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  Hints and Tips for: Meet Your Maker 
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 Meet Your Maker Cheats

Meet Your Maker

Submitted by: David K.

Brutal Difficulty Tips:
Killboxes are a pain, but they can crumble easily.

I suggest upgrading yourself before going into Brutal.

-=My Recommendations=-

* Upgrading your main gun so it has a 3rd bolt
* Unlocking the Flash Barrier. It lasts like, 4-5 seconds and will make 
  you invincible when standing in it. Better still, any trap that hits 
  the shield (Arrows, Hooks, Pistons) gets destroyed.
* Co Op is fun! Having two players tackle a Brutal base makes them super 
  easy. Both with upgraded bolts means 6 traps can be destroyed! Allowing 
  you to create a ďsafe zoneĒ to move to and whittle everything down bit 
  by bit. Better too, if you die, or your ally dies, as long as BOTH arenít
  dead, it wonít reset the map. And you can revive your ally.

Dungeon Tips:
* Donít build kill boxes. Really donít build kill boxes!
* You donít lose your own resources when players destroy the tombs, traps, 
  guards or collect the Gen Mat.
* Well, thereís no need to block graves.
* You can block bolts with a sword swing.
* You can also pull yourself to guards with the grappling hook.
* You restart your outpost by leveling it up.
* If you keep the mouse button pressed while building, you can quickly build 
  large areas.
* The little collector with the red box wonít hurt you. 
  Thereís no need to bully the poor little guy.
* Be fair and donít forget to thank the creator for their efforts with a vote.
* Devices are insanely useful and youíre leaving lots of power on the table 
  if you donít buy them.
* Builders are not entitled to votes.
* You can restart a raid without dying if you donít like the way itís going or 
  wasted valuable ammo.
* Plan on picking your ammo up after you fire it to maximize your ranged resources 
  (unless youíre a double-melee chad).
* Co-op raiding totally trivializes the entire game.
* Guards can patrol and the main reason to not make them patrol is to reduce 
  footstep audio.

Pro Tip:
This is why your outposts hardly get any raids, because if you wall off these 
tombs which is the main source for material farming, people wonít leave you 
accolades. Accolades are what determine how many raids you get.

I have 1 outpost with nearly 400 accolades and its had 396 raids since launch 
with 2,921 kills at the time of this post, its a level 6 outpost.

All my other outposts combined have about 100 accolades between them, about 
200 kills, and only 50 or so total raids.

If you donít want the raider to get the tombs for free then incorporate them 
into the build and reward the raider with them for solving puzzles or something. 
But any outpost I raid that walls them off I refuse to give an accolade and will 
only make 1 attempt to raid it, if I die I leave, not gonna let them farm kills 
and mats.

Also everyone complaining about kill boxes hasnít discovered the flash barrier 
or phoenix pods. The outpost that I have that has nearly 3000 kills appears as 
an impossible kill box, but it is entirely doable in a single life with 1 
strategic use of a flash barrier.

Creators will always be able to eventually beat their own map in a single run 
if the devs implement that. It might take them 100 tries and finding the perfect 
timing but thats all it would take is a single clear to get it published, and 
every map, every single one, is beatable.

Give It Your All Achievement Tips:
-=Give It Your All=-
* Process all 5 advisors at once.

* Process means ďpush the button next to the ChimeraĒ.
* For this achievement, all your advisors need to have their stations glowing 
  red, to show theyíre awaiting process and a level up.

Trap Behind Corrosive Cube:
A trap/enemy canít see through a corrosive cube, but if you go where trap ďseesĒ 
you, it would activate and can go through corrosive cube (except if corrosive 
cube got the mod which makes him ďsolidĒ).

Same for the enemy and projectile. Thats why corrosive cube + bolters (traps or 
ennemies) is a pretty strong combo.

You can get traps to activate behind the lava cube only if I set the lava cube 
to ďappear on second waveĒ. Suddenly my bolds behind the cube will now fire 
through it. Before the bolts wonít fire.

Leveling Advisors Explained:
Leveling advisors boosts their well, boosts; at least their durations.

Level 1 advisors only increase the boost for 3 minutes, but mine are up to an 
hour long and change now.

It takes way too long for the boosts to be worth it, but at the same time, there 
may not even be a cap, so perhaps the boosts could last for several hours, or 
potentially several days.

