Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord 
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 Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Cheats

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Cheat List and How to Cheat

-=Enabling Cheats=-
* Go to Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs.
* Open “engine_config.txt”.
* Look for “cheat_mode = 0” and change the value to “1”.

-=How to Activate Cheats=-
* Ctrl + ~
* Then type in ‘cheatmenu’.
* Deactivate Cheat Menu: type in ‘nocheatmenu’.

-=Cheat List=-
Ctrl + Left Click - Teleports you to the selected location on the world map.
Ctrl + H - Fully heals you.
Ctrl + Shift + H - Fully heals your horse.
Ctrl + F4 - Knocks an enemy unconscious.

Note: You need to start a new campaign after activating the cheat mode 
(developer console). Otherwise the cheats will not work.

Note: Steam achievements become disabled when you enable cheats in the launcher.

Disable Startup Title Screens:
If you're starting the game for the umpteenth time you may now already know by heart 
the title screens. Skip straight past them by manually changing one of the game files.

Change the Filename

In your Steam folder find this directory:

~steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\Native\Videos

Within it is a file called TWLogo_and_Partners.ivf

Rename this file (e.g. to TWLogo_and_Partners.ivf.noplay)

No more titles.

Custom Colors For Banners:
Written by Velken Iakov

Easy steps on how to set up custom colors for your banner!

-=How To=-
1-Go to "...\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\Native\ModuleData"
2-Open banner_icons.xml with something like notepad++
3-Get the HEX value of the color you want (this example, purple, 593e85)
4-lines 510 to 519 are the options you get in game, choose one, delete the part after 
  the ff and replace with your HEX value, for example, changing the background from 
  0xff2C4D86 to 0xff593e85 makes the background purple

How to Make Gold (Fast Method):
Written by Pho R. Skinne

This guide consist of the answer on how to make gold fast question.

* Ride from city to city. 
* Participating in every tournament you come across.
* Then sell the gear you win for major profit.
* You can sell some gear for 5000 gold easily.

Another tip is to run around catching looters and bandits and sell them as prisoners 
at local towns. If you take over a hideout and it has 15+ people you will get about 
2-4k plus any gear so 5k+ each time.

The Spy Party Quest Guide:
Written by JackalTaco

I thought I would make a quick guide of this quest to help people as I found this 
quest confusing as hell! I hope it helps guys and have fun with the new game, 
cause I sure am!

After you have accepted the quest and headed to the city in which the quest tells you 
to go to, you wanna choose to walk around the city 
(don't pick fight in the area which I done at first).

SAVE the game before entering the city.

-=Once in the city here's what you wanna do=-
* Ask around the peasants and civilians to get clues (don't worry about the ones 
  that say he might escape because he wont).
* Once you get 3 clues (beard, hair and no scars) here's when it gets confusing, 
  one of the clues are false...
* There are 4 contenders in the city (at locations such as clearings, waterfront, 
  back alleys, etc.) they are usually hanging about with thugs - ONE of them is the 
  spy - so there are two ways you can do this.
* SAVE the game and kill each one, if it's the wrong one then load the save and do 
  this till you kill the right one (this is what I done)


Find out which clue is false by the way the peasant or civilian says it (i.e if 
they don't sound so sure about what they are telling you then it's probably false)

Anyways I hope this helped with the quest and have fun playing!

-=How to Sell the Prisoners=-
In order to trade the prisoners, the first step is to find a really large town. 
Normal towns do not have a Tavern in them, and that is where you trade the prisoners.

So find a really large town, and then select the Tavern District. Instead of visiting 
it, select the option of ‘Ransom your Prisoners’. This will show all of your prisoners 
with their trade amount listed in brackets.

While trading the prisoners, you should keep an eye for strong battle-hardened 
prisoners. Such prisoners can be an asset for your next option with prisoners – 
recruiting prisoners.

How to Capture a Castle:
Today I will show you the easiest way to attack and conquer a castle!
No special equipment is required for laying siege!

* The easiest way.
* Order your army to wait!
* Use the ladders or siege towers.
* Jump over the wall quickly... Don't let the guards kill you!
* Open the castle gates!
* Give the army the order to charge the castle!

Your army will take the easiest route and attack the enemy from behind, 
a clear advantage for you!

How to Declare War and Make Peace:
Written by purpleR

Right now if you have your kingdom/empire established you can't declare war or make 
peace with anyone because the button is greyed out but I have found a way to declare 
war and make peace with whomever you want.

-=How to Do It=-
First of all you have to download and install the developer console mod from here.

Then open the game and don't forget to tick the mod in the launcher and load into 
your save.

After you load into your save open the console (press CTRL and ~ tilde) and type:

config.cheat_mode 1

This allows us to input the commands that actually let us declare war or make peace, 
ok so after you've done all the things I listed you need to input these commands.

To declare war type this: campaign.declare_war Faction1 Faction2 for example:

campaign.declare_war EmpireofCalradia Sturgia

To make peace type this: campaign.declare_peace Faction1 Faction2 for example:

campaign.declare_peace WesternEmpire Aserai

You can obviously change which countries you want to declare war or make peace.

Quick Tips to Easily Win Tournaments:
Written by tomasz.magierowski

A few short tips that can make winning tournaments much easier.

-=Quick Tips=-

* In 1v1v1v1 fights you can maneuver around so that your enemies fight each other 
  before fighting you. When the enemies are fighting, you can hit them evenly so 
  that you have an easy fight once one of them wins. If the enemies fighting are 
  of different threat (say one is a cataphract and the other an archer without 
  armor) than attack the more armored one.

* It's best to eliminate "heavy" troops and lords first. Lords are by far the most 
  dangerous, as they have quite OP armor and are fast with their sword.

* In large team battles (like 4v4v4v4) it is prudent to see which teams are most 
  dangerous and (works best if you spawn as a horseman) pick off soldiers to keep
  other teams weaker than yours.

* When fighting heavily armored opponents, it is better to use attacks aimed at 
  the head as they cause by far the most damage. You can also notice that side 
  attacks can "bounce" off enemies armor dealing only a few points of damage and 
  not stopping an enemies attack (which can yield more). This is very realistic 
  but it means you have to watch out how you attack as even an attack dealing 
  damage can cause more damage to you than your enemy.

How to Maximize Your Trading Profits:
Follow these tips to maximize your trading profits:

* When selling an item in Mount and Blade 2, it will not tell you at what price 
you bought the item yourself. So, for your ease, when buying items, note down 
the price and location of the items so that while selling, you’ll know what 
profit you are making.

* After battles, in loot try to keep horses of the enemies and then sell them 
later on.

* Keep a lookout for villagers traveling to town to sell their items. You’ll 
have an option to buy the stuff of them for much cheaper which you can, later 
on, sell yourself for a huge profit!

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