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  Hints and Tips for: Nordic Ashes 
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 Nordic Ashes Cheats

Nordic Ashes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Hearts:
-=Red Heart=-
* These are the normal hearts.
* When damaged, becomes empty (greyed out) but not lost.

-=Blue Heart (Soul Heart)=-
* Lost upon taking damage.
* When damaged, nothing happens.

-=Green Heart (Emerald Heart)=-
* Lost upon taking damage.
* When damaged, it will give Exp.

-=White Heart (Ice Heart)=-
* Lost upon taking damage.
* When damaged, it freezes enemies and pushes them back.

-=Orange Heart (Fire Heart)=-
* Lost upon taking damage.
* When damaged, it releases fireballs that damage enemies.

-=Gold Heart=-
* Your current Gold is your Health now.
* 5 gold equal 1 half gold heart.
* Lost upon taking damage.
* Only 1 Survivor has gold hearts.

How to Unlock the Secret Character:
The first thing to do is to get him to show up:

* To do this, you have to play enough with other survivors and unlock 
  their relics in the Glossary. You need 7 weapon relics, 7 passive 
  relics and 2 ultimate relics.
* And the following, once it has appeared. It is decrypting the text. 
  You will see in English that the text that comes out is:


* If you decrypt it you will get the following text:

  How you dare to leave empty handed!

-=For Last=-
* What you have to do is to leave the Realm of Gnöki without buying 
  anything and without taking the crystal of Ascension.
* You will have to do it as many times as there are question marks 
  in the name of the secret character.
* You will know it is working because the number of question marks 
  is decreasing.

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