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  Hints and Tips for: Life is Strange 2 
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 Life is Strange 2 Cheats

Life is Strange 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Money or Morality?:
Written by Drake Ravenwolf

A money guide for Life is Strange 2.

-=Chapter #1=-
Sean starts out with $3.20

Esteban(dad) = lying will get you $20 while telling the truth gets you $40

"Drug" Money Jar = either gain -or- lose $10 (this one time, it doesn't count as stealing)

Diner Receipt = always lose $12.90

-=Bear Mart:=-
Power Bear = the bear ;) minimum seems to be $3 by having the same character try 3x; 
even if the graphics show you snagging a sphere before the 3rd attempt, the game will 
not give it to you.

Choco-Crisp = steal, lose $2, or break your promise.

Tent and Raccoon Sweater - too expensive to buy; either steal or go without. 
You get both if you choose "Steal Camping Gear" later on.

Sleeping Bag = too big to steal; lose $16 or go without.

T-Shirt = too big to steal; lose $11.90 or go without.

Food = you need 2x of the following to make sure Daniel has enough to eat; Hot Dogs 
($6) Bread ($5.90) Mac & Cheese ($4.50) Chips (free w/ begging) so without stealing 
you'd have to pay a minimum of $4.50, steal, or not get Daniel enough to eat 
(apparently no one eats the dumpster apple and candy doesn't count).

Drinks = there doesn't seem to be any reason NOT to just drink the free tap water.
Nothing consumable will carry over after this meal so there is no reason to stock 
up on extra food/drink.

Brody = always gain $30

Vending Machine = always lose $1

-=Chapter #2=-
Sean starts with a minimum of $4.03 up to a max of $30.03 in increments of $5 (I think 
the way it works is this; forget about Brody's money, that is always spent on the bus 
tickets. Take what you had left after the Bear Mart and round down; eg $11 becomes $9.03)

Christmas Market:
Wreath = $10
Sitting Bear = $6 -or- $7
Snowman = $4 -or- $5
Wooden Beaver = $9 -or- $10

You can steal the Yo-yo and then replace it with a bought item or give Daniel multiple 

Cassidy = lose up to $1 (if you have less than $1, you'll give her your last 3 cents).

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