The hardware advisor is probably the most value. Boosts genmat collected from 
raids by 5/10/15% and only costs synthite and parts, which are far more common 
to obtain, and youíll be flooded in the stuff compared to genmat if you raid 

Conditions for Obtaining Synthite:
You get it by:

* Killing guards.
* Destroying traps.
* Killing raiders in your outpost.
* Evolving the chimera.
* Leveling up your custodian.
* Daily bonus.

Tip About Guards and Ambushes:
You can set-up cheeky ambushes with their patrols by just waiting before moving.

For example, I have two guards stationed outside my outpost. Most people are 
inside within 30ish seconds, so I have the two guards wait 30 seconds and then 
go in behind them.

Thereís another guard inside that I have set to move, as well. They end up 
reaching the same point at the same time, resulting in the raider being pincered.

Note: It can also help you get them to places you canít initially place them in, 
like in the same space as a triangular block for cover.

How to Beat Any Level:
Written by Cote Pathos

No base is unbeatable, I will teach you how to humiliate a killbox.

Deadly trap combos are remembered by players, who then build their own bases around 

Here are some notable ones and how to beat them:

-=The Basics=-
Look at all the blue parts you have, those could easily be grenades and bubble 
shields. Unlock the bubble deployable asap, stock up on them while using your red 
cells on trap/guard stuff, they WILL make things easier

If youíre moving in a straight line, you generally only need to worry about traps 
directly ahead or behind you. the worst thing you can do is be indecisive when a 
trap triggers, either push forward, or immediately flee at the first sign of trouble.

While Usually unnecessary, jumping while grappling then NOT MOVING YOUR CAMERA will 
maintain your speed. you reach max speed pretty fast while grappling so this can be 
used for long jumps that most builders fail to test for.

-=Piston Furnace/Path=-
The nastiest combo, and fundamental to most killboxes. the trick is to destroy the 
Incenerators from safety, so enter as the pistons retract, throw a bubble, and use 
grenades or volt lance to clear your next safe zone.

Some killboxes replace the Incinerators with other traps, but the same solution 

-=Acid Halls=-
A room where at least one surface has been coated with a bunch of acid. Often mixed 
with other room types to make a killbox. Keep calm and remember, Harv must have a 
path, you can grapple on ceilings and walls, and traps canít see you through acid 

-=Fight Clubs=-
A bunch of guards in a single room, locked with your lock of choice to prevent 
running through.

If they stand on solid ground and close enough together, a good grenade can do 
wonders. if it falls behind them bounce the grenade off the ceiling.

The alternate crossbow is MADE for this room type if you can afford it, maxed out 
it has a clip of 15 which can kill 75% of the MAX GUARD CAP without recovering a 
single bolt.

Alternatively, if the floor is safe the trick is to KEEP MOVING. Enemies have poor 
aim, so if youíre moving the only ones you need to worry about are ahead and behind. 
Try to stick to the outer wall as you go to minimize potential attack angles, but 
donít hug it if there are enemies next to it.

If theyíre armored aim for the weak points (above the head for bolt and bombs, 
below the legs for fliers, direct to head and back for big guys).

And of course when in doubt, flash barrier gives you all the time you need to 
pick them off slowly.

-=Post Mortem=-
These tips will get you through the major killboxes. If you lack the resources 
or the patience, thereís no shame in quitting to deny them kills and abandoning 
the base at base selection.

Remember, when building the most lethal option is whatever your foe doesnít expect 
and isnít prepared to deal with.

Synthite and Prestige for Builders and Casuals:
Written by Ratsplat

This guide is for builders and casuals that are struggling with either not having 
enough synthite, or not gaining enough prestige points for their outposts. New 
players and veterans both will benefit from following everything mentioned here. 
However, if you are a rank grinder or just enjoy raiding constantly, or donít care 
much about building, you can safely ignore this guide.

If you are new to the game and are planning on focusing on building or donít 
intend on playing often, be sure to read and follow this short segment.

Firstly, you will not be building your own outposts for a while. You will need 
to raid for a short while until you have collected enough synthite to purchase 5 
burial sites. Raiding exclusively for the Traps Advisor genmat is vital, since 
you will want the synthite boost she provides to last as long as possible. And do 
not feel pressured to raid without stop. Spend a week on this step if you have to. 
Raiding will also help train you to recognize how others place their traps and 
learning how best to build your own outposts.

Once youíve accumulated roughly 4000 synthite, you can put a pause on your raiding. 
You can continue to raid if you want to purchase a mod or augment you really like, 
but it isnít necessary. Defenses without mods are still quite potent. If youíre 
the creative type, I recommend unlocking more trap types as well.

