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  Hints and Tips for: Lord Of The Rings Online - Shadows Of Angmar 
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 Lord Of The Rings Online - Shadows Of Angmar Cheats

Lord Of The Rings Online - Shadows Of Angmar

Easy money:
An easy way to make money is to kill Wights and Barghests in the 
Barrow-Downs. The Barrow-Downs are located southwest of the town 
of Bree. If you leave when all five of your bags are full, you 
should make about 150 to 300 silver coins.

Tier 1 Prospector Farm:
The place you want to look for the Tier 1 Prospector Farm, is in 
the Shire. Try creating an alternate Hobbit character and make him 
an Explorer for his Crafting. This farm has both Prospector materials
and Forester materials. Go to the town of Micheal Delving in The Shire. 
Next, display the world map so it shows the town name Micheal Delving. 
Find where the "G" in Micheal Delving is. Go to that general area and 
you will certainly find at least two or three Prospector Nodes (Tin 
Deposits and Copper Deposits). Make sure to have your Prospecting 
Tracker on. There is a mound that you can stand on that can reveal any 
of the three nodes that appear. By doing this, you can almost instantly 
run to it and grab the node. An Explorer is also acceptable for this, 
not only for its Prospecting ability, but also the Forester. Every now 
and then, Rowan Branches will appear at the bottom of the hill to the 
right of the building, and at the top near the few trees.

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