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  Hints and Tips for: MythBusters: The Game - Crazy Experiments Simulator 
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 MythBusters: The Game - Crazy Experiments Simulator Cheats

MythBusters: The Game - Crazy Experiments Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Full Achievements Guide:
Written by Dinopunk

Welcome to my 100% guide for the Mythbusters game! This game is rough around 
the edges, and I did leave it a critical review so I decided to write one for 
the sake of completion.

It might be possible to get all of these achievements on the same save file, 
however the budget-related achievements could prove to be difficult toward 
the end of the game. I wound up having to do two playthroughs to get everything 
mostly because I was not preparing for the long haul. Past a certain point the 
game cuts you off from building your in-game audience and budget so as long 
as you play with those two factors in mind you could do better than I did.

Anyways, on with the guide!

-=“Story” Related Achievements=-
There is no “story” to Mythbusters but I wasn’t sure what to call this category. 
These are all of the achievements you will unlock over the course of playing 
through the game and doing each of the myths. There are five myths each with 
two or three different tests for a total of 13 achievements plus some stragglers 
for completing the game.

-=Hero’s Gambit=-
* “Almost a Pyrotechnist”
* “It’s not a phase, mom!”
* “C4 – LVL. 3”

In Hero’s Gambit you will be testing the myth of what materials can protect 
you from an explosion. Over the course of doing this myth you will test with a 
grenade, dynamite, and C4. Each explosive has a bigger blast radius than the 
last and you are only allowed to place cutouts and shields in specific spots. 
You can reset the explosives and try again as many times as you like if you fail. 
When you put the explosives down their blast radius will be shown along with 
colors to denote the intensity of the blast. The closer you are to the source 
the stronger your shield will need to be. At worst this comes down to trial and 
error if you’re not adept at solving the puzzles.

-=Balloon Chair=-
* “Unidentified Balloon Object”
* “Balloon Chair Savant”
* “Multi-purpose chair”

Okay, this is probably the worst myth in the game because its corresponding 
minigame is just awful. You’re testing the myth of whether or not a person can 
safely float on a chair attached to helium weather balloons and land safely. While 
doing this myth you’ll take the role of Buster the dummy who is armed with a gun 
to shoot balloons with. In order to do these tests you’ll have to alternate between 
dumping your ballasts to gain altitude and shooting your balloons to decrease it. 
These tests are easily the hardest and most jank in the game. Don’t forget you can 
rock the chair forward by pressing W and go a little faster that way. Likewise you 
can press S to rear backward in the chair to slow down. This will help you keep up 
with the incoming targets to pass through.

-=“Odyssey” (Secret)?=
Travel 1000 m (3280 ft) by a baloon chair. You want to know what’s at the end of 
the ocean this badly?

Rather than land the chair on the target island simply keep going past it. Once you 
float for 1,000m this achievement should unlock.

-=“In Baumgartner’s steps” (Secret)=-
Using your balloons, fly above 200 units. Tons of balloons well spent?

Upon launching the chair immediately drop all of your ballasts and allow the chair 
to float upwards. The game’s ceiling is 200m and as you approach it the game will 
automatically try to adjust your trajectory and slow your ascent but you’ll reach 
the max eventually.

-=Curving the Bullet=-
* “Bullet Bender”
* “Bullet Rollercoaster”

Curving the Bullet only has two achievements and tests. It’s a pretty easy affair. 
The myth you are testing here is whether or not you can curve a bullet by firing it 
into a steel pipe. You’ll spend the most time building the pipe things for this myth 
than you will testing it. Doing this myth and completing all of the side challenges 
is rather simple if you just walk along the bullet’s path dropping the pipes at each 
turn. By stepping through the course you’ll easily see where the bullet is meant to 
go before ultimately hitting the ballistic gel target.