Now, this next part involves a bit of RNG and if you end up unlucky, you may need 
to go raid a few more outposts. Inside the burial site browser you will want to 
purchase outposts that have 9000 genmat, and either 1500, 3000, or 4500 capacity. 
If you do not see any worthy candidates, it will cost 75 synthite to refresh the 
selection. Three 1500 capacity burial sites, 1 or 2 3000 capacity burial sites, 
and 1 4500 capacity burial site (if you only bought 1 3000) is your goal here.

There is not much explanation for the next step, since it all comes down to what 
you want to have in your outposts. With 5 burial sites at your disposal, all you 
have to do now is build. Your main goal is to have three normal outposts, 1 deadly 
outpost, and 1 brutal outpost. This ensures you have a wide selection of outposts 
for any potential raiders out there. However you build your outposts, you want to 
make them as deadly as you can while remaining within the thresholds for the 3 

Once you have 5 complete outposts ready to go, you can now move onto the main 
portions of this guide.

If you have been playing for a while, have multiple outposts already, many 
defenses unlocked and modified, your job is simple. Have 5 outposts that can be 
activated, and aim for having 3 normals, 1 deadly, and 1 brutal.

-=Farm Period=-
With 5 outposts ready to go, the next step is simple. Activate them all! Unless 
youíre confident in your designs or are already an advanced builder, it is best 
to not put your outposts into overdrive. Every genmat theft is 48 minutes less 
that you have to activate your outposts, and that can mean many many less raids 
than you potentially could have had.

Once theyíre all activated, you will want to activate the Traps Advisorís 
boost, which will increase synthite gain both in raiding and from the kills 
your outposts acquire. You should aim for the 30% increase, costing 450 parts 
and 100 cells.

Now, this next part is up to you. You can either stay online and raid, or just 
log off. This guide works best if you follow it during periods you are raiding 
as well.

Once 1 hour has passed, or even 30-120 minutes, you will want to go back in and 
deactivate all of your outposts. Currently, activated outposts appear to garner 
lots of attention within the first short while after being activated. This 
period of activity is a bit finnicky, but your results will be best if you shoot 
for 1 activation period per day. Any time from 9 AM PST to 6 PM PST should 

Your mileage will likely vary compared to mine, since I have no way of knowing 
every variable in the system. But you should be getting 10-20 raids each time 
you do this. 2-4 raids per outpost in an hour is honestly impressive. Much much 
more than if you had just set everything only for 24 hours straight.

-=Farm Results=-
The results from the farm period will be highly variable. But the important 
thing is that you are getting many, many more raids now. And more raids equals 
more resources and prestige points. Unless this guide is just not working for 
you at all, you can easily expect to see anywhere from 2x-5x more of everything 
than usual at minimum. And for builders and casuals, that can ease the stress of 
feeling like you have to do nothing but farm raids.

Starting and then stopping right on the dot 1 hour later gives each 9000 genmat 
outpost 24 activation periods. Thatís roughly 50-100 raids per outpost in only 1 
genmat cycle! Youíll likely get bored of having the same outposts for a whole 
month, which is fine.

Iíve been following my guide for about a week now, and I am gaining in synthite 
and my outposts have more than enough prestige now.

-=Other Benefits=-
Aside from earning more from your outposts, this strategy makes the game better 
for everyone. The less outposts that are active at one time, the more each builder 
is being raided. If the amount of builders and casuals using this guide increases, 
the entire population will benefit.

Tips for Newcomers:
* Be adaptable with your loadout donít get stuck on only one loadout and say a 
  level is impossible when all you needed to do was use the crossbow or shield 
  (default loadout is pretty versatile once the volt and fury are maxed).
* Stock up on hardware I often see people going into missions with no grenades 
  and they can make all the difference.
* If you grapple jump keep your momentum by staying in the air and stay in a 
  mostly straight line for max speed also if you hit the ceiling or wall you 
  will also lose the momentum you get.
* The abandon map button will be grayed out on the nav table until you try and 
  die on a level (or so I have heard).
* Dont be afraid to die (ranking system is ass anyway). Sometimes the only way 
  too look into a room is to run into the center die and look around to find 
  the path and verify trap groups that need to get naded.
* For leaning I put mine on mouse buttons so I can move more freely without 
  tieing up my fingers. Or set it to toggle. You can also lean your hitbox 
  into traps so watch when leaning around fire.
* For building all I got is stagger your enforcers shots by giving some rapid fire 
  mod and leave the rest without it. Some people will think they can parry them, 
  block two then die to the others. This literally tripled the amount of kills 
  they got.

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