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  Hints and Tips for: Luck Charm Deluxe 
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 Luck Charm Deluxe Cheats

Luck Charm Deluxe

Submitted by: David K.

Lucky Streak:
A Lucky Streak happens when you get your Lucky Rainbow all the way up! To
move the Lucky Rainbow up you have to make matches of 4 or more luck charms.
Lucky Streaks are great for several reasons. The first is that they DOUBLE 
all of your points while your rainbow is all the way up. Secondly, they add
a cool little "gold dot" to the level on the level select screen. 

You can sustain a Lucky Streak by continually making matches of 4 or more 
luck charms as well. You can also stop the Lucky Rainbow from falling by 
making a match of 4 or better.

Magic of the Reset Button:
You will find that strategic use of the Reset Button will greatly improve
your level completion performance. In the later levels of the game, the 
matches and boards become very challenging. The Reset Button is your 
greatest friend when you just can't see that match! It doesn't cost you
anything, so use it!!

Making Longer Matches:
Making longer matches at first seems a bit tricky, but if this is your 
goal there is a way to do it fairly consistently. Pick a luck charm that
seems to be on the level more than others. Then try and match as many of
the other luck charms as you can. When the luck charms reset after being
matched you can build up your count of the particular luck charm you are
trying to match. Then before long you will be able to make a HUGE match!

Easter Eggs:
If you click on the Main Menu Leprechaun enough he will say a few quips
like "quit playing around", "It's bad luck to poke at a Leprechaun."

There are two alternative game endings. The first game ending happens 
when you just complete all of the levels. The second game ending happens
when you get a "Lucky Streak" on every level.

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