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  Hints and Tips for: Lawbreakers 
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 Lawbreakers Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Stash Drops:
Creds can be collected from the loot boxes which can appear while playing the 
game as well as you can get them in Daily Rewards. These loot boxes are known 
as the Stash Drops. These Slash Drops can be achieved while leveling up as 
well as while unlocking an achievement. On opening these you can also gets 
different small items. Some of these Stash Drops might give you Cred Drops but
it is rare. However, in Stash Drops you might get some Duplicate items that 
you can later trade for Creds. The amount relies on the item rating. In this 
way, you can read rid of duplicate items in the Inventory. These Slash Drops 
can be opened after you receive them right away. But keep one thing in mind 
that these Slash Drops cannot be opened while you are in a lobby. 
So Exit the Lobby and then open the Drops.

* You get XP for completing a match- even if you lose.
* Donít focus on just getting your kill count up! Focus on completing 
  objectives as well, which nets you XP for that specific mode.
* Try to get specific achievements in a game, like being the MVP- that, 
  too, nets you bonus XP.
* Familiarize yourself with each class, and their abilities- even if you 
  donít plan to play with them, it is useful knowing what you might expect 
  should you run into them in a game.
* Make sure to check your stats and scoreboard frequently during a game to 
  keep track of how things are going. Press the Touchpad on the DualShock 4 
  to call up the scoreboard.
* Always be on the move! Lawbreakers is as much about mobility as it is 
  about dealing damage.
* Think out of the box, your weapons and abilities can be used in ways not 
  intended or immediately obvious. Experiment, and learn from your mistakes.
* Blind fire when necessary- sometimes you might be pursued relentlessly, 
  and aiming down sights might now be an option. Blind fire.
* Embrace verticality- even if you arenít playing with a class that can 
  hover or fly, use the zero-g areas to take advantage of the z-axis.

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