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  Hints and Tips for: Lords of the Fallen 
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 Lords of the Fallen Cheats

Lords of the Fallen

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Skip Intro Videos:
To skip intro videos on the PC, open your Steam installation file directory:
"\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Lords Of The Fallen\videos"

Open the folder and find the following files:


Take these three files and delete them, move them to a back-up folder, or rename them.
Doing so will cause a blank screen as the game starts. The opening selection menu 
takes a moment to load, so it wonít appear instantly. Still, this should lead to a 
faster start-up!

General Tips:
* If you're unhappy with your starting class, don't fret. You'll find the equipment for 
  all three classes in the first few hours with enough exploration, so feel free to 
  change your approach without starting the game over. 
* Keep that shield up at all times. Enemies like to hide behind corners and catch you 
  off guard, which can be deadly without proper protection.
* If you're not wearing the heaviest armor in the game, get used to rolling. The shield
  works at times, but dodging an attack completely proves even more effective. This is 
  especially true for many boss fights since a lot of them can just blow right through 
  most shields with ease.
* You can use a checkpoint and enemies won't spawn again... as long as you don't bank
  your experience points.
* The more you kill enemies without banking your XP, the more total XP you receive 
  thanks to a multiplier that shows on the bottom of the screen. If you die, that 
  multiplier goes back down to zero.
* When you die, you can go back to that spot and get your XP back, a la Souls games.
  There's a twist though Ė a percentage counts down, and if you don't reach the spot
  in time the XP disappears.
* Explore the world thoroughly. Even in the first few hours there are a lot of areas to
  discover, which in turns results in more handy items and equipment. Just be careful 
  though, as it's easy to get lost in Lords of the Fallen.
* Unless you know you're going to be using magic a lot, spend most of your XP on 
  attribute points. They will help more in the long run.
* Always try to get behind enemies to backstab them. Backstabs often take out 
  enemies in one or two hits.

Legendary items:
Successfully complete the indicated task to obtain the corresponding legendary item:

* Clawfinger Scythe: Kill Worshiper after he kills two of his own minions.
Special Feature: One-handed heavy attack casts a demonic scythe. 
Damage: 42 
Power: 100 
Energy: 170 
Speed: 100 
Critical: 100 

* Commander Shield: Kill Commander without blocking a single attack.
Special Feature: Creates three projectiles in the form of minor shields. 
Phys: 100 
Magic: 45 
Fire: 0 
Poise: 20 
Light: 0 
Defense: 12 
Poise: 12 

* Curse: Loot from a dead body in the "Old Quarters" area.
Special Feature: Blocking attacks will replenish magic. 
Defense: 14 
Block Defense: 100% 
Poise: 46 

* Defender-I Buckler: Kill the fire-element Brother last.
Special Feature: Reflect fire-damage for all blocked attacks. 
Physical: 100 
Magic: 50 
Fire: 100 
Poise: 70 
Light: 0 
Defense: 32 
Poise: 23 

* Defender-II Buckler: Kill the lightning-element Brother last.
Special Feature: Reflect lightning-damage for all blocked attacks. 
Physical: 100 
Magic: 50 
Fire: 0 
Poise: 70 
Light: 100 
Defense: 32 

* Firewalker Shortsword: Kill Guardian without extinguishing any braziers.
Special Feature: Deal fire-damage often. 
Damage: 33 
Power: 100 
Energy: 150 
Speed: 110 
Critical: 100 

* Lightning Hammer: Use a lightning-damage weapon to defeat the Annihilator.
Special Feature: Get more power for two-handed lunging attacks. 
Damage: 150 
Power: 100 
Energy: 230 
Speed: 94 
Critical: 100 

* Persistence Greatsword: Kill the First Warden without taking any damage.
Special Feature: One-handed heavy attack that causes a tremor. 
Damage: 50 
Power: 100 
Energy: 190 
Speed: 104 
Critical: 90 
Stain Hammer: Kill Beast without getting poisoned.
Special Feature: Two-handed heavy attack casts a Poison Pool. 
Damage: 94 
Power: 100 
Energy: 180 
Speed: 94 
Critical: 100 

Unlimited Attribute Points:
First, find the Curse sword, which is located in the Citadel region (check in the
Old Quarters). Now go to the Graveyard region and bury the sword in the Kyle Ember's
grave. Defeat the ghost, then retrieve the sword and equip it. Your luck attribute 
should increase by five points. Save your progress at the nearest checkpoint and exit
the game completely. Load it again and you should find your luck has increased by +5,
doubled. You can repeat this process as often as you like, then use the Shard of 
Heroes and reassign your points in categories that suit you better.

Easy "Do unto others..." achievement or trophy:
You must kill the First Warden with his Persistence Greatsword in New Game + mode. 
Use your main weapon to damage him to 10% health, then deliver the killing blow 
with the Persistence Greatsword.

How to Disable Easy Anti Cheat:
Written by _orbit?ldrop

For people that donít want to deal with Epicís trash.

-=Disabling Anti Cheat=-
Create a text file called steam_appid.txt and place it in:
~\steamapps\common\Lords of the Fallen\LOTF2\Binaries\Win64

* Open the file and add ď1501750Ē without quotes, save.
* Launch the game through the .exe file in the same directory. 
* Make sure steam is open when you do that.
* To play with EAC enabled just launch the game through steam.

The First Boss (Pieta) Fight Tips:
I dont know if its my graphics settings or just the way the game is but ive 
noticed in this game to get a perfect block leading up to that red dot attack, 
you need to press it way before the enemy is about to hit you.

For this boss id say start looking at her sword pattern, it hits in a 180 degree 
arc, when you see her at the opposite swing of you and its about to come press 
the button and itíll block.

Also, use 2 hand if you can get used to the slower timing.

I started as a spear guy, and while hes much faster and is great for normal mobs, 
the boss was taking to long to do good damage.

-=Extra Tips=-
* On her sword swings most times she does a 2 sword swing and stops, you can tag 
  her in those instances twice. if she does the 3 sword swing either block all 
  and do the big red dot damage, or tag her twice again.
* Once you get the timings down for blocking on her swings, then the second faze 
  you can use a combo of dodging when she raises her sword slightly to swing, or 
  even better get used to blocking once again.
* Her patterns on second phase are pretty much the same except sometimes she summons 
  two phantoms for the insta kill beam, she summons one phantom for a quick side 
  swipe, and of course shes in the air.

Skipping Intro Videos:
Too lazy to hold the skip button great cause i got something that might interested you.

* Zit Windows+R and copy this:
* %LOCALAPPDATA%\LOTF2\Saved\Config\Windows\Engine.ini
* Press enter and add this line at the end of the file 
  (be careful this is two separate rows):


* Save the file and itís done.

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