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  Hints and Tips for: Lunch Lady 
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 Lunch Lady Cheats

Lunch Lady

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Guide For Beginners (How To Play):
Written by Zapusten

For Lunch Lady players, if you are new to this game, and confused about what what 
you need to do and game basic mechanics, this guide will explain them to you.

-=You want to=-
* Keep away from the Lunch Lady!
* Find 10 blue folders each containing a page of the exam.
* Find keys for hallway A, B, C, Stair way and Principalís office.
* When you find a key, open all doors that key can open as soon as you can.
* Once you have all 10 pages of the exam, everyone (who is standing) must be 
  in the entrance, where you started.

The Lunch Lady can grab you or she can throw things (knives?) at you. If the Lunch 
Lady gets you then she will down you with a pan to your head. You will not be able 
to move about but you still can turn, see, talk, and call out for help. You can also 
apply a medkit to yourself (normal mouse key).

There are single-use med kits, which you can find but only carry one at a time, that 
can allow you to help a downed player: aim at them and hold down E until they get up,
or help yourself up: hold down mouse button until you are healed.

* When you hear Lunch Lady muttering then she is NEAR.
* Donít run down hallways for a long time with Lunch Lady behind you, she will throw 
  things (knives?) and knock you down; duck into a room.
* Remember which rooms have back rooms or two exits, these are best to run into when 
  fleeing, and close the door.
* It is easy to miss the blue folders, and even easier to miss the keys. Keep looking.
* Donít heal yourself when the Lunch Lady is near Ö if she comes near when you are 
  healing then STOP HEALING.
* Donít hide in dead end places, you can run around tables. The principalís office 
  is not a good place to hide!
* Thereís a valve (in the cafeteria) that periodically pumps steam that can down you.

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