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  Hints and Tips for: Like Clay 
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 Like Clay Cheats

Like Clay

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Good & Bad Endings:

-=Bad Ending=-
You should go for the bad ending first to save a full play through. The game 
saves during the good ending, so you reload go back to before ending choice.

* Enter the closet door, ignoring the rock by the closet.
* After passing a creepy statue, turn right and up the stairs. 
  Follow that path to a lever.
* Look on the floor to see two candles. The line on the note earlier 
  represents the lever, so this one should go straight down.
* Return downstairs and go the other way.
* You’ll see a small area with a lever and a single candle. So this lever 
  must go horizontally.
* Keep following the path down to the final lever accompanied by one candle.
* Return back the way we came until a statue with red eyes looks at you.
* Enter the doorway opposite the creepy statue.
* Before touching anything, explore this area and find four dials marked with: 
  a grass, heart, rose, and sun symbol.
* The corridor opposite the Sun dial also has two notes. One says:

Grass 1x ?
Sun 2x ?
Rose 2x ?
Heart 1x ?

* Follow the note and input the correct sequence. Memorise the path because 
  as soon as you start, a statue will chase you so you need to be quick.
* A new path opens up in the hallway between the rose and sun dials.
* Press the hidden switch in the top shelf of the bookshelf.
* Follow the cave to a statue head.
* Read the note. Rearrange the sticks on the wall to form an upside-down cross.
* Jump down.
* The game will inform you the statue closed, locking in the bad ending.
* Follow the cave. It’s quite dark here and there are a lot of pitfalls, but 
  the path is linear.

-=Objective: “Defeat the Demon”=-
Boss battle!

* The boss will shoot red spiders at you. 
* This is its only attack and you’ll be avoiding these the entire battle.
* Four slots will open up in the walls revealing four tablets. 
* Use each one five times until it breaks.
* Once one breaks, press a button that lights up on the rotating pedestal 
  it’s standing on. 
* This will reopen the slots.
* Repeat this pattern until all four tablets are broken.

-=Objective: “Go back upstairs”=-
* Go back through the cave you traversed to reach here… and you’re stuck.
* Enjoy the monologue and the ending.

-=Good Ending=-
* Follow everything done in the bad ending, except with three additional steps:
  At the wardrobe at the beginning, move the rock to hold the door open.
  After solving the lever puzzle, take the stick opposite the creepy statue and 
  use it on the door slot to prop up the door.
  After solving the cross puzzle, pick up the block of wood nearby and use it 
  between the statue heads before jumping down.

* After beating the boss, since all your exits are still open, retrace your steps 
  all the way back to where you entered the catacombs.

-=Objective: “Go back to the main building”=-
* Things have changed a bit now, so feel free to explore a little. 
  You’re safe for the rest of the game.

-=Objective: “Go to your apartment and call the police”=-
* In case you forgot, your apartment is on the 5th floor.
* Using the phone in your apartment will trigger the final monologue and ending.

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