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  Hints and Tips for: My Time at Sandrock 
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 My Time at Sandrock Cheats

My Time at Sandrock

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks for New Players:
Written by Bearnwyn

A quick reference of hints & tips for new players to the My Time series.

For those of you who are new to the My world series welcome!
Sandrock is a wonderful game, so much to do and explore.
I've played and researched Sandrock for many hours and keep finding things 
I'd previously overlooked.

Here are some starting recommendations and info I would like to share.

-=Notepad & Pen=-
* To note things ďto check out laterĒ.
* Sometimes there's a lot going on and easy to forget details.

-=Game Speed=-
* Go into Menu/Options and change game speed from default 2 to 0.5.
* This slows the speed of the clock so you get more time to do things before 
  3am when you are forced to sleep.

-=Pause Game=-
* Need to think about a potential action and want to stop the clock?
* Press [ESC] to get to the main menu to gain some thinking time.
* Hit Tab button to quicksave, use planting kit, etc.

It brings up a new directional menu. Has quicksave, camera, planting kit, etc.

-=Treasure Chests=-
* These are scattered around the map. They contain interesting and useful 
  items to help you on your way.
* There are also white chests in the various caves.

-=Don't Rush=-
* It's not a competition. Take time to enjoy the atmosphere and explore. 
  There is so much that can be missed by rushing through the day.
* The daily commissions have a limited time to be completed. They are easily 
  do-able with some care in choosing and planning.

* Very quickly you will run out of inventory/backpack space.

* Pay to open more backpack slots.
* Buy a Storage Chest from Arvio at the General Store in the first week.
* He gives a discount
* Make Storage Chests on your Worktable.

-=You do you=-
* We all have different game style preferences.
* In Sandrock there is a lot to do and explore, find your own path and allow 
  yourself to be immersed. The important thing is to have fun!

* Each time you sleep an auto save is done.
* Manual saves can be done at anytime with the option to rename/delete them 
  for ease of reference.
* Consider doing a save as a restore/load point after arriving at Sandrock. 
  Then you can have look around, get used to the controls etc before doing 
  a reload of that save to really get into the game.

-=Watch & Listen=-
* Watch the cut scenes closely and listen to the other characters dialogue.
* There are lots of clues and brilliant humour to enjoy.

All Recipes (Worktable Level 1):
By Eve

Here is a list of all recipes in My Time at Sandrock worktable level 1.

-=Crafting Resources=-
* Stone Trough
6x Stone
Sells for 5g

* Grinding Saws
4x Sand
1x Stone
Sells for 7g

* Raw Animal Skin
4x Damaged Animal Pelt
Sells for 2g

* Thin Thread
2x Plant Fiber
Sells for 2g

* Basic Leather
3x Raw Animal Skin
1x Salt
Sells for 6g

* Wooden Stick
3x Wood
Sells for 3g

* Water
10x Dew
Sells for 4g

* Stone Axe
3 Stamina per use
4x Stone
2x Wood
Sells for 6g

* Pickhammer
3 stamina per use
4x Stone
2x Wood
Sells for 6g

* Bronze Pickhammer
5x Bronze Bars
2x Wooden Stick
2x Copper Screws
1x Sharpening Stone
Sells for 178g

* Bronze Axe
Tool Strength 17, Tool Strength +9%
2 Stamina per use
5x Bronze Bars
2x Wooden Stick
2x Copper Screw
1x Sharpening Stone
Sells for 405g

* Feather Duster
Recipe Location: Commerce Guild
Sand Absorption Rate 10, Sand Absorption Rate +10%
2x Wooden Stick
5x Feather
2x Thin Thread
Sells for 20g

* Basic Sandfish Trap
Recipe Location:
Usable bait: Sandworm
3x Copper Bars
2x Wooden Sticks
1x Thin Thread
Sells for 21g

* Stone Daggers
Attack 25-28, Melee Damage +8
Swift Speed
8x Stone
2x Thin Thread
3x Cactus Spine
Sells for 18g
Note: Can be looted from chest

* Stone Spear
Attack 24-27, Melee Damage +7%
8x Stone
3x Wooden Stick
3x Quartz
2 stamina per use
Sells for 29g

* Stone Sword
Attack 41-47, Critical Damage +4%
10x Stone
3x Copper Bars
2x Yakmel Horn
Sells for 27g

* Stone Sword and Shield
23x Stone
3x Copper Bars
2x Yakmel Horn

Hugo Guide - Gifts & Romance:
Focus on gifts that add points, loved & liked gifts

-=Hugo's Loved Gifts=-
Loved gifts will give you from +10 to + 20 Hugo's relationship points

* Chromium Steel Bar
* Comfortable Chair
* Elegant Bench
* Elegant Square Table
* Harmonica
* Iron Axe
* Iron Dagger
* Iron Great Sword
* Iron Pickhammer
* Iron Plate
* Iron Spear
* Iron Sword and Shield
* Leisurely Rattan Chair
* Motivational Hammer
* Steel Frame
* Yakboy Horn Decoration
* Yakboy Target

