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  Hints and Tips for: Legend of the Red Dragon 
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 Legend of the Red Dragon Cheats

Legend of the Red Dragon

Cheat Codes:
You can make yourself invisible by using thew colour that 
matches the background colour. This makes it harder to attack 
you (as they don't know your name) 

Another trick is use the same name as someone else, but at the 
end of the name, change the colour to something else. Your name 
will appear to be the same, but it really isn't! 

If you are in high spirits, go into the forest and type:

Jennie - - - enable cheats
hott - - - hit points go up
sexy - - - extra user battle
lady - - - get gold
babe - - - ?
dung - - - ?
ugly - - - ? 

Robbing the bank in LORD, you must be a thief, catch a faery 
from te forrest, and go to the bank. Now when you press the 
number 2, the faery will come out and pick the bank for you. 
If you fight and kill a player with negative gold you'll get 
2 billion gold. 

If you've got a fairy in your pocket and you're fighting a user 
battle, a normally lethal blow will kill the fairy and not you. 

If the LORD addon Sandtiger's Bar is available, sell your weapon 
at king aurthurs, and your armour at the armor shop then goto 
the black market in Sandtiger's Bar and sell your fists for 2.5 
mill each. Do this as often as you want. 

At Sandtiger's Bar prices are set based on your current level. 
Stay at level 1 for a few days, and buy all the charactor 
enchantments you want from the black market. If you need cash, 
play blackjack. (by default, blackjack pays out 6 times your bet) 

If LORD has Thors Back Ally Bar, then these codes will work. 
First to get a lot of experience go into the bar, go into pollys 
box, give me some pills, buy number 5, then forget it. You can do 
this as many times as you want, and it gives you 5% of your 
experience. Also if you talk to the cloaked figure and ask to 
know about "lays" then your charm will go up to 100. Also, go 
into Thors Backally Church and give to the poor. Give a negative 
amount, but not over a hundred. 

To get the ultra-ale, which increases your hitpoints by 400%, go 
to visit barak. Select the walk right in option. When barak starts 
to yell at you, select "kick him in the shins" he will give you 
the ultra ale. The hitpoints are only temporary. 

Also, visit Barak and first knock on the door then ask to borrow 
a cup of sugar, and say "You animal! How Dare you!" You get to 
play a secret game. Also try saying "want to shoot the breeze", 
ask if you can read some books, and laugh Barak. 

Go across the tracks and see the bum. Throw him a negative amount 
of coins and you'll get that amount. 

Get at least 1 gem, Go to Weapons of War Bank, sell the gem at 
-10000, exit LORD completely, and re-enter. You will now have 2 
billion gold, and 10000 gems. 

Go to the Dragon's Castle, go into the Energie Imporium, sell -1 
magi use points, deposit them in the Dragon's Castle bank, go 
back to regular lord, and you will get 2 billion gold, and 
thieving points.

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