pay $7 each. The 
person in the Greek Quad, once you can get into the Sorority house, likes Bettie Jo's
boobs and Zanna's crotch, and will pay $7 each. The person in the Dance Hall likes 
Luba's boobs and will pay $7 each. The person in Spartacus loves Helmut's crotch and 
goes up to $8 when he is moving. Once again, the subject being in motion is the key 
to high pay -- watch for their movement patterns before snapping pictures.

There are a number of items (signs, cakes, landmarks, etc.) that you can photograph 
and get an average of $13 per picture. The fountain, HOZ sorority Greek sign, and a 
picture of the campus guard standing in front of the writing on the walkway are just
a few. Remember to use the indicator at the top of your camera view to determine if 
it is a "good" photo or not.

Go to Titty City and pay the bouncer to play the game where you spank Zena. You do not
have to win it. When you are done, she should be topless on the stage. Take out your 
camera and zoom in until you see her face and breasts. Wait for her to do a little pose
and take a picture. The indicator at the top of the screen should be green. 
Take six pictures and sell them to the man in pink that looks like a pimp. He will buy
each picture for $23, which is a $112 profit after the cost of the mini-game and 
evaluation fee.

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