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  Hints and Tips for: Laysara: Summit Kingdom 
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 Laysara: Summit Kingdom Cheats

Laysara: Summit Kingdom

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Make Money (Beginners Tips):
Build on pause – you’ve got infinite time to fix cashflow issues until 
your treasury runs out. This should help a lot while you organise your 
production chains and economy.

I’d also say think of the game more like a puzzle than a city builder at 
first – you need to make the most of limited land and be as efficient as 
possible until you tier up your research level.

Don’t build too fast or anything you don’t need – the maintenance costs 
are brutal to begin with, and things like walls or higher level roads will 
crush you, so keep it simple. You can definitely get a decent population 
of peasants and artisans with a stable economy before you push for the monk 
tier – as you noted, the academy is one of your first real progress gates.

Artisans pay more income than monks or peasants, 3g vs 2g, Build them all 
efficiently and close to the food market to begin with – I build them all 
around the market minus one building, which allows for a road to reach the 
market and leaves you 2 free 1×1 spots for a prayer shrine and a decoration.

Honey and the chicken coop are very easy and efficient sources of early food; 
build them around the edges of your mountain tier as efficiently as you can, 
using a distributor if you need to ‘jump’ from the edges back to town.

Finally make sure you’re not going into worker or yak debt – the worker 
shortage penalties are extreme. Oh and don’t forget you can pause production 
on anything you’re not using, this can be useful to block out locations for 
buildings you can’t quite afford to use yet or don’t need yet.

If you have 100 unemployed that isn’t worker debt, the debt situation is 
when you don’t have enough people to work all the required jobs – when this 
happens the game taxes you very hard with a penalty.

If you have 100 people unemployed you probably have too many workers of a 
certain type – without seeing your game its hard to know where the problem 
is but are they all getting food or other needs met? And are they all 
providing donations? You can see this when you mouse over the economy menu 
on the top.

There are two kinds of ‘worker debt’. First is importing in workers from 
outside your city if you don’t have enough population. Second is if a house 
isn’t getting all its demands due to a shortage, then there is a form of 
welfare given to them to compensate. Both are not well explained in the 

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