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  Hints and Tips for: Mist Legacy 
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 Mist Legacy Cheats

Mist Legacy

Submitted by: David K.

Tarathiel Hard Core Fight Guide:
Written by MoxxiManagarm

This guide will show you how to fight and handle Tarathiel in Mist Legacy.

-=The challenge=-
The challenge in this fight is a debuff, that reduces the stamina regeneration 
by 3 for a certain number of rounds. This debuffs stacks. If you get a new debuff 
on yourself before the old one runs out, you find yourself with 6 regeneration 
penalties. The stacks are unlimited. It is a long fight, working with your 
stamina while avoiding those stacks is the target of this fight.

-=General tactics=-
Tarathiel casts the spell every 4th attack, not every 4th turn. It is necessary 
to count his attacks to cast evade properly. Tarathiel does 1 or 2 attacks per 

In case of counts 0 and 1 heavy wind won’t be cast next turn. You are free to 
do whatever is needed by your role.

In the case of count 3 heavy wind will be cast 100% next turn. 
Everyone evades this turn.

Count 2 is the most special case here. The chance is 50:50 for the heavy wind 
to be casted, depending on Tarathiel ding 1 or 2 attacks. It is recommended to 
NOT evade on 2, but increase the natural dodge chance on 2. That means the healer 
saves the veil for the 2 cases. Also, weapons with confused poison are recommended, 
most namely toxisap. On 2 confuse weapon holders use multi-strike attacks to 
increase their proc chance.

-=Roles and spells=-
Roles: Healer Tank 3xDD

Before fight, the group should decide if the group goes physical or wind damaged 
(wind because Tarathiel is wind vulnerable since he is a winged enemy). In the 
case of wind, only 1 player should cast vortex. This player should use a 6 
regeneration weapon because vortex is an expensive spell.

-=Must have spells=-
* Evade for everyone to dodge heavy wind.
* Bloodthirst for everyone but healer to save healers stamina.
* Dancing slice for damage dealers (synergy with evade).
* Quick mind to increase natural dodge chance.
* Protector and distraction for tank to have the tarathiels kick on tank.
* Veil on healer.
* Weakness on tank.
* Other buffs and debuffs have to be devided, mostly by tank and healer.
* Obviously some heal spells on healer.
* Multistrike attacks (triple / bluster) on dd with confused.

-=Discussable spells=-
* Wisdom on none-mages: Please keep in mind that wisdom is a new talent category 
  for none-mages. Hence you reduce your natural stamina regeneration for this 
* Tank and healer join the fight first. You can decide if you prefer veil 
  (healer first) or weakness/taunt (tank first) in the first position.

* Must have: Mage’s cloak on everyone with escape emblem (5% dodge).
* Must have: Mage’s hood on everyone with escape emblem (5% dodge). 
  As catalyst use light to also have bloodthirst heal increased.
* Highly recommended: Bold’s torso with spring perfume (2 stamina reg). 
  It can also drop with 3 stamina reg.
* Preferred Weapon choices: Guardians dagger (blunt rune preferred), confused 
  toxisap, defenders sword (blunt rune), confused Varyguij Dagger (can be 
  obtained by “A magnificent delta” blue flag), Staff of the archeantics 
  (if you were lucky enough to drop one)

Please keep in mind that your natural stamina regeneration is defined by your 
max stamina. The formula is rounded(max stamina * 0.075). Switching some pieces 
to fewer armor pieces can provide you more stamina by reducing the encumbrance 
penalty. The best examples here are chain shirts and mail pants. They can easily 
be swept out for guards. Since the group has a tank armor isn’t that important 
anyway for everyone else.

Magic max stamina numbers that open up 1 more stamina by using the above formula:

7, 20, 34, 47, 60, 74, 87, 100, 114, 127, 140, 154
The closer you are below such a number, the more important it is to think 
about swapping gear.

To have the max stamina at maximum everyone in the group should collect all 
vigor elixirs beforehand.

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