-=Hugo's Liked Gifts=-
Loved gifts will give you from +5 to + 9 Hugo's relationship points

* Animal Skin Carpet
* Beef Noodles
* Bloodstone Saws
* Bronze Pipes
* Bronze Plate
* Bronze Stick
* Cast Iron Pipe
* Cast Iron Rod
* Chromium Ore
* Cowprint Sofa
* Hot and Sour Fish
* Large Desert Mudfish
* Manganese Ore
* Manganese Steel Bar
* Nickel Ore
* Rustic Wardrobe
* Simple Bookcase
* Steel Bar
* Sweet Potato Bake
* Tea Porridge
* Water
* Wooden Bookcase

-=Hugo's Neutral Gifts=-
Loved gifts will give you from +1 to + 4 Hugo's relationship points
Any gifts not listed in this guide, and not declined by Hugo

-=Hugo's Disliked Gifts=-
Loved gifts will give you from -1 to - 4 Hugo's relationship points

* Broken Power Stone
* Bronze Scrap
* Compact Motor
* Condensed Power Stone
* Condenser
* Copper Scrap
* Data Disc
* Engine
* Microchip
* Power Stones
* Simple Circuits
* Stone Scrap
* Wood Scrap

-=Hugo's Hated Gifts=-
Loved gifts will give you from - 5 Hugo's relationship points

* Astronomical Telescope
* Dregs
* Food Scraps
* Old Jeans
* Ruined Cloth
* Ruined Glass
* Ruined Paper
* Unlabelled Medicine
* Venom

How to Get More Stamina:
Written by ~ Bearnwyn ~

Too much day left and no stamina? This is some of the many things to doÖ

In the early days running out of Stamina is a constant problem.

If you donít want to sleep to refresh then either get more or do activities 
that donít require stamina.

-=Get More Stamina=-
* Sit down.
* There are seats, benches and chairs around town that can be used.
* Slow regeneration.
* Buy meals from the Blue Moon Saloon menu or shop.
* Instant regeneration but can get expensive.
* There are various plants that can be harvested. Eg Cacti fruit
* Use the Food rack to dry meat to jerky etc.
* Grow your own food.
* Buy or craft furniture, place in workshop.
* Have a look at the items info for further details.
* Buy or craft personal items to wear.
* Clothes, weapons etc.

-=Stamina Free Activities=-
* Chase and break Tumbleweeds.
* Get resources and have some fun.
* Use the feather duster to clean your machines so they keep running.
* Review water tank levels and buy more or collect it as needed.
* Sort out your inventory, name the storage chests.
* Explore and get familiar with the map.
* Chat to everyone you meet and give them a gift.
* Collect some manure from the Yakmel areas.
* Clean up the rash around town.

Logan Hideout Puzzle Guide:
Have a couple of suggestions, but want to mention a couple of bugs/area problems:

-=Second / Half of Puzzle=-
Thereís a button jump into a 3 layered hoop that 4 bombs pop up. I couldnít get 
it to work. Went straight down the middle without touching the sides and canít 
hit the bombs. So not sure about that part.

If facing the 2nd half room with the ramp into Loganís lair on the left, to the 
right down at the back wall, it is possible to get into the lower wall section. 
Once in there, and behind the interior wall button jumps, thereís a pit? that if 
you drop down you canít get back out. Itís a save youíve made or an Auto-save. I 
thought I had a screenie of it, but it didnít take for some reason. Iíll load and 
old save and try to get a pic of the area.

-=1st Room=-
I think itís a bit confusing at first when you enter the room and the camera moves 
to show you the buttons if/what importance they play at all. I actually didnít need 
them in that room and prolly got all the chests the ďwrong wayĒ. More than likely I 
didnít use the ships in the middle the ďright wayĒ either. Even then, I blew them 
off completely to get the chest on the blue brick sticking out of the wall at the 

When the camera first swung to show the buttons, I thought jumping on the buttons 
would move/rotate the nutcrackers to create paths (running along weapons or jumping 
along/off a portion of them.) I figure that assumption about the buttons was just 
me and maybe not what others thought on the camera showing them off.

-=2nd Room=-
This one was much more clear because of already encountering the 1st room and that 
the buttons didnít do what I thought at first they would do. Added in was the Hoops 
and then showing the buttons.

Didnít find the path at all hard in this room. Quite easy as a matter of fact and 
exploring it was far and away more fun than the 1st room. In fact, the hidden areas 
(exception of the trap mentioned above) made it wonderful. There isnít a ďtimedĒ 
event in this room, which the flying ships feel like. It has the added bonus of 
hidden areas that make it fun.

-=Suggestion 1st Room=-
Have hidden levers or switches on the path to the right (bouncing over onto the 
clouds then onto the building direction,) that cause the planes to either pause 
for a time or rotate the Nutcrackers so you can use them as a bounce platform and 
skip the planes all together. The planes, I would say, are the whole ďughĒ to the 
puzzle in general.

Tips to Inventory:
Very quickly you will run out of inventory/backpack space.

* Pay to open more backpack slots.
* They increase in price and can be rather expensive long term.
* Buy a Storage Chest(s) from Arvio at the General Store in the first week.
* He gives a discount.
* Make Storage Chests on your Worktable.
* Label Storage Chests and keep them organised.
* Sell or gift surplus items.

Advice for Newbies:
Farming is not possible on day 1, when you first start. Eventually, (for me, it was 
on day 11 after starting) youíll get an Event/Mission regarding the Moisture Farm 
and Zeke. The reward from that is your first planting kit, which, after you activate/
use/consume it, you can now do farming on your own plot.

Itís possible the other story line Events (Picking Up the Slack, The Show Must Go On, 
Farewell Party, Cover Your Glass, Pitching In, The Old Man and the Tree, Moisture 
Farm Blues) must all be completed first, however long that takes each player, rather 
than being on day 11.

Cooking is not possible on day 1, when you first start. If you research the Drying 
Rack, it is the next item you can research after that in the progression of that 
series of diagrams. Itís called ĎApprentice Cooking Stationí.

However, the research for that item is not on the default research tab/page (the 
Gear Icon) but rather, on the secondary research tab/page (the Wrench Icon). If you 
had the Discs to give to Qi to do the research with appropriate speed-ups, I suppose 
you could potentially unlock Cooking on day 3.

For me, I didnít even notice the second tab for research items, and was waiting for 
some Event or Mission to reveal the Cooking Station. So, at least you can get it 
sooner than I did, if thatís a goal for you.

Once you have the Refiner machine, you will start to see quality based Commissions. 
This can be.. a bit surprising the first time around, as you have to pay attention 
to the background color of the item(s) being requested in the order.

In some cases, they are quite costly (in materials) to create at quality, especially 
many items, so caution is advised. As a consequence, I had to actually abandon a 
Commission, (gasp) so hopefully you can avoid that, although the penalty isnít terrible 
if you have to.

How to Get Peacock Feather Brooch:
Catori says she wants one, but you canít find a recipe for it anywhere? Read this guide.

If you go all the way north of your house and a bit east to the edge of the map near 
the rooster chicken mobs.

There will be a white outline of a bridge you can build with wooden boards and iron/
steel bars.

At the end thereís a birds nest that gives a bunch of different items: peacock brooch, 
gold, orchid earrings etc.

Thereís another bridge to the left of the moisture farm (standing at the front door 
facing the yakmel station)and Iíve only checked it once but it has an opal node.

How to Earn Gols:
Written by Blood Diamond

You can do it since early game because you only need advanced sandtrap. I do fishing 
after I completed all commision.

I bought worm at wandering y store everyday, and grow sandrice crops.. thats for bait.

Go max sandfishing knowledge to lvl 3, because you need it to get king type, or it will 
be very hard to spawn.

Then I go fishing and choose fishing spot close to my home or the one close to ranch shop.
i threw 3 bait at different spot at the same time to make it quick.

Hereís what I got using 470 stamina (using sandrice as bait).
* 2 sandacuda king x 3.125 gols = 6.250 (the worst I can get are 1 king, 
  I sometimes got 3-4 king type)
* 60-70 sandacuda x 14 gols = 840
* 30-35 large sandacuda x 24 gols = 720
* 20 sandcarp x 6 gols = 120
* 2 large sandcarp x 10 gols = 20

Total = 7.950 gols and with 10%-15% market price ill get around 8.800 ++ gols

With builder commision and civil corp commision or doing side / main mission that will 
be 10k++/day

You can also make steamed sandfish dish which gave you 2 stamina every 2 second for 30 sec 
(total 30 stamina).

Or dried sandacuda (36 stamina) / dried sandfish (18 stamina).

For corps, I plant coffe tea seed, jute cantaloupe and dessert mushroom for commision 
(each commision gave you 700-2k gols).

And rhino horn to sell (38g each).

Tips for Social Knowledge Farming:
* Do lots of commissions!
* Iíve been doing as many commissions as possible, and Iím getting dang close to maxing 
  out most of the Social tree and Iím only Lv38, and the last MSQ I did was ďClear the AirĒ.
* I havenít even been doing the Civil Corps Commissions, I just do the 3 per day from the 
  Guild (assuming they have suitable commissions TO doÖ) every day when possible.
* Also, when you turn a commission in, it should be obvious, but you should always Chat 
  while youíre there too which is another point. So really itís 33 points/day if you do 
  3 commissions.
* You could grab the +1 commission and do 4 but that starts getting hard as lots of times 
  youíll run out of reasonable items to do and theyíll want stupid stuff like vegetables 
  that arenít sustainable long-term (takes way too long to grow them) or stupid junk like 
  switchboards (the circuits are hard to get in any large numbers).

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