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  Hints and Tips for: Nuclear Option 
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 Nuclear Option Cheats

Nuclear Option

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Detection and You:
Written by Wolfman

Hello and welcome to my basic detection guide. I’m putting this together 
in hopes of clearing up some confusion as to how detection works in Nuclear 
Option, especially in the case of using aircraft radar.

-=Basic Detection=-
One thing to keep in mind going forward is this: all units in this game 
benefit from perfect information sharing between all units on their team. If 
any hostile unit can detect you, THEY ALL KNOW WHERE YOU ARE. Obviously this 
also means that all friendly units benefit from what you can see, and vice 
versa. If you want to remain undetected you need to remain invisible to all 
hostile units.

Another thing to remember is that weapons do not care how a target is being 
detected. All weapons are Fire and Forget and once they’re off the rail, you 
can unselect a target and the weapon will still track the target, though some 
weapons like the Scythe require a friendly unit to keep the target detected 
for at least some of the flight. The details of weapon usage will be covered 
in detail in other guides, but the main takeaway is that the detection and 
the targeting system are only related in the sense that your plane or a 
friendly unit needs to tell the weapon where the target is at the moment it 
is fired, it does not require your own detection system to guide the weapon.

Obviously, no detection type can see through or around terrain. Any unit 
needs an uninterrupted line of sight to detect you, but they can still see 
you through datalink if another unit can see you.

-=Detection Types=-
Visual: the pilot can see you. All units have this within about 3km

Optical: the unit can see you with a camera. Ranges vary but are usually less 
than 10. Cricket, Compass and Chicane all use this detection type.

Radar: ranges of 40-50km, in a forward facing cone shown on your multifunction 
display. Revoker and Darkreach carry radar, as do certain ground units.

-=How Not to Be Seen!=-
Since Optical and Visual detection do not give your aircraft’s position away I 
will not be covering them in detail. Radar is the only sensor system that 
actually makes you more visible to the enemy.

All aircraft have a basic RWR in the sense that they can all detect when they 
are being pinged. This means if your radar is ON, and there is an aircraft in 
the radar cone, THEY WILL DETECT YOU as your radar ping will appear on their 
minimap, and the red triangle they can see around you will flash. Since they 
can detect you, their whole team can also see you through datalink.

This doesn’t matter if you are already being detected by, for example, another 
radar station. Your radar will not tell them anything they don’t already know 
(in terms of information they have access to that is. the radar ping might get 
an inattentive pilot’s attention.) However, if you are undetected, you might 
find yourself wanting to turn your own radar OFF in order not to give yourself 
away. This will enable you to get much closer to a target without being 
detected in some circumstances.

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