Little Fighter 2 - Reinforced Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Little Fighter 2 - Reinforced 
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 Little Fighter 2 - Reinforced Cheats

Little Fighter 2 - Reinforced

Cheat Codes:
Press one of the following keys.

Key    Effect
[F6] - Unlimited mana
[F7] - Full health and mana
[F8] - Falling objects
[F9] - Break all objects

Cheats Codes:
Submitted by: Abhijit Kundu

All hell Attacks of players of lf2 reinforced.
[D=defence J=jump ><^v=right, left, up, down (move)]

Angel: D^J+DJA+AAAAAAAA (Hell Special). 

Conqueror's Continual Punch: D>J+D>J ("Rare") 
Genuine Dragon Punch: D>J+D>J+D^A (Hell Special) 

Dancing Swallow: Catching+D>J+DVJ+DJA (Hell Special) 

Fire Tiger Dash 2: D>J+DJA ("Rare") 
Fire Hovering Dragon: D>J+DJA+D>J (Hell Special) 

Ice Pheonix Palm 2: D>A+DJA ("Rare") 
Ice Dragon Punch: D>A+DJA+D>A (Hell Special) 

Dark Whirlwind: Catching+A (Hell) 
Ice Dragon: DJAJA (Hell Special) 

Dark Destruction: Catching+A (Hell) 
Fire Dragon: DJAJA (Hell Special) 

Thousand Slashes: Grab+D^J+DvJ (Hell Special) 

Sonata of the Death 2: D^J (Hell) 
Rainy Arrow: D^J+D>J+D>J (Hell Special) 

Incantation: DvA+(AAA...) (less hp, easier to use) (Hell) 

Hovering Slash: DvA+D^A+J+DvJ/DvA+A^A+DvJ (Hell) 

Metamorphosis: DJAA (HP less than 1/3) ("Rare") 

Crazy Cow: DJA+D>A+D>A+D>A (Hell Special) 

Wrath: DJAAAAAAA (Hell Special) 

Crash Ball: D>JJJJJJJ (HP less than 1/2) (Hell Special) 

Bat Slaughter: JD^J+DvJ+DvJ (Hell Special) 

Devour: J+D^J 

Whirlwind Slash: D^J+D>J+D^J+D>J+D^J+D>J (Hell Special) 

Finish: D>A+DJA+DJA (Hell Special) 

Flame: DvA+D^J+D>J+DVJ+D^A (Hell SPecial) 

Recovery: DJA+DJA+DvA ("Rare") 
Hide: DJA+DJA+D^A ("Rare") 
Destruction: DJA+DJA+DJA ("Rare") 
Reincarnation: DJA+DJA+D>A ("Rare") 
Fascination: DJA+DJA+D>J ("Rare") 
Devil Dragon: DJA+DJA+D^J ("Rare") 
Devil Sword: DJA+DJA+DvJ ("Rare") 
Eternal Death: DJA+DJA+AJJA (Hell Special) 

Magic Wheel: DJA+D^J+D^J (Hell Special) 

Third Anger: >>DJA+DJA+DJA (Hell Special) 

Thousand Rolling Strafes: DvA+DvJ+D^J (Hell Special) 

Bloody Arrows: D>A+DD+JJ+AA (Hell Special) 

Absorptive Key Pattern: DJ+D^A+D>J (Hell Special) 
Richter: D^J (Hell Special) 
Guardian: too bad nothing

Editing moves:
Use a text editor to edit the "data.txt" file in the "data" directory 
in the game folder. The only thing you need to change is the id number.
For example, 
change: id: 229 type: 3 file: data\julian_ball2.dat
to:     id: 223 type: 3 file: data\julian_ball2.dat

change: id: 223 type: 3 file: data\firzen_ball.dat
to:     id: 229 type: 3 file: data\firzen_ball.dat

You can do this to any character as long as the type is the same, 
and that it is a .dat file (not weapons).

Hints - Transformations:
* When Firen and Freeze run into each other, they will transform into
  Firzen with an explosion. 
* Louis can evolve into Louis EX if you press [Defense]+[Jump]+[Attack].
* Rudolf can transform into other characters when you grab them and press

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