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  Hints and Tips for: Logiart Grimoire 
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 Logiart Grimoire Cheats

Logiart Grimoire

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Solve Puzzle 59:
March 16, 2024 Guides 0

On the 1,2,2,1,2 row, for the square youíre filled in, the square just 
left of it (on the 2,1,2,1 column) can be marked with X. Thatís because 
if that was filled as if it was treated as the middle 2 (of the row), 
the 1,2 would not fit to the right.

And if it was treated as the last/right 2 of the row, the 1,2,2,1 would 
not fit on the left. Itís possible though the square just right of it 
could still be filled in, so donít fill/mark that with X yet until you 
have enough info to do so.

Additionally, for the two squares youíve filled in on the middle 5,1 
rows (on the 14 column), you can mark both squares just to the right 
(on the 1,1,1 column) with an X. Thatís because connecting both filled 
in squares in either 5,1 row (both the 14 with the 9,1 columns) equals 
5, so said 5 cannot possibly go any further to the right.

The right-filled numbers (on the 14 column) could possibly be a 1 as 
well, so if thatís the case, there would be no more filled squares 
past that point.

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