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  Hints and Tips for: Mob Factory 
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 Mob Factory Cheats

Mob Factory

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Make Green Potions:
To make the third color of potion you need dragon teeth which come 
from the Red Dragon that hangs out on a special island.

I donít know if the island will be in the same place for you but 
for me it appeared one island to the left of the starting center 
island. The dragon doesnít behave like normal mobs so look for an 
un-purchased island that doesnít show a spawner in the middle.

Starter Tips:
Written by Nate

* You cannot delete things that you have manufactured. Do not build 
extra mob spawners. Only build exactly as many as you need. This will 
save a lot of inventory space and you wonít have to fiddle with them 
to keep a tidy inventory.

* After purchasing a new floating island, build a straight wall from 
one side to the other to start directing the mob spawns. This is to 
leave 3 rows of empty space to place a lot of additional spawners in 
the future. At some point, youíll often find you need more mob loot, 
Leave space to add 20 or 30 spawners from the start.

* The 8 damage weapon is tricky to use. It requires an incoming shot 
to produce itís outgoing 8 damage shot. One square is required 
between the 8 damage weapon and the other weapon. It wonít work if 
you build them with no space between.

* Liquid manufacturing looks confusing but is actually rather simple. 
Pipes can do a 90 degree turn. Avoid using the merge and divide pipe 
sections as they arenít worth the hassle. Its easier to produce what 
you need without them.

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