-=Salami Rocket=-
* “Food Blast”
* “The Ultimate Salami Rocket”

There are also only two achievements for Salami Rocket because there’s not much to 
this myth. You’ll be building a rocket to fire off at the testing grounds. In the 
first test you’ll use a black powder rocket then for the second test you’ll test the 
myth and use an unorthodox fuel such as salami or gummy bears (the game also apparently 
has “poop” as a rocket fuel but this a development leftover and there’s no way to make 
this rocket fuel). It doesn’t matter how big or complicated you make your rocket, only 
that you are able to complete the main goal of the myth. Do keep in mind however that 
in order to complete Salami Rocket 2 you will have to adjust the trajectory of the 
rocket so that it passes through the green target sphere on its way up or else the 
launch won’t count. I found that tilting the rocket just a smidge down from straight 
up and a little to the left worked for hitting the sphere.

-=Rocket Car=-
* “Stunt Staple”
* “Leap Car”
* “That’s a flying car!”

In Rocket Car you’ll be taking on the first ever myth from the show and seeing if 
you can safely attach a rocket booster to a car to complete a jump. Each successive 
test will have you increase the size of your ramp and/or attach more rockets to your 
car. This is an expensive myth to test because you will need to build a lot of two-
cylinder rockets and cut a lot of wood to make the final ramp for the third trial. 
The minigame for this myth is essentially drive in a straight line, press Shift to 
activate the rockets a little before you hit the ramp, and then make a jump. It feels 
like the car slightly pulls to the left a little bit and it’s hard to correct this 
because the controls are too sensitive. Don’t activate the rockets until you’re in the 
sand at the end of the airstrip or else the change in the surface geometry will cause 
the car to veer left and crash necessitating a reset.

* “Height Matters”

Jump with your rocket car 10 meters high. Because that’s what cars were supposed to do.

You will unlock this achievement through normal progression of the Rocket Car tests.

* “That’s a HUGE jump!”

Your rocket car managed to jump the distance of 300 units. This car’s suspension is 
now a wreck!

You will need to build some specific rockets for your car in order to unlock this one. 
This will definitely cut into your budget so you may not be able to unlock this and 
the achievement for reaching $250,000 in the same save file. First disassemble your 
current rocket car by removing all of the rockets you’ve been using. Now upgrade the 
rocket holders to their maximum capacity and attach them to both sides, the top, and 
the back if you haven’t already. Put your existing rockets back on the car. In the 
workshop make rockets that use black powder as their fuel source and select the star-
shaped fuel channel as this allows for more efficient burning. Make as many rockets 
as you have spots on the car. Attach them to the car. Hit the ramp with your rockets 
active and you should soar through the air and unlock this achievement as the car hits 
the ground and crashes.

* “Journey’s End”

This achievement will unlock upon completion of the final test. Since you can do the 
myths in any order you have the freedom to complete the game however you feel and 
ultimately you’ll get this along with the achievement for your final myth test.

-=Workshop Achievements=-
The achievements in this category all correspond to things you can do in the workshop 
while building the items to test myths with. You should in theory unlock almost all 
of these achievements simply by progressing through the game with the exception of 
“Electronics is my passion” which will take some further building after the end of 
the game to complete.

* “Well Stirred”

Create 20 usable mixtures in the Pumping Station.

You’ll be using the pumping station quite a bit in this game mixing everything from 
ballistic gel to clay and rocket fuel binder. You’ll also use it for putting helium 
into bottles for some weird reason that I don’t understand. The pumping station is 
very easy to mess up at first until you realize that the mixtures give you a range 
to work with. Try to stop filling the bottles when you pass the lower threshold. 
Don’t try to hit the upper limit because chances are you’ll go over and waste your 

* “Mad Woodworker”

Cut 5 consecutive perfect saw cuts in a row. I wish you were working in my woodmill!

While cutting things with the table saw you’ll see a green zone in the middle of the 
cutting area. You will need to make a cut that hits the green zone five times in a 
row. This comes down to pure timing so there’s not much I can advise you on. There 
is a skill perk that makes hitting the green zone easier however so if you are having 
trouble with this achievement consider spending your skill points to unlock that perk.

* “Plastic is your clay”

Print 10 objects in your 3D printer. With so much printing, it’s surprising your 
printer isn’t clogged up yet!

The 3D printer is something you will use often while testing the rocket-based myths 
because all of the rockets need a cap on them and this is where you get them. This 
is also where you get the wings for the rockets too. One rocket needs a cap and four 
wings so that’s five objects per rocket, you will definitely unlock this one from 
just doing the Salami Rocket tests alone.

* “Passionate Tinkerer”

Build every object in the Big Workshop (see next achievement).

* “Young Constructor”

Build every item in the Small Workshop.

You will unlock both of these achievements simply in the course of completing the 
game with one major caveat. There is a skill perk available that adds a helper to 
your workshop whom you can assign to build things for you. Anything the helper 
builds will NOT count toward this achievement. You will need to build the wooden 
cutouts, bullet pipes, rockets, Buster, and the other things yourself first before 
delegating future builds to the assistant. (Using the assistant also costs more 
money than if you do it yourself which will affect your budget and there are 
achievements for the budget so I’d advise against the helper entirely.)

* “Electronics is my passion”

Finish 10 working circuing boards.

You will be building circuit boards for all of your food rockets and explosives 
however you will not unlock this through normal progression of the game. You will 
need to go back and craft more circuit boards after the ending to unlock this 
achievement. Doing the circuit boards can be tricky if you do not understand computer 
logic. I will do my best to explain each of the chips and what they do, however if 
you are struggling you might benefit from doing some reading on your own with the 
help of an online tutorial.

* Resistor (small blue pill-shaped part): This will pass along the current.
* Capacitor (small black can-shaped part): This will halt the current.
* OR chip: Current must be flowing through one or both incoming channels to pass 
* AND chip: Current must be flowing through both incoming channels to pass through.
* XOR chip: Current must be flowing through only one incoming channel to pass through.
* NAND chip: No current through any channel will in turn cause it to come from the 
* Blueprint & Studio Achievements

When you’re not testing myths you’ll be doing one of two things: solving blueprint 
puzzles or creating episodes of the show in the Mythmaker Studio upstairs. This is 
a general guide on how best to maximize what the game gives you and due to the sheer 
number of them I can’t exactly provide solutions for every single blueprint puzzle 
because there are dozens of them. Thankfully the solutions are pretty obvious in most 
cases but I’ll get into those when appropriate.

* “Too easy!”

Solve 10 blueprint puzzles in your first attempt (see “I can do it myself!” 

* “I don’t need no help!”

Solve 30 blueprint puzzles in your first attempt (see “I can do it myself!” 

* “I can do it myself!”

Solve 50 blueprint puzzles in your first attempt.

Most blueprint puzzles are a one attempt affair so getting too many of them wrong 
on your first try can make unlocking the 50 puzzle one impossible. Here’s some 
advice for each puzzle type:

* Bouncing ball: These look hard but usually there’s only one solution and it’ll 
be obvious. Make sure to read the chart on the right of the blueprint to understand 
what each of the surfaces will do. Most involve you just bouncing between two surfaces 
or blasting straight through a bunch of lines.
Trivia: Just Google it, lol.

* Equation: You can only make so many moves that will result in you keeping the 
numbers intact so the majority of the incorrect moves should be obvious right away. 
Usually the move that turns one number into another is the correct one you just 
need to figure out where the line goes. Remember that you can turn a – into a + and 
vice versa. Don’t click on anything until you are sure of the answer.

* Ball maze: These are the hardest ones but thankfully there is some leeway here. 
If you are running out of moves and you know you will fail click on the Exit button 
to back out of the puzzle. You can then start the puzzle again and this will not count 
against you, so really you get unlimited tries.

* Fill-in: Unfortunately you’ll just have to guess, there’s no way to fix these.

* “Beginner Designer”

Solve 5 blueprint puzzles without skipping (see “Skipping? What skipping?” achievement).

* “Determined”

Solve 10 blueprint puzzles without skipping (see “Skipping? What skipping?” achievement).

* “Skipping? What skipping?”

Solve 15 blueprint puzzles without skipping.

As you amass skill points and put them into various things you’ll see that one of the 
skills you can unlock is the ability to skip blueprint puzzles. Either don’t put any 
skill points into this skill, or if you do just don’t use the skip option. Once you 
solve 15 puzzles without skipping you can start skipping ones that really stump you 
but keep in mind there’s still the achievement for solving 50 of them on your first 
try. You also get episode cards for each puzzle you do and there are achievements for 
those as well so my advice is to only use the skip command if the puzzle is just 
absolutely giving you trouble.

* “Ain’t the sharpest”

Get your first group of fans above 25 000 anticipating your next experiment 
(see “All-Star” achievement)!

* “Household Name”

Gather a sizeable fan audience above 100 000, because there’s never enough explosions 
(see “All-Star” achievement)!

* “All-Star”

Amass an enormous fan following above 250 000 – you’ve reached the top of the entertainment 

Every time you complete a myth you’ll get some cards to use in the studio to make episodes 
with. Each of these cards will either increase your budget, increase your audience, or 
deduct from one of them. You can put five or six cards down to make an episode and keep 
in mind that you do not necessarily need to put down a Busted, Plausible, or Confirmed 
card if you can build an episode with other cards. You can use this knowledge to your 
advantage by building episodes that make use of the cards that give you the highest 
audience increase and then adding in the cards that double your following for the episode. 
If you can fit two X2 cards in then they will stack and give you a X4 boost for the 
episode. It is worth completing the optional parts of the myth tests because you will 
get bonus cards this way. Your audience following will slowly build up after you complete 
an episode and once you pass 250,000 the achievement will unlock.

* “Entrepeneur”

Become filthy rich. Don’t waste it all! Reach $250 000 budget.

Similar to how you focused on building your audience in the previous achievements this 
time you’ll be focusing on your budget. Every time you complete a myth you will receive 
an Episode Bonus card worth $2,500, more than any other card. Try to include these cards 
in your episodes as you create them. It’s hard to fit more than one in at a time because 
they only take up a 5 minute slot but some of the cards are 15 minutes so when that happens 
you can use both a 5 and a 15 minute card in the same episode to get a boost of $5,000. 
Avoid using the cards that negatively impact your budget (or audience for that matter). If 
you’re solving puzzles and doing the extra missions on each test then you should have more 
than enough cards to simply not use the ones that penalize you.

Another facet of this achievement that you will need to pay attention to is how much money 
you spend testing the actual myths because every single thing you buy will deduct from your 
budget. There are skill slots for some important perks here such as the ones that reduce the 
cost of items in the workshop. There is also the perk that delivers all of your spent 
materials to the garbage dump on the map. This area will be mostly barren until you unlock 
this perk and start choosing the discard your materials after testing myths. Rebuilding and 
cleaning-up after each test is expensive and will impact your budget negatively in the long 
run. You will need to play cheaply and do only the bare minimum for each myth to qualify. 
Here are some tips on being thrifty while testing myths.

Hero’s Gambit: The only way to save money here is to do the myth while saving the bare minimum 
number of cutouts as each additional cutout you build will cost money.
Balloon Chair: You can actually do these myths with only a few balloons and a couple of 
ballasts. About five balloons and two ballasts should be enough. It will be difficult, but 
it’s doable.
Curving the Bullet: If you can test the myth using as few pipes as possible you will save 
money on building and also complete the additional tasks for the test at the same time.
Salami Rocket: Use salami as your fuel as it’s far cheaper than black powder. Also you do 
not need to build a rocket bigger than one cylinder if you’re just trying to complete the 
Rocket Car: Again, use salami as your rocket fuel. Just make sure you’re using the star-
shaped fuel channel. Unfortunately you’ll spend quite a bit on metal and wood to build the 
rocket mounts and the ramp but that’s unavoidable.

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