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  Hints and Tips for: Little Busters! 
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 Little Busters! Cheats

Little Busters!

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete Guide:
Written by HeliosAlpha

~Choice that may or may not appear. It's fine if it it doesn't.~
Choice you don't want to pick
Locking Choiceß [Critical choice that becomes unavailable after the 
route is cleared and stays that way until Refrain is completed]

5/14 Watch for a while (CG)
5/15 Go look for her
5/15 Watch for a while (CG)
5/15 ~Use another notebook~
5/16 Follow after Rin
5/17 Run after Rin
5/19 Look for Rin
5/23 Keep helping her out
----- Cheer her on
----- Go (Rin2)
----- Become stronger (Rin2)
*Rin2 is only available after completing Rin1 and the 5 other pre-Refrain 
heroine routes.

There are extra scenes available if you choose Mio as Kudís roommate on 18/5.

5/15 ~Use another notebook~
5/18 Stay in the courtyard
5/18 ~Hostility~
5/19 In the courtyard (CG)
5/21 Look for her
5/21 Good intentions
5/22 Go to the courtyard (CG)
5/22 ~Shook my head~
5/23 ~Quit~
5/23 Go to the courtyardß
5/24 Go to the courtyard
5/28 Go to the courtyard
----- Midori
----- Good intentions

-=Mio Bad Ending
Good intentions Bad intentions

5/15 ~Use another notebook~
5/17 Go to the rooftop
5/18 ~Hostility~
5/22 Go back to the classroom (CG)
5/22 ~Shook my head~
5/23 ~Quit~
5/23 Go to the rooftop
5/28 Go to the rooftop
----- Fix her clothes
----- Ask her for details of the dream
----- Face reality head on

-=Komari Bad End
----- Face reality head on Pretend not to notice anything
----- If it will protect another

After completing Refrain, an extra scene with Komari on 21/5 becomes available. 

5/15 ~Use another notebook~
5/17 Watch the battle (CG)
5/18 ~Hostility~
5/21 Go buy juice
5/22 Go find herß
5/22 Go to the backyard
5/22 Listen carefully
5/22 ~Shook my head~
5/23 ~Quit~
5/28 ~Go to the cafeteria~
5/28 Donít talk to her
----- Feign ignorance
----- Forwards
----- I canít give upÖ
----- I know the sender (Only appears after Refrain)

There are extra scenes available if you choose Haruka as Kudís roommate on 18/5. 
Specifically, thereís a scene in the second bad ending that can only be seen if 
you have completed the Kurugaya route but not the Kud route when doing Haruka. 

5/15 ~Use another notebook~
5/16 Take it
5/16 Get involved (CG)
5/18 ~Hostility~
5/22 Go to the cafeteria
5/22 Haruka-sanß
5/22 ~Shook my head~
5/23 ~Quit~
5/28 ~Go to the cafeteria~
5/28 Ask what happened
----- Ask for the truth
----- Check it out
----- Continue searching for Haruka-san
----- Saw it in the class register
----- Yes
----- I understand
----- Thatís a good idea
----- Accept her condition
----- Donít give up

-=Haruka Bad Endings
[Bad End 1]
Saw it in the class register Heard it from Futaki-san

[Bad End 2 (CG)]
Donít give up Give up
Version A: I want to.
Version B: I donít want to.

There are a bunch of scenes that depend on who Kudís roommate is. On 18/5 you can 
choose Haruka or Mio as the roommate; all other cases will default to Kanata being 
chosen. This means there are 3 slightly different versions of the route. 

5/15 ~Use another notebook~
5/16 Help her look for a roommate
5/18 ~Hostility~
5/19 Help her
5/22 Noddedß
5/23 ~Quit~
5/27 Do you mind if I tag along?
----- Kurugaya-san and Komari-san
----- Look into the question from yesterday
----- I want to return her feelings right now
----- She should go

-=Kud Alternate Endings
[Bad End 1] 
She should go I want her to stay

[Bad End 2]
Pick Haruka as Kudís roommate, then choose to study with Masato.

[Bad End 3] (Only after Refrain)
See Muscle Sensation under Extras for details.

[Bad End 4] (Only after Refrain)
She should go Ask what she wants to do

Refrain only unlocks after completing Rin2. 
----- Escape with Rin
----- Yes (Only appears after you clear Refrain once)
----- Itís not enough
----- Calm myself down
----- Break off branches
----- Postpone his rescue
----- Tell her to check the luggage
----- Think it through
----- Rescue Kyousuke

Sasami's route is only fully available after completing Refrain. 

15/5 Donít lend it out
15/5 ~Let her be~
15/5 ~Use another notebook~
16/5 ~Donít get involved too much~
17/5 ~Donít go to the rooftop~
18/5 ~Go to the cafeteria~
18/5 ~Hostility~
21/5 ~Play with Masato~
22/5 Go to the backyard
23/5 Get something to drink
---- About Mon Petit
---- Wordlessly hold out the Mon Petit
---- Keep her to myself
---- Stay with her
---- I too...

-=Sasami Alternate Ending
Stay with her Leave her alone
---- Thereís another reason

Kanata's route is only available after completeing Refrain.

15/5 ~Use another notebook~
18/5 Friendliness
21/5 Get a breath of fresh air
23/5 ~Quit~
23/5 Get something to drink
28/5 Help
---- Help the dorm committee out
---- Donít leave
---- Donít leave
---- Because I like you

-=Kanata Alternate Ending
Because I like you I can't answer
---- Kiss her

-=Muscle Sensation
Muscle Sensation is a humorous offshoot from Kudís route. It can only be read to 
completion after Refrain. While playing through Kudís route, pick Mio as Kudís 
roommate on the 18th. After that, play with Masato 3 times during common route. 
Masato is available for playtime on dates 16,18, 19, 21, 22, 23, and 24. 

While in Kud route:
---- Masato and me
---- Muscle
---- Muscle
---- Muscle
---- Even so, Muscle

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