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  Hints and Tips for: Lightyear Frontier 
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 Lightyear Frontier Cheats

Lightyear Frontier

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Get Iron Ingots (Bars):
1.Get a Foundry
  First off, you gotta snag yourself a Foundry. But hold up, to 
  get that, you’ll need some Clay from the Assembler. And guess 
  what? The Assembler needs Stone Dust from the Grinder.

2.Stock Up on Resources
  But that’s not all. Smelting ain’t gonna happen without some Coal. 
  So make sure you got a good stash of it.

3.Crafting Iron Ingots
  Now, onto the main event. Crafting Iron Ingots requires 2 Iron Ore 
  and 1 Coal. Combine ’em in the Foundry, and bam, you got yourself 
  some iron ingots ready to roll.

4.Clay Conundrum
  Oh, and heads up. Getting clay might throw you for a loop. It ain’t 
  your usual water find. Nope, it’s hidden in “stone dust.” Weird, 

-=Extra Tips: Iron Parts Usage=-
Don’t forget, iron parts are the real MVPs. You’ll need ’em for some sick 
upgrades and buildings like:

* Irrigation Hose Power II
* Hydro Splash Size I
* Spike Saw Power III

Tips and Tricks:
* Use your thrusters in bursts when jumping off a cliff to keep your mech 
* Make sure to collect crops when they’re ready to harvest, otherwise they 
  may rot.
* If the merchant decides to take off while you’re interacting with her, 
  make sure you run away. Otherwise you will get punted by the ship and will 
  fly quite a ways.
* Build a weather station so you know when its going to rain and when a live 
  event will happen.
* Don’t rush take your time. Enjoy the relaxing game that it is. Make sure 
  to clean up Edge Cliffs asap. It requires no upgrades to do this and it 
  gives you access to copper which in returns unlocks a few new builds.

Create a mission for every mech upgrade you can buy (the upgrades that show 
the ingredients to buy them). It allows you to check way more easily which 
ones you can build and which ones you can’t, by not having to always go back
to the mech upgrade to remember what you need. And then you can track the 
ones you can buy to have them show up on screen.

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