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  Hints and Tips for: Lugaru 
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 Lugaru Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Use a text editor to edit the "config.txt" file in the game folder.
Set the "Debug" value to "1". Press ~ during game play, then type 
one of the following codes to activate the cheat function.

Effect                                   Code
Load map in the maps folder            - Map  [map name]
Save map                               - Save [map name]
Change skins                           - Cellar door
Change skins                           - rambo
Change skins                           - kungfu
Change skins                           - white
Change skins                           - brown
Change skins                           - black
Red clothes                            - Tintr [0 or 1]
Green clothes color                    - Tintg [0 or 1]
Blue clothes color                     - Tintb [0 or 1]
RGB clothes colors                     - Tint [0 or 1]
Remove all clothes                     - Noclothes
Toggle tutorial mode                   - tutorial [0 or 1]
Toggle hostility                       - hostile  [0 or 1]
delete last hotspot                    - dhs
Delete last dialogue                   - ddialogue
Play dialogue number                   - play [integer]
Make immobile                          - immobile
Toggle skybox (turn off to get fog)    - Skybox 
RGB colors for the sky                 - Sky Tint 
RGB colors for the lighting            - Sky Light 
Set player speed                       - Speed (1-30) 
Set player strength                    - Strength 
Set player power                       - Power 
Set the slomo speed                    - slomo 
Set the slomo sound frequency          - slofreq 
Set initial state                      - type 
Determine whether enemies walk         - path 
Set the map objective to kill everyone - mapkilleveryone 
Set the map objective to go somewhere  - mapgosomewhere 
Make mobile                            - mobile 
Set head, body, arm and leg proportion - proportion (####) 
Set the far clipping plane             - viewdistance
Set player to rabbit                   - funnybunny 
Set player to wolf                     - wolfieisgod
Set the size, type, text for a hotspot - hs [#][text type] [text]
Change size                            -  size [.75 to 2]
Quit game                              - quit

Submitted by: Haspa

Turn debug to 1. Run Lugaru. During a level press tilde(~) type proportion
and 4 numbers to make Turner bigger or smaller. Type "wolfieisgod" to make
you a wolf(without quotes). Type power and a number to make him more 
powerful and speed and a number between 1 and 30 to make him speedier.
And...that's about all I know.

Other keys:
Press "V" to pause the game but you can still move the camera around, "F" 
makes you burst into flames, "H" gives you 2000 health, "B" turns on slow 

Cheat mode (in-game keys):
Use a text editor to edit the "config.txt" file in the game folder. Set the
"Debug" value to "1". Press ~ during game play, then type one of the following
codes to activate the cheat function.

Result                           Key 
Freeze everything except camera  V 
2,000 health                     H 
Mini-map                         [Tab] 
Restart level                    [Alt] + Z  
Win level                        [Shift] + K  
Die                              N  
Slow motion                      B  
Toggle snow/grass/desert         J  
Spontaneously combust            F  
Explode nearby head              I  
Explode nearby enemy             [Shift] + I  

Clothes values:
Use one of the following values with the "Clothes" code.


Hostpot text type values:
Use one of the following values with the "hs" code. 

type 0       : Static, display text.
type 1 to 10 : Attached to player 1-10, display text.
type 11 to 20: Attached to player 1-10, must kill to win.
Type -1      : Win if approached.

Submitted by: pizzaman

Password   Result
wolf     - rabbit-o-wolf

Submitted by: midgetbunny

type:size_.75 to 2; to make your self bigger or smaller.
Note: any number lower than .75 makes you too small, and any number over 
2 makes you to big